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"Imperial Hotel" spend an elegant time along with the green location in a top-floor restaurant and bar



"IMPERIAL HOTEL"Of the 17 floor main building located
Buffet restaurant "Imperial Viking "buffet""The、1958In the years (0/1958) since its opening、
In the history of the diet of Japan in a new restaurant style revolutionized the。
Became the topic by prosperous enough to queue day and night、
Big success in every day and have been loved by many people。
After that、2004Substantially renewed in July、
"Imperial Viking Sal"And will change the name。
After the renewal、Open kitchen set up、Buffet restaurant with live and become、
About 40 types of authentic dishes.

Imperial Viking Sal 17th floor
Hours of operation:Breakfast 7:00To 9:30(Last order)
Lunch 11:30-14:30(Last order)
Dinner 17:30-21:30(Last order) * 17 weekends and holidays.:00More sales

Main chef Ichiyanagi, k. and annex chef Nobuo Murakami


Just like like the taste "Viking"、Is a wasei-Eigo now spread in Japan。
However,、This unique food style、Actually,、Imperial HotelDid you know that originated?
At that time in 1958 (0/1958)Imperial HotelThe、Buffet restaurant "Imperial Viking "buffet""Opening。
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Nordic Scandinavian cuisine "Smorgasbord (*)"The adopted style、
"Favorite dishes、Enjoy as much "is quite popular at the time as a restaurant。
(*) Take potluck food brings friends and acquaintances、It is said that evolved from the relish with bread and butter。
Before the opening of the new restaurant、Became a public company name。
Chosen from the various suggestions made in、
His film starring Kirk Douglas became a topic of conversation at the time pirate-themed "Viking"With name。
Name of the pirates won ISAM in Europe、Scandinavian traditions、
You could say the image comes from the bold style of the all you can eat right and naming。
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Despite the charges cannot be said as never handy、Very popular is called。
Rates are、Day 1200 yen.、Evening 1600 yen.、The starting salary for college graduates is 12800 Yen、
Imperial HotelThe charge is at 1800 Yen、That is quite costly in。
The menu is、Pork meat and egg dish topped with caviar、Boiled corned beef、And Germany-style ham smoked、There are fancy food、
"Imperial Viking "buffet""The、Popularity of the packed every day、Even celebrities are used。
Thus、"Imperial Viking "buffet""Spread the proposed new food style、
Soon、In Japan, this form of generally "Viking"And will call。
This is in Japan "Viking"The history is。


Emitting the staff in the guise of classical、
And the feeling of openness from the window seat can enjoy the view from the top floor space、
Provides a spacious 200 seat。
Provided with kitchen, Central、You can enjoy the many culinary chefs who are immersive.

Baked savory pie dishes and a hearty roast、Unique open kitchen warm fresh food offer is、
出揃imasu chefs using seasonal ingredients。
"Empire Hotel traditional potato salad with Mimosa style"The、Decorated on the cake、
"Eating is about no undue importance !"And it might already be included on the photo。
"Traditional vegetable Curry"To seePie Baked Beef Fillet with red wine sauce"(Only lunch provided)、
"Empire Hotel traditional roast beef"(Provide dinner only) and so on、Popular menu has been loved since inception is packed!
"Imperial Viking Sal"Now、Imperial HotelThe taste of tradition is served in buffet style.


Of Public RelationsKohta ShigetomiAre going to gather a detailed description。
Here you will、Fairs are held regularly、To provide a food we show the colors of every season!


Surrounded by magnificent British-style atmosphere and modern personality
17 main floor lounge
"The Imperial Lounge Aqua"。
Seasonal afternoon tea, sandwiches and other snacks、Appetizers, such as uniform.、
It is possible to enjoy the atmosphere of an elegant afternoon tea and a restful night.

The Imperial Lounge Aqua 17th floor
Hours of operation:11:30-24:00(Last order) * during the week before the holiday is 22:00(Last order)


With a tree、In a high-quality approach、
The name "Aqua"And in soft shades with Aqua green to welcome!

Imperial lounge Aqua

Overlooking overlooking the Hibiya park、Lush greenery views.、
You can have an elegant afternoon tea time filled with restless。
In the evening、While listening to the live music of the piano every night、
Surrender to the relaxed atmosphere、With a beautiful night view of the city can enjoy Champagne, cocktails, etc.

Aqua afternoon tea images

And examples are seasonal afternoon tea、Delicious Strawberry3January 1, (Tuesday)-5/8 (Sunday)Until the、
Strawberry afternoon tea 3600 YenGuests can enjoy。
"Custard pudding strawberry sauce.、"Strawberry Shortcake"、
"Mini tart with strawberries.、Featuring gorgeous suites of four kinds of "rasberrymacaron"、
Ichigo's will exhaust our afternoon tea!
(* Photo image of afternoon tea atStrawberry teaIs not)


"The Imperial Lounge Aqua"The back door to the、
Include the space bar filled with restless like a hideaway nestled quietly.


With the quirky atmosphere and lounge、Chic, a heavy atmosphere of the bar is open evenings only、
British designerJulian ReedAnd design、2004In the year reopened.。
While in a city replete with Vista、You can spend a quiet moment.


Shop and image library、Bottles were arranged like a bookshelf。
Soothing interiors、
On the sofa feeling heavy favorite hard recur, on the one hand、Will come an extravagant evening。
The vantage point on the back corner seats will require separate itineraries、Guests can also relax conspicuously wrapped in a sense of private。
Now、Next in line、Imperial HotelThe special floor "Imperial Floor"The room is.

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

"Imperial Hotel" The history of taste and food unchanging over its founding from the time 125 years "The Legacy of Food" "Imperial Hotel" Special floor Imperial rooms of floor with take the dignity certain beauty and functionality
"Imperial Hotel" The history of taste and food unchanging over its founding from the time 125 years "The Legacy of Food"
"Imperial Hotel" Special floor Imperial rooms of floor with take the dignity certain beauty and functionality


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