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"The Siam" opium Spa Bliss treatment of organic brand sodas.



Luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"The men residence basement 1F、
"Opium Opium Spa"And、In a non brand in Australia
Unreleased in Japan "Sodashi sodas"Offers treatment products。
Aman resorts.、At the luxury resort spa "Sodashi sodas"The popular、
100%"Sodashi sodas"Offers by product、Thailand is the first and。
The Spa is、America's"Condé Nast Traveler Condé Nast Traveler"Announced
2015 yearThe has been awarded to the best Spa in the world!


Advance reservation is required in basic、Butler's charge into the contact?、In front of this book.。


11st basement floor overlooking the reception is spacious and offer、Is filled with open atrium for。
Here、Counseling is done。
Whats the Lemongrass ginger drink sweet and delicious!


The hallway、To fulfill an important role invites you to a healing space、Please meet in the calm serene colours.


Boasting 80 m² in size Suite similar to treatment room (5 rooms)、
All beds for the treatment of two established、
Each mattress Thai massage for two、Shower、Steam、Closet、Are equipped with a toilet。
Here、Non brand in Australia
"Sodashi sodas"The possible treatments of the products。
History from 100% natural ingredients、Brand has been murmurings to repeat is approximately 8 percent of those who have received the treatment.


Traditional tattoo in Thailand "Sachin Sak Yant"。
In Thailand a motif commonly found in geometric patterns and animal tattoo、
The difference with normal tattoo、The person called monks or return
Length 40-known as Sachin pierced in the 50 cm long metal rod (misc)。
Here you will、The sakuyantatoo、English I talked and carried real tattoo treatment! (Surprise)


Here is、Hair & Nail Salon Hair & Nail Salon
Retro Dining chairs、Owners and are stocked from Myanmar。
In the back of the antique chair、And decorated with pictures of beautiful women in black and white、
Photos of Miss Conradi of Thailand! (Terrible)
A very classic style is impressive.


In the treatment of all hair salon "Sodashi sodas"In using the product、
It is possible to headspatritoment。
Also requires advance booking.


The bathhouse and relaxing ago and after treatment、
Fine until theThermae Romae THERMAE ROMAE (Roman bath)Reminiscent in design to、It is a comfortable Jacuzzi。
At the Spa、And extremely pampering、Guest's invite to a world of relaxation!


Here is、Thailand Thai massage room。
Besides, Thailand Thai massage and Swedish、
It is possible based on method of Muay Thai massage。
Who is yoga poses、Can be served as a Yoga instructorADISan。
It is possible to receive Yoga training if booked in advance。
ADIMr. a、Sometimes drowned in Japan、I speak a little Japan language! (Great! )
Now、Enjoy the Spa, next、In the hotel's Cafe "Cafe tea Café Cha" introduction!

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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"The Siam" appeared in Bangkok's first open-air villa with pool room! "The Siam" to graciously served in the cafes, tea, champagne afternoon tea
"The Siam" appeared in Bangkok's first open-air villa with pool room!
"The Siam" to graciously served in the cafes, tea, champagne afternoon tea


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