"The Siam" Museum featuring antique men residence facilities


Luxury urban resort hotel in Bangkok
"THE SIAM"The men residence facility provides easy。
Here is、Inspired by the Orsay Museum in Paris for men residence。
And the view from the second floor of a spacious Atrium、
1Nice group of paradise looked up from the floor is、2And powerful group of paradise overlooking the floor, is a sight to see!
The paradise、I and the bird of paradise flower in Japanese、The origin of the name、And so named because the flower is similar to the Crista Galli of the 'bird of paradise'、
In the musaceae blooming anniversary flowers、As a flower that blooms in the greenhouse is a staple。
In the language of flowers、"Love smart" and "bright future".


2Floor corridor Corridor

Room 39 is only that there、Uncommon pass by the time guests、
The hotel is very quiet、Ideal as a relaxation space for rest.


Many of the antique-studded hotel。
A taste of antiquated Barber chairs、
And、The antique fan、Brass 4 piece launched the "Tokyo Shibaura Electric" is a feather fan! (Surprise)
Made in Japan placed strange would be thrilled!


The rooms of the grand piano was placed here、It is possible to relax in the room next to the terrace。
Amenities include specimens of birds such as peacocks and eagles.


2Terrace floor

Terrace with classical and elegant garden set。
Cutting technology of shrubbery and feeling good space!


2Floor corridor Corridor

In a simple dress often monotone、
Chic, modern and pleasing to the adult、Such a space。


Director of sales & marketingMARCOS PIRES (Marcos).、Me down to say hello、
Coming up on the next day "Enjoy a cooking seminar."And gave to them.


1Floor gallery Gallery

Library and meeting room、And which leads to the private theater and Gallery。
In the galassea case of the wall、Contains valuable vase or dish and、
So becomes a feast for the eyes!


1Floor library Library

The various book-lined library、Guests can enjoy free reading!


1Floor private theatre private screening room

Antique projectors and cameras、Private Theater room items were involved in film production line。
Here you will、It is possible to actually enjoy watching movies.


1Floor billiards-Billiards

As the guests are free to enjoy playground、Billiards table equipped with a view window。
But we have taken foreigners had been playing by chance、Gentleman makes a great picture!


1Floor gallery Gallery

In some places like in the Gallery、
There are laid out antique lounge。
For those who want to watch carefully、Place the Chair。
Here you will、There is plenty of space to spend time relaxing and pleasant way to tell!


1Floor Fitness Training Gym

In the spacious gym、Are equipped with a variety of training equipment、
Guests are free to use is possible。


"Muay Thai" Thailand-boxing rings Muay Thai

Unique to Thailand Thailand traditional kick boxing "Muay Thai-Muay Thai"It is possible to learn from a trainer。
7,500THB / person、13,500The book if you are interested in THB / pair 100 minutes training so please try!
The history of Muay Thai、13In the first dynasty Sukhothai of Thailand tribe flourished in the century、
Tradition had already been taken as Army combat martial arts sport.。
Fierce punch、Elbow strikes、Kick、And feint artistic characteristics for、
As is the martial arts of Thailand (Muay-mixed martial arts, Thai-Thailand)、Has become the national sport of Thailand。
Now、Next in line、Introduction of the Riverside villas.

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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