"The Siam" all featuring more than 80 m² large, chic and modern Suite-only accommodation.


Luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"The men residence second floor and rooms on the 3rd floor、
To the entry level of the Siam
Siam suite and Maenam hotel (2nd floor)、Riverview suites (3)。
28The suites、All rooms are different、Suite within the Interior are decorated with antiques。
This time、2Your room at night、2Floor "Suite of Maenam Mae Nam Suite"of90㎡It is。
Other rooms is as follows.。
Siam Suite 16 80 m²、Mae Nam Suite 6 rooms-90 m²、River view Suite 6 rooms-90 m²、
Villa courtyard Room 6 130 m²、Pool villa-River view 4 rooms 130 m²、Connerscotage 1 160 m²


Chic lattice ceiling mirror-covered wall corridor。
Go light feet to bright natural light sunlight was infused.


Art Deco elegance and modern style mixed weave of Thailand also、
On the floor of the wood in the eyes、
Black and white color scheme paintings arranged in symmetry and interior with purple accents、
An adult is giving restless as。


In the living room at the back、ButlerAngieSankarea was briefed、Signs loom cel check-in and check out!


He distributed in the Siam Hotel Bangkok map、
The American artist hand-painted was that、Folding map。
The only hotel on the Chao Phraya River、
Could you tell me the recommended tourist attractions in the area with the hotel's own boat。
A private boat transfer is free of charge、Requires booking time、
Cruising is paid by adding options、This reservation is required。
On this day、To slowly explore the hotel、Asked the next day sightseeing tours by private boat.


Living room

Brightly colored purple sofa、Incorporating gentle light from the window、Quiet time is flowing in the living room。
In the table、Magazines and newspapers、The room service menu table、
Welcome flower and welcome fruit、
Rambutan and mangosteen、Dragon fruit includes banana。


I、I love cold fruit、Chill in the fridge、
Eat like mangosteen and Rambutan in the bath 1 fun in Thailand is.


Coffee maker


In the refrigerator


Mini bar



This room features、Every room without partition walls、The sense of relief。
And、Long room structure、A window in the living room、And TV monitor.、More bed space、
Headboard at the back desk is established as a working space、
The powder room、Closet、At the end provides independent shower room & bath。
High Foundation with King size bed、In addition to thick mats for、
Even in my height 162 cm、Should height cannot easily be、Are you inviting a comfortable night's sleep.


TV monitor


Black and white photography


speakers for iPhone or iPad


Behind the headboard of the bed and the desk and pleasant、There is no wasted space。
Has become a world capable off mulch plug、Japan plugs are available as。
Wi-Fi is free of charge。


Powder room

Not that twin feeling heavy with marble powder room facing a wall、An open and。
Amenities include toothbrush set there was only worried about。


There was a twin closet behind a powder room、
Bus space is on the back、
On the left hand side independent shower room、At the back left hand toilet、And bath click here。
Alone and placed in the middle of the spacious great room、181no problem with size cm husband even laid-back。
Background music is also in the hymn of love "La Vie en Rose"On the CD、Guests can enjoy elegant bubble bath!


Rest room


Shower room


Shampoo & Conditioner


This door lock and unlock with a difference and、Once in the back and then pull that double structure。
Now、Next is "THE SIAM"Is the introduction of the guests.

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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