"City car" safe from suvarnabhumi international airport and convenient to the hotel


Out of this 10-day trip in Thailand、Spend the first five days in the ancient city of Chiang Mai、
6March 27, (Saturday)-7/2 (Thursday)for the remaining five days until、To spend time in Bangkok, capital of Thailand、
Thailand international airlineIn "Chiang Mai International Airport' From 'Suvarnabhumi international airport"What、
Approximately 1 hour flight came back safe and sound!


I've heard that the heat in Bangkok is tougher than in Chiang Mai.、
What is the temperature on this day when the clouds cover?、30° C before and afterIn is not care very much about the climate.


Flight delays、About 30 minutes has been pressed.、
Your wait is "City car rentalI'm sorry to you.、Hurry up and head to the exit!


Landing locations on domestic flights are far away、From here, take a shuttle bus to the airport.。


Get off the shuttle、Head to the domestic arrival gate。


Baggage Claim (baggage claim)Let's follow the information board that said。


Luggage receipt belt、1Is no. 23 from No.、Domestic 1-6、International 7-23-use。
Check the bulletin board above the lane with the flight number.、
Let's wait for the luggage to come around.。


If there is no trouble such as damage to the suitcase、Put your luggage in the cart and head straight to the exit.。


In front of the monitor of the AOT counter information in this arrival lobby、
Pick-up taxis operated by the Japanese "City car rentalI'm meeting with mr. driver。
Here is、It is safe because I made a reservation application from Japan on the internet in advance!
Normal、Because there is luggage in the case of a trip、As a means of transportation from the airport、A taxi is the easiest means of transportation will be、
Taxi drivers in Bangkok are likely to not be fluent in English、
In addition、The current situation is that there is no zero risk of matching fraud.。
For that、You can avoid the risk by means of transportation can rest assured in advance to reserve。
Just in case、If you take a taxi、
Would be good to bring a map of your destination written in Thailand, as much as possible and。
International Wi-FiIf you rent、Google mapBecause it can operate、
You can check whether or not roundabout way purposely, so helpful。
During the ride、Be sure and check whether the meter is、Beware of Bottakuri and make it a fun sightseeing♪


"MR. NEDACHI"And young driver thanks for having written plate with was able to intercept safely!
Driver it is because local people、But in Thailand, or English conversation、
Because this company is owned by the Japanese、
If you encounter any problems、Is safe to have a Japanese owner contact.


Driver was kind enough to take car baggage to us!


Transfer car、It's a beautiful Toyota wagon.。
I'm sorry for this size.、Air conditioning is also effective、It is likely to be a comfortable drive♪


It is different from the long scenery of Chiang Mai、High rise buildings、I can see the cityscape of Bangkok!


On this day、First, head to your hotel.。
What are the roads in Bangkok?、Times really are becoming crowded because、
301 week should be arriving in minutes、In rare cases may end up hanging over it is not like。
It is recommended you have spare time, to act!


This hotel "THE SIAM"The、2012On June 11.To be opened and、
Chao Phraya Riverlocated in a historic district facing、39Roomsuites and villa-type rooms.。
Because it's a river、Transportation by boat is convenient♪


Taxi transfers "City car rentalThanks to you.、I was able to arrive at the hotel safely.。
Now、Next up is the wonderful Urban Resort Hotel.THE SIAM" introduction!

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