Japan restaurant "Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai' most popular 'Ren' dinner.


Speaking of luxury resort hotel and enjoy、Restaurant breakfast is important。
"Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"Mr. so、
Thai restaurant offering traditional cuisine of Thailand "Le Grand runner Le Grand Lanna"And、
Japan restaurant guests from abroad also is most popular "Lotus Ren"、
And、French restaurant "Frances Farang Ses"、Chinese restaurant "Fujian Fujian"、
"Hornby Horn Bar' , 'Dara Devi cake shop Dhara Dhevi Cake Shop"Such as that.。
Located in the main lobby late rice、The breakfast in the morning "Akarigo Akaligo"Mr. at the、
In the evening、Japan restaurant "Lotus Ren"As has been operating here.


In the morning、To become a venue for morning buffet restaurant、Switched to the Japanese taste in the evening、
Is used as a Japanese restaurant!


In countering the Central、Set to showcase and、Are fully stocked with fresh ingredients!


Sea bream or flatfish、Ayu、Oyster、Such as mackerel、Our delicious seafood.


Hokkaido "Kaneo"The Sea Urchin is so packed!


The stalls are lit red lanterns、Japanese sake and shochu、Features a liquor such as whisky galore!


Dhara Dhevi-Chiang MaiThe staff worked in、
Japanese Guest Relations supervisor & bartendersTakezaki KiyohitoAnd I, were able to meet!
TakezakiMr. a、Ginza, TokyoOfMore RiverIn and worked as a bartender
You have to travel to Chiang Mai, in the private、Fascinated by the charm of Chiang Mai、
Since、The decision to move、7Years have passed and that。
3Ten years ago、Thailand women and happily go out out and marriage、
Now、Like Chiang Mai life fulfilling both public and private guests!
Beforehand、OurWEB Magazine ladeAs you have seen、Was surprised to have friends in commonTakezakiSan。
What、Of Fukuroi "BAR MONKEY"The ownerItakura, TOMOYA-Kun、That was a good bartender age of Japan Junior。
Contacts of the believe it or not "It's a small world"And、I have been talking about (lol)
Such a thingTakezaki.、Us trying cocktails this is ♪ (happy)


"Hornby Horn Bar"

Usually the、"Hornby Horn Bar"And I'm in is a cocktail that is served is、
Click hereLotusBut、It's possible to order a cocktail while enjoying Japanese food!


"Green tea"

Could you please provide a green tea to accompany meals。
The BGM is flowing here、What is 古曲 Koto "Song of plovers' , 'Of the 6-stage"That depends on。
Koto doing over the years her husband quickly react to customer (laughs)
Atmosphere like feel in Japan!



TakezakiIs it to order a cocktail、I love Mojito's。
Fits well the sweet smell of rum and lime and Mint、It is perfect for a summer cocktail!
Due to the Mint in Thailand?、With aromas and flavors of Japan Mint is the difference、I feel the gentle sweetness.


Was my research prior to my favorite cocktailTakezakiMr.! (Sugomen)
WEB Magazine、Although that rose discs have all the information、And will use the information、
And beams.、It is only a Japanese fine hospitality and thoughtfulness.


Cocktail poured by the serious look!
The last and finish pour 1 drop、Shaking the Shaker、
Caring! And sounds good ice was blaring in the shop!



I、Sidecar bar to order。
Had me caught in advance the informationTakezakiIs it the sidecar of the whole body、
And while、Some are finished in a rich taste are closely related his personality and kindness。
Are there-citrus and fresh and easy to drink cocktails、Here's a little more expensive at brandy-based alcohol。
Even as an after dinner drink、First time eating in。
However,、Hope so thirst to become familiar with refreshing and delicious!
Also a combination of Japanese food and cocktails was a first attempt、
That trip also、
In an extraordinary space、Is an extraordinary thing to entertain、Could be quite interesting.

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Thailand Edition "Iron Chef"In appearances and、Fine wonKongwuth ChaiwongkachonChef (Center of the photo)、
Click hereLotusThe chef has been served。
Therefore, it is、Is proud of popularity as Japan's no. 1 restaurant in Chiang Mai.

Kongwuth ChaiwongkachonChef and come to Japan on a regular basis
Japan quality ingredients for、It is around the country!
I come to Hokkaido.、Sea Urchin、Sweet corn and seafood, such as how much was being inspected.


Small appetizer "spinach was really"

Good fit with the Japanese tongue as seasoning with salt flavor、It is perfect for the sake of appetizer。
The menu here is、Japan language so、Very nice service。
On this dayTHB 1500 chefs creation set menu (Japan Yen about 5550 yen)Order!



Here is、Kelp finish of the course of study in、That sashimi with Iberian pork ham 〆ta! (Surprise)
Salmon、Tuna、Flounder、Horse mackerel、Hamachi。
The idea of combining pork to fish、Will probably not in Japanese、
This is、Also why!
Fragrant flavorful ham、Sashimi by matching not sarcastic, it is delicious! (Again amazing! )
The strange sensation that fusion cuisine。
During the day as well as、Japan ceramic artists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"To have dished up!
And fit the Japanese、It is great!


Are obsessed with soy sauce in Japan!


Rishiri Island, see ISO ginjo"Rishiri konbu shoyu


Shiga marunaka soy sauce


'Melon water"

Made from melon grown in the Interior of the Chiang Mai that melon water。
It is a luxury to enjoy the aromas and flavors of melon melon water!


"Passion fruit daiquiri"

Next in line、We have one of the typical cocktail with rum daiquiri。
Americans working in the mines of the Cuban daiquiri、Jennings Cox was named by Mr、
Miners have to heat main、Drank rum specialty of refine sugar into lime, has said the start。
Here is、The original daiquiri enjoying the sweet taste of passion fruit and seed texture you arranged so、
Finished in a mild taste daiquiri!



The squid Carpaccio、
Thailand local herbs and chopped cucumber and seaweed mixture and concealed in、
And the sweetness of the squid、Is giving Thailand a unique aroma。
Will match the source of vinegar sauce.。
This dish "Raven series"As she rips!
Black leather texture、I am her squid with white.


Earlier squid dish、Pad Thai here (? ) It seems that using local herbs of Thailand、
Lingering even gumisawa because it was not familiar with a distinctive bitter taste Japanese herbs、Showed us a spot!


"Gin lime"

Lime in Thailand、MathewI hope、Slightly different taste and lime, Japan。
By saying that、The next cocktail、Thailand Edition Gin lime was prepared!
The Manama indispensable Thailand cuisine with plenty of gin lime、Is a refreshing scent.



Choux filled with sea urchin espuma、Warships wrapped in sea urchin、Sea Urchin Tempura。
Losing the crispness of the shoe fabric、In front of packed with mousse、
Over the Green laver and bonito powder, could you please finish。
The middle sea urchin Tempura、Calipari is more snacks-like sense of Tempura food。



Special miso hotategulir、Cariflowerppieule & Western capital of Portobello mushrooms with miso sauce。
Miso and miso、It is both sweet and salt。




Top at the last of the cocktail、TakezakiIs it the wanted it specializes in specialty、
So far ordered.、
Day by day、That cheer practice that "White Lady"He served.


"White Lady"

This cocktail recipe configuration standard in standard、
1919In bartenders 'singers Club' (London).、By Mr Harry mackel John is born into this world。
The sweet flavor of gin and Cointreau、And、This cocktail an exquisite balance of the acidity of the lemon.、
Gin, not in the beginning, they used Mint liqueur。
After Harry he was transferred to the Paris "Harry's bar"、Changed the recipe is a recipe for the current。
TakezakiAnd I'm of the White Lady、In the refreshing citrus flavor、A refreshing taste to、
To the finish was perfect for cocktails!



In a small saucepan warm solid fuels from below, please provide。
Simmered in clam somen Basil accent。
This soup is so、So overall a sweet finish、May be a taste of Thailand's favorite。
Thing significantly change taste the sweetness of the dish in Kanto and Kansai in Japan.



Of course finish in desserts、Soy sauce Wasabi flavored ice cream。
Wasabi flavor is very strong so、It is quite a challenger! (Lol)
Subjected to a strong impact because、You might add a little mild delicious isn't it? Have to tell you。
The standard green tea ice cream、Of course helpful!



Dara Devi cake shopThe two sold wasabi and miso-flavored macaroons。
Wasabi flavor here is good as mild in flavor!
Rich miso、And enhance the sweet salty、Flavorful taste.


In the lastLotusThe Manager,Atatone.TakezakiAnd I'm of two-shot photo!
TakezakiSan、Thank you very much! (Thank you)
Kongwuth ChaiwongkachonWas unfortunately couldn't meet with the chef、
Also、The next time、We are looking forward to seeing you!
Now、23 days in those early、Tomorrow is anotherDhara Dhevi-Chiang MaiFacebook and we will continue doing when saying goodbye。
Morning of the 11:40 "Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"And I welcome you to the、
Would you like to check out!

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
51/4 Moo 1, Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Road, T. Tasala, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 (53) 888 888 | Facsimile +66 (53) 888 999

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