Italy ' six world heritage sites ' birthday trip schedule


112013-annual birthday trip、Milan Italy popular city of longing、Verona、Venice、Florence、Naples、To travel around Rome、Pompei ruins and "city in the sky"、"Desert island"、And to the village Civita di bagnoreggio, also referred to as "the dying town"。Travel schedule、11/2(SAT) ~ 11 / 9 (SAT)The is scheduled for 8 days!

* For image, Trevi Fountain.
the largest baroque man-made fountain in Rome、It is one of the best tourist attractions in Rome.。There is a legend famous for the trevi fountain、It is said that if you throw a coin backwards into the spring, your wish will come true.。It is said that the wish is different depending on the number of coins to be thrown.、One coin can come to Rome again.、2You can be with your loved one forever in a piece.。3It is said that you can break up with your lover, husband, and wife when you become a piece.。3It is said that the wish of the two was born from the remnants of the history that Christianity prohibited the divorce.。And there seems to be various theories、4It is said that there is a new encounter when it becomes a piece.。How many coins do we throw in? Is it a feeling of one or two for egita (laugh) This coin is collected、Half of them are donated to Catholic charity organizations♪


1The second day started in Milan.、On this trip, we plan to visit six world heritage sites.。10There seems to be a lot of rain in Italy in winter from Monday to December.、I want to show the power of a sunny woman there.。Because fun travelogues use overseas Wi-Fi、I think that iPhone can deliver information in real time on facebook、I will write an article on this site after returning to Japan for more information, so please stay tune ♪d.

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