Plan casual Japanese a day excursion "hamanako Royal Hotel" in Yu Yu


Nestled on the shore of Lake Hamana hotel "Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr. so、Introduce because it appeared the new plans come with meals + rooms break choose from private sources "tou温 Yu Quan" Bath + Japanese, Western and in spring excursion can enjoy!


This hotel、2010Since 7/2012 between 'Japan seen from the Orient"theme partly is and、Entrance lobby with Oriental atmosphere the image of Bali Indonesia、In addition to sprucing up the bath area。On the front of the bath、Also very nice treatments, reflexology and delicate relaxation room。Would be the perfect place to relax after。This new one-day plan is named "Yu plan"。Rates are、Adults per 5000 yen (2 persons only when booking more than) is.

Baths: open-air rock bath

Yu's plan、It is possible to bathe in less than 500 meters from home source "yuto (yuutou) spring" Onsen。The name of the hot springs、Things named after local yuto (ゆうとう) town。The efficacy、Neuralgia / muscle pain / joint pain / bruises / chronic digestive problems and chronic skin diseases, etc.。While enjoying the extraordinary in a spacious open-air rock bath、Of everyday life.


Learn Japanese course meal for lunch can choose from Japanese, Western and Chinese。In the enshunada Japan cuisine in the hotel ground floor、720 April-up to 9/1 Japanese course、Viking + build、Yaki 8 inch、Fried foods、Has become a meal。Seasonal fish and young chef, Masahiro Watanabe, it's guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine full of creativity!


Smorgasbord of various Japanese course using fresh seasonal ingredients。(* Varies by the day menu)


Learn Chinese course for lunch can choose from Japanese, Western and Chinese。In the Temple of China culinary heaven located in the hotel 1st floor as well as、From young children to elderly people to enjoy、Offers body fits in your mouth of the Japanese theme-friendly cooking Chinese food.


For lunch choose from Japanese, Western and Chinese Western road。In the vantage point is on the top floor sky restaurant bombosur、And also at the Nagano Olympics served as a representative in the international VIP Dinner nagato Keiji Executive Chef、Guests can enjoy a beautiful French woven Toyama Yoshiaki chef played twice winner in Nikkei restranmenugrampli。Yu Yu plan is available、11When the 30-room until 5 pm。Relax in the hot springs、I'm looking forward to fine dining、And enjoy the trip in rooms。I stay hard、Those who went on the trip are plans for。And、In the Lake Hamana in the summer as one of the ways to enjoy further、A very interesting experience "Takiya fishing"So you can、I would like to introduce you the next.

Hamanako Royal Hotel

Hamanako Royal Hotel

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