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My name is distributed to domestic and international resort hotels and gourmet information WEB Magazine, de la Espriella。
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In recent years、2 million people who travel to Taiwan from Japan and is on the rise, increased offer from Taiwan、Many Taiwan information has been delivered on a regular basis。
Taiwan special page
Such as in、Flower Lotus areas in Eastern Taiwan was the earthquake 2/6。
Large buildings and hotels made headlines in the news, many of you know I think。
Along with the sacrificed our heartfelt condolences.、Sympathies to all those affected by the。
And reconstruction situation also collapsed the buildings, such as the development is progressing。


Present situation of Taiwan-earthquake area in Lotus flowers

"So far、No problems with public transport operated without enough supplies、Daily routine and to send。
If、Something for everyone and you think me、Visit Hualien。
That everyone will come to Hualien、Very nice "

"This time、In a big earthquake with seismic intensity 7、There was also damage、Most of Hualien, buildings and transport facilities is still intact。
In addition、In Hualien, the tourism and the main、90% Of citizens are involved in the tourism industry in some way。
As a result、As this Association、Rather than cancel the trip to Hualien、
Like hold me you are welcome to be the revival of lotus flowers、Thank you very much.

Lots of tourists feet farther in reputational damage caused by the earthquake here is the announcement of the local Hotel Association、
In normal times it remains no 1%。
Converted warehouse covered the last large combined café closed in the aftermath of the earthquake and was contacted by the owner。
Great Cafe was very disappointing, not。
President likes Doing Good!
In a situation like this、And pass the donation of many famous people, or planning a trip to the local activity。
Abe Hiroshi
King Kong Nishino
Our WEB Magazine has delivered many Taiwan information and evaluated
I would appreciate knowing the wonders of Hualien to the many people that
4From mid Hualien and arrived mainly in Taiwan、
Resort Hotel、Eating and drinking places、Reporting to tourist destinations, such as current conditions、
We want to help Taiwan and Hualien, even a little。
During the East Japan earthquake in Japan
Donations from Taiwan invests 20 billion yen gathered.
Was very indebted to the people of Taiwan。
We believe we could return。
How to support these activities
To the following donation wallet feel appreciated.。
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