"HOTEL QUOTE Taipei" prohibition-era cocktails and cuisine to enjoy "333 restaurant & bar"!

Nanjing dong in many buildings sat quietly、 The retreat-like atmosphere HOTEL QUOTE Taipei (Orchard Park) music ryokan、 One of the hotel "GLORIA HOTEL Gloria Hotel Group (Hua Tai hotel of the FIR).。 Time start and lit neon、The atmosphere changed completely、 Lust has trendy bars such as youth-friendly designer hotel! all dining area on the ground floor、Restaurant & bar offering mainly Western style casual cooking "333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar).。 And took the name from a street address、Very catchy it is ♪ is、Chen Rui, (Ray Chen) is that architects and designers has been noted in the Asian region、 And play cool and unique design、 Purple, blue and yellow lights bounced off the walls of pewter embossed design、 MATZU-Moody, a unique view of the world。 L-shaped counter bar set up in the Middle、 Casualdyneingba relaxing at the sofa along the wall and! can be found throughout the entire restaurant、Design becomes a night in the restaurant for all dining and décor、 Restaurant & bar is a unique world view is projected in the light a bit! is available as a bar restaurant、 30Started over cocktails.、Whiskey or brandy、 Bourbon、Liqueur、Liquor and spirits has been available. shop、Installed a huge water view bar、 Reflected in candle light is directing the fantastic and the atmospheric time ♪ dare damage treated wood table Dou retro chairs and velvet sofas on the wall、And provides comfort while producing glossy! in the back、Indirect lighting with noiseless on a baking sheet、Prepared and coated antique Clawfoot long table in wood、 Popular space perfect for a small party. 1920-traditional cocktail in the 1930s prohibition-era America's hidden bar fit Western style cuisine、A Moody night out! "333 RESTAURANT & BAR (333 Restaurant&Bar) ",、 Weekend DJ livened、Guests can enjoy a lively gathering of many young Taipei Night! Assirtant Manager of the restaurant and guys (Roni Chen) bartender Chen 嬿 recommended dishes! Got this time was present as an interpreter of the、In the friends of Taiwan、And worked as a graphic designer、 By running running running ZouZou Design Studio、 Coffee lover's interest、Is Lee medium Kaoru (Lee Pei-Syun) has launched a pop-up coffee stand casual "EAVES COFFEE"! (Xie Xie! ) "ROASTED OCTOPUS..

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