The wind played with cherry blossom breeze and sparkling Lake! Enjoy cherry blossom viewing, sound shore party 2019

Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom as soon as possible.、After that, Somei Yoshino and Oshima Cherry Blossoms、Yaezakura in Yamazakura、In spring on the shore of Lake Sanaru, where you can enjoy about 700 cherry trees in order, such as red te-don、It is crowded with many cherry blossom viewers! Since our house moved within a few minutes' walk of Lake Sanaru in October of last year、This year, I was able to fully enjoy the first "Sanaruko Hanami" with many friends! Speaking of cherry blossom viewing in Hamamatsu、The Hamamatsu Castle Park that I visited last year also looks like a castle.、But there were lots of challenges, such as the long line here but scenes abound in person while in place of struggling and secure car、This year is a quiet residential area, ringing around not knowing because of congestion in、Having that kind of time to admire the cherry blossoms gently thanks! Here's the best location! Fixed location、Near the rowing ground on the west shore of Lake Sanaru, which is the closest to my home! Unlike the Sanaruko Park side, this is an ideal environment that says that there is no need for a battle and the toilet is close! Every year、I'm enjoying making cherry blossom viewing bento.、This is most often has challenged 15 servings、This is truly hard, get up 3:00 morning、That had been reduced to a MOM with the deli、I was able to improve by getting the point every time I repeated the number of times to make a bento! Cheers Champagne at Bernard Remy Carte Branches Brut at WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Wine Boutique Pannier) Sanardai Honten! The family-run champagne maison Bernard Remy is based in the alman village of Armand in the Cote des Blanc, south of Eperne, France! Pinot Noir 60%、Chardonnay 35%、The Maison's standard cuvee, built at 5% Pinot Meunier,、You can enjoy a refreshing taste with a scent like lime and honey with creamy foaming! [Hanami Bento Menu] With it taste-friendly and easy to eat even when it cools down、I finished it in colorful cherry blossom viewing bento! Yuzu-maki egg (egg)、It's golden.、It's white.、Nagatoro、Snap peas、Sakura-type red ginger) fried chicken and fried shrimp (soy sauce from Anambaya from Toyama Prefecture)、Black Tiger and Tartar Sauce) Shrimp and Cheese Stick Spring Roll ,1 Shrimp, Loin Ham and Pakchi、2 Salmon, Cheese and Large Leaves、Vegetables are mizuna and pepper.、Red and Orange Paprika) Ham Salad (Hamon Serrano)、Handsome Red、Potherb mustard、Celery、Brocorise Prout) Yume Herb Pork Chashu and Boiled Egg Boiled Egg (Takewa Pepper)、Onion、Ginger、Shrimp、Carrot beef bowl) spicy meat potatoes made by the husband (potatoes)、Carrot、Onion、Pork、Snap Peas) Soaked Spinach from The Husband (Soy Sauce from Ananya, Toyama Prefecture)、Golden soup stock、It's white.、Hon-No-bushi) Three-colored rice-made rice-savbre (1 sakura starch with shrimp and bonito and bonito soup maro vinegar、Cherry Blossom Salted Ornament (2) Yamagata Prefecture Secret Beans and Crispy Ume Shiso、3 rice chicken soboro-wa、Silky egg、Sakura-type ham) Pork loin roll with asparagus, crab, spicy salmon and tomato Indian curry and baguette (cumin)、Mustard Seeds、Coriander、Turmeric、Garam Masala、Chili Peppers、Cardamom、Ginger、Garlic) Duck Fillet Cutlet Sandwich (Dream Herb Pork Fillet、Iptodo raw bread、Cabbage、Hamamatsu Trii Sauce) Mini American Dock for Children (HM、Fish Sausage、Tomato ketchup) 3 kinds of pickles (1 pickles of pepper, salted kombu and red pepper)、2 Pickled pepper, celery, carrot and red radish、Assorted cheese and dried fruit (1 Hokkaido Co-working School Of Shintoku Farm white mold type "Coban"、2Sakura, a seasonal product of Hokkaido Co-working School Shintoku Farm、3 Dry Mango and Branched Raisins (Hot) Golden Dashi and Toro kombu Sweet aoi Daifuku (Shohime)、Koshian、White ball flour) Fresh green sprouts、The season has come when a pleasant wind blows!...

"Cherry Blossom Festival" Sakura Sakura 340 at Hamamatsu Castle Park at Cherry Blossom Festival

17 years of Castle to Tokugawa Ieyasu, and、江戸幕府300年の原点となった出世城のある「浜松城公園」で2018年3月25日(日)~4月8日(日)まで開催されている「さくらまつり」へ! こちらには、Weeping cherry tree to cherry heart、Wild cherry、Oshima cherry tree, and decorated with approximately 340 cherry、Pick up in full bloom at their best will be、Hamamatsu Castle Park cherry red! Currently held "Cherry Blossom Festival" the hit many restaurants and souvenir stalls during the period in、For the cherry blossom pattern located approximately 550 also placed、お祭り気分を高めてくれています! この日は、Spread to the right from the entrance of Hamamatsu City Hall square、城を眺めながら花見ができる特等席を確保! せっせと愛情込めて作り上げた「花見弁当」を広げ昼下がりの乾杯です! 「花見弁当」 手毬寿司(蟹身、Octopus、Rape blossoms)、Egg soup volume、 Cherry cut pickled ginger、Hachiman wrapped with chicken、Greens with Sesame、Argentina plum Meat shiso roll FRY、Kaneko farm tomatoes、Snap peas、Sweet and sour pickled Japanese ginger、Strawberry、Cherry Blossom tea。   Warm and warm cherry blossom day。The children are busy enjoying the tag in、Enjoy the rose red pink、ほんわか気分を味わえます♪ 日が沈み始めると少々肌寒さを感じ冷えた身体を温めようと屋台ラーメンで出店されていた天竜「さいとう」の「醤油ラーメン」600円をオーダー! 昔ながらの味わいで暖かいスープが胃に優しく染み渡り、Stalls in the Cup because of、食べきると双喜紋のデザインが施されており色気があります! 正面入口には「スターバックスコーヒー浜松城公園店」が建設中となり、4/10Is scheduled to open in (Tuesday)。森の中に佇むスタバは楽しみです! 桜時期は県外からの来場者も多いため、For the free parking has caused traffic jam even on weekdays, regardless of weekends and public holidays、時間には余裕を持って御来場ください! 浜松城公園 住所静岡県浜松市中区元城町100−2 TEL:053-473-1829 Opening hours:8:30~ 16:30 Parking lot:Hamamatsu Castle Park visitors free (8:00-21:00) 休日:12月29日・30日・31日...

Weeping in full bloom at the Yoshida House while Japan garden with cherry blossom

コンクリート打ち放しの業界で全国区であったニチエー吉田(※現在木内建設が事業継承)の社長を務められていた吉田晃(よしだあきら)さんの御宅にて行われた2014年花見会に夫婦でお呼ばれして参りました♪ 浜松近辺の桜は先週末でそろそろ葉桜に変わりつつあり、At last look, there will、吉田邸の玄関までのアプローチ先に咲くしだれ桜は、Exactly what is in full bloom at their best、この日は天候にも恵まれ絶好のお花見日和です♪ 色濃い蕾、It's beautiful with pale pink petals、Soft branches are shaken by the wind、たおやかな姿を魅せてくれます♪ 吉田邸といえば、This beautifully in the Japan grounds。Valuable Japanese red pine, Plum, started.、You can enjoy the wonderful well-kept garden。Last time I introduced the light up the night、Bathed in the warm sunshine of the day、鮮やかな緑がキラキラと輝く様子もまた美しい眺めです♪ お庭中央に植えられた立派な赤松をはじめ、Enjoy the four seasons trees and flowers。The Yoshida House、Even looking out from the window where、緑が視界に入るよう癒しの空間として工夫されています♪ 吉田さんが44歳の時、When approximately 37 years ago built his house here、離れの一角に茶室を設けようと、Has been relocated from Kyoto。Appointed special love garden tea house in peaceful Japan garden while in pause。またお茶会も開きたいものですね♪ 主催の吉田さんより花見会のご挨拶と乾杯の掛け声が入ります好きが高じて利き酒師の資格をお持ちの吉田さんですが、This day is often 嗜ma non-Japanese sake's sake、とても楽しそうにお過ごしでした♪ 吉田さんのお隣さんでもある「丸八不動産グループ」の会長である平野修さんと奥様の淳子さん。In addition to、お声をかけてお集まりいただいた皆様と楽しい休日の午後をご一緒させていただきます♪ 「鳥善・一水庵」さんのお弁当をいただいた後に、Under cherry blossom。Dream of spring for flavors、Could spend a blissful holiday。Mr. Yoshida、Everyone was together thank you ♪ day、After this second blossom ladder。その模様は次の記事にて紹介します♪...

One foot at the miyakoda Research Park full of greenery ahead and cherry blossom viewing picnic

To create a magnificent landscape as the doorway of the miyakoda area、魅力ある公園施設が充実している「都田総合公園」内に設置されているお花見園地には、To enjoy the four seasons throughout the year and planted flower variety、3Cherry blossoms flowered throughout the country at the end of the month is here、ソメイヨシノが見られます。Is this cherry tree planting、平成16年に行われたようでまだまだ背丈は低めで可愛らしい姿です♪ この日は、Is the wind was blowing strongly、Because it was warm and warm weather out your way like、To feel the spring ahead one step、お弁当を持参して都田総合公園にて桜のお花見をして参りました♪ 染井吉野 ソメイヨシノの花言葉は「衰えぬ気品誇り高い」 染井吉野(ソメイヨシノ)は、Believed was born through natural mating of Oshima Cherry (Prunus Speciosa) and Edo-Zakura much (sightseeing nature)。In the Edo period was introduced as a "Garden" from gardener of somei village Edo (now Tokyo, Toshima-Ku)、 After that、NARA Yoshino cherry trees (Prunus jamasakura) and confusing for 'someiyoshino' came be known as seems。Now is 7: bloom、8Do you feel like blooming。Still there were trees bloom 5 minutes depending on location。Pale pink buds that have、The express whiteness begin to bloom and full of grace。But as the time too short, transience、この一時の開花を待ち望むのが日本人ならではといったところでしょうか♪ 都田総合公園には、Welcome to wooden tables and benches can be used freely。Think good Golon on the lawn、On this day、Keep her from falling dishes and glasses、テーブルをお借りしました♪ 「モンテベッロ スプマンテ ビアンコ」 この劇的スパークリングを造るのは、 Berend's comics morning magazine in appeared in the wildly popular "Kami no shizuku"。At Rakuten、"At a celebrity party specified use that Armani! "、In addition to "best luxury 3-star restaurant even warrant! "That the aromatic, fruity and pleasant press was sold at the advertised flick (lol)、Refreshing taste and is spreading.、Characterized by the taste still lingering! By the cherry blossom、To improve your mood、Because it was put fresh strawberries in abundance、さらにフルーティーな味わいに変化しています♪ 今回はお友達の綾子さんをお誘いして3人で乾杯!昼から青空の下でのシュワシュワ最高ですね♪ 「バーニャカウダ」 スペイン産のニンニク「アホモラード」で作ったばかりのバーニャカウダソースで、Daikon radish、Carrot、Radish、Green asparagus、Green beans、Mushroom、菜の花をいただきます♪ 「鶏胸肉のバジルチーズ隠元巻き」 レシピはこちらをクリック! 「ハーブ入りウィンナー」 ボイルしてからフライパンで軽く焦げ目を付けてマイユの粒マスタードを添えて♪ 「3種のサンドイッチ」 アボカドエッグサンド、The sandbox、スモークハムとレタスサンド サンドイッチは外で食べるとパンがカピカピになるのが早いことが判明しました!食べる直前までラップは必需品のようです(笑)それでも天候に恵まれ、Also that weekend、多くの子供連れの家族で周囲が賑やかだったためのんびりとした空気を味わいながらほっこりとした気分で一足早いお花見が楽しめて良かったです♪今年はあと何回お花見できるかなぁ~♪ 一般財団法人 浜松公園緑地協会

Also, one of the feast.、Such boxes wanted

桜の花びらがひらりひらりと舞い降りる4月のうららかな春の訪れと共に 日本風情の代表格とも言える「花見」の季節をあなたは楽しまれているだろうか桜の開花情報が流れどこか心の奥で浮き足立つ感情を抑えきれず 「ねえねえお花見いつしようか・・・」と口々にするのは日本人ならではの習慣の一部であろう桜並木を手をつなぎ歩くカップルを見てごらん絶えず笑みがこぼれる彼女の頬はほんのり桜色に彩られ初々しさを感じるよ公園に咲き誇る大きな桜の木の下でくつろぐ家族を見てごらん舞い散る花びらを一枚ずつ拾い集めては、 "My mom、これ絵本にしまうの」と娘の成長を喜ぶ夫婦の微笑ましい笑みが浮かぶね花見の席で場所取りという大役を授かった新入社員を見てごらん休日の朝早くに眠い目をこすりながら必死に陣地取りに励む爽々とした姿があるだろうこうした様々な顔が見れる中桜は一体どんな想いで幾年も幾年もあれほどまでに綺麗な花を咲かせるのだろう桜の幹にそっと寄り添いふとそんなことを考えてみた今週末ぐらいがきっと見納めになるであろう花見そして花見に欠かせないのがお弁当そこで今回一つご紹介しておきたい物がある「器もご馳走のひとつ」とし日本の文化を感じ晴れやかな時を演出する為に その佇まいにも気を配ることの想いを大切にされたお重箱の存在を※写真六角重 朱塗 (二段)と漆器取り皿4枚のセット(税込73,500円) 宮内庁御用達 漆器 山田平安堂

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