30, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 summer Fireworks, ringing Lake Fireworks

Summer comes and the Reiwa early Fireworks、1000 Fireworks struck at home below sanaruko Lake "No. 30 times, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 (SANARUKO Firewoks Festival 2019)". The date and time of the year、2019August 3, (Saturday) 19:30-20:30For an hour and、Every year we are launching in the near the sanaruko Lake Park West clock tower! This Fireworks、In the size of the launch but not as much、The biggest attraction is、You will be blessed with a nice vantage point you can watch from anywhere, played around with it! Our House lies on the western shore, played for、2To that location in the view from the terrace、After moving、The first Fireworks、Would you like and enjoy at home! Evening from the start knob makes the drink、Dressed in yukata、2The setting is done to the floor terrace! And cheers at the "champagne Baron-de-Rothschild, Brut (Champagne BARONS DE Rothschild Brut).、I await and take time for the launch! Champagne evening produces the famous Rothschild family appeared on the wine-themed popular manga "Kami no shizuku"、Grand Cru、And use the selected in the Premier Cru vineyard、Bottled after 4 years of aging through、Fresh and truffles in a delicate, floral scent! Granular and persistent bubbles is smooth elegance.、Excellent balance also strong despite of good softness、Also enjoy lingering Cup! Hasegawa produce mushroom pot Vera set just recently、Japan Fuji know using the latest cultivation techniques become the first Netherlands mushroom farm see produce Hasegawa"assorted pot Vera sets Fuji jewelry Atelier" LA-ROUX (La Roux) "of because it was sent from Uematsu Machiko、You want me to you immediately! Pot Vera set、There fresh safe mushroom organic, unbleached、Brown mushroom、White mushrooms "snow white" started.、Diameter 9 cm and 7 cm in diameter and Palm-sized white species "giant" Brown seeds 'pot Vela"with four kinds of mushrooms you can enjoy! "Hasegawa produce white mushroom salad with" x "with:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) áge thin pots Φ 240 "will enjoy the white mushrooms of the Netherlands celebrates the appropriately named"snow white"whiteness in salad! Lettuce and bean sprout、Early lead in paprika、With plenty of salad including tomato on sliced white mushrooms、In a refreshing lime will lightly after salt & pepper! The crunchy texture of distinctive mushrooms and shakshak、To enjoy the sweetness with a subtle scent, mellow taste! "Hasegawa produce pot Vera meat stuffed with" x "with:Shimoo Design shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)• Caudate Saori (Saori Shimoo) Floating like round dish Φ 280 "in diameter the Brown seeds are 9 cm"pot Vera"、Using its size and have fun with your stuffed! Hollowing the shaft of two pot Vera、Along with the half-onion pieces chopped and、1 clove garlic、Salt & pepper、A little butter、Saute the time it cools。 Pork meat 100 g salt & pepper and、Egg half step、Bread crumbs、Nutmeg、Time、Add chili powder, lightly 揉mi込mi、Seed when completed、Sprinkle the flour pot Vera back, and stuffed with meat、3It wishes the kinds of cheese, stone ware roaster in 20 minutes! Source for 1/4 onion and garlic sauteed a little shaft with pieces、Torii sauce and ketchup、A little consomme、Red wine、Soy sauce、Add the butter, and add one、Finishing up source、If 盛ri付ketara instrument is finished! The gravy is Superfine magnesium outbid pot Vera juicy with flavor! Cheese sorting / "instrument:釋 Yong Yue reversible Petri Φ 250 "the purchase includes 10 species in the world of cheese cheese sort、First of all, I enjoy it with "five kinds of assorted + dry fig"! 1.Mozarella 2.Red Cheddar 3.Maribo 4.Cream Cheese 5.Smoked Cheese..

Rites of summer can be said kannagi huishan Temple Fireworks! Decorate the shores of Lake Hamana to the rainbow-colored ball dance!

浜名湖の夏の夜を彩る夏の風物詩で7/22(日)に開催された「浜名湖かんざんじ温泉灯篭流し花火大会」へ! 浜名湖にある温泉街「舘山寺(かんざんじ)」では、Every year、There's fantastic events shed uchiura Bay about 2千 based on written wishes lanterns "lanterns"、The fireworks display will be held at the same time、Up to approximately 3000 launch fireworks on the Lake、While echoed and okusa mountain reflects the sparkle on the shores of Lake Hamana、夏の夜空を美しく彩る妖艶な舞いを披露致します! この日の舘山寺周辺は交通規制が入り、From evening to night、Vehicle access to the prescribed intervals will be forbidden for、昼下がりから見物場所の陣取りをされる方も多く見受けられます! わたし達は人混みが苦手なので反対側の寸座マリーナ近隣にある特等席で観覧することに致しました! 灯篭流しは19時30分から、Launch fireworks from 19:50、And the end will 20:55、While waiting for the dark days、屋台の焼きそばやかき氷でお祭り気分に浸ります!夏はやっぱりかき氷! 猛暑続きで晴れ渡る夏空が、Started dyed pink and slightly after the evening、The blue and pink overlap、薄紫色に染まる姿がまた幻想的な風景を映し出していきます! 開始の合図は、With the addon and sonorous sound、Also launch Fireworks started from staple staple in the colorful "assignment of" Chrysanthemum and Peony、Heart and smile、Soccer ball into the Saturn in the butterfly, unfolds as art "type thing.、Cheers for the up with gorgeous StarMine、Red and blue on blue、Green to yellow、Pink、The colors dyed orange with seven colors、まさに日本が誇る花火職人が成せる技! その一瞬の輝きを収めようと、Husband had fixed the camera on a tripod、Shutter speed for 20 seconds to shoot for about 30 seconds and adjust the、Not to mention the overhead Fireworks、Tomei fast Hamana Lake bridges running over the Lake Hamana vehicle movement and color and captures the vibrant、まるでUFO出現のようなあやかしの世界! 最後のフィナーレを飾る大玉には華麗に夜空を華やぐ大輪の「柳」の嵐で大歓声が湧き上がり幕を閉じました! こんなにもゆっくりと花火を眺めることができたのは数年振りのこと夫婦でいつまでもこの一瞬一瞬の花火のようなトキメキを大切に思い出を重ねていけたらと思います! 今年は後何回花火が観れるかな? 日本の夏!静岡の夏! 浜名湖かんざんじ温泉灯篭流し花火大会(※終了) 開催場所:Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture / 舘山寺温泉内浦湾 開催日時:2018July 22, (Sunday) 19:30-20:50...

Sing in kamiichi, Toyama and causes the largescale (future)、Fireworks Fireworks Festival launched with a light celebrates the ancestors

富山の上市町では夏の盆の8月13日に上市祭りの花火打上げに合わせて市姫神社付近の上市川土手に集いご先祖様をお迎えする灯火を焚くということで昨年亡くなった根建家のお祖母ちゃんの初盆で家族総出で参加してきました日も暮れて19時を過ぎた頃いつもは静かな街も人で溢れ祭り屋台が軒を連ね賑やかな雰囲気を迎えています上市川河川敷にて「精霊やぐらやき(おしょうらいこ)」が行われており”におとんぼ”と呼ばれる竹や枝で組んだ高さ約10メートル以上にもなる櫓が十数基も組まれ勢い良く火を燃やし次々に夜空を焦がしていきます川岸では”しょうらい”と口々に祖先の霊を呼びながら”精霊(しょうらい)”といわれる藁の棒に火を点け回す中眼目山立山寺管長の読経が朗々と響き渡り辺りは荘厳な雰囲気に包まれておりお盆の迎え火とする幻想的な風景がみられます「おしょうらいこ」は元々「招来魂(しょうらいこん)」と表した習俗かと思いますお盆の夕方に火を焚いて目印とし家に戻る先祖の霊が迷わないように迎えるのです「しょうらい しょうらい 盆しょうらいじいちゃんも来い ばあちゃんも来い」 と唱えて火をつけた”精霊(しょうらい)”の藁棒(葦を束ねて先端部分に新聞紙やかんなくずを詰めたもの時期になると食品スーパーなどで販売)を回すことでその灯りを頼りにご先祖様が訪れてくれるのでしょう花火は”しょうらいこ”が落ち着いた20時から始まります打ち上げ数は2300発で大輪のスターマインを始め色鮮やかな花火が次々と夜空を彩ると集まった人々から拍手と歓声が起き賑やかな夏祭りをなりました♪...

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