During the day also night view also nice! Nishikigaura towering to the summit "Atami-jo" 360 degree panoramic view is a must!

Port Atami、And one of its largest port in Izu peninsula、 Oshima Island ferries, sightseeing boats and、Stops include hatsushima island ferry。 The large embankment of the port、Fishing environment in which a、 Atami port fishing facility is famous to people who enjoy fishing as a spinning spots even for beginners ♪ port、There is mooring facility that "Spa & Marina Atami.、It is possible stop around 50 boats。 In front of the hatsushima Island float、Sagami Bay Izu Shichito refrained、 Location great for cruising and fishing. After a day cruising、Meaning of body chilled in a sea heated by a hot spring、 Atami is probably popular places ♪ in Marina located in the heart of Atami、 If you prefer relaxing and enjoying the wilderness views from the vast sea of ♪ Atami Castle towering peaks of 錦ヶ浦、1959Built in (0/1959)。 The old warring States period、Had the name of Odawara Hojo's spirited of Takeshi in the Kanto and Tokai regions as the Navy grounds、 Reportedly could not fulfill, fortification, while also、 History of what does not exist on the、Has been built as a tourist attraction! from the parking lot of the Atami Castle、Overlooking Atami city、Guests can enjoy a great view! Parking is available 100、1Take charge of 500 yen。 After the closing of the Atami Castle is free admission and parking、 Time periods and Fireworks、Please check you may be charged at night. adjacent to Atami Castle "Atami trick Art Museum.。 And renewed expansion in last year's 12/2014、Number of works and then add 16 points、A total of 49 points are displayed。 Trick art admission、Adults: 900 yen、In elementary and junior high school students 450 Yen、 Deals and 300 yen to buy admission to Atami Castle and set in. suspicious H of a under the age of 18 cannot enter the town hall "Atami treasure house"。 Reduced admission fee pretty 1700 Yen、Aerial tram trip with is 1800 Yen。 In the Treasure Museum official site、200Because circle coupons、 Men that like to go print out and bring。 200 cherry trees blooming Spring Gardens。 Hatsushima island views、Will vantage point. While watching the spectacular mountaintop Vantage Chaya、Vantage Chaya can enjoy dessert and tea。 Oden and Isobe mochi、In the soup、Tokoroten and zenzai、Available, such as green tea ice cream soda sweetened! on the Sagami sea off the East coast of Izu peninsula、Hatsushima island at the eastern end of Shizuoka Prefecture as a、 Is located approximately 30 minutes by ferry from Atami、 In Shizuoka Prefecture, the only inhabited island、Also known as the nearest metropolitan area。 From Atami Castle castle lookout-360 degree panoramic view is breathtaking、 Of course overlooking Atami city、New crane peninsula and Yugawara、Hatsushima island and Oshima、 The ajiro, Tokyo Izu peninsula、Views to the mountains of Hakone is possible. the sun sets、When approaching darkness and the sky I、Atami Castle is lit up、 Makes an appearance, such as floating white wall。 To enjoy during the night from day、Recreational facilities located in the basement of the Atami Castle free is better! Order a number of arcade games like game Center、The triumphal entry of unlimited play! Ball pool and slide、Even the table tennis、From young children to adults enjoy、 L where to wait for dusk:. night view overlooking Atami Castle、Because the landscape is similar to Naples、 Known as known as "East Naples.。 And in the evening、Came an increasing appearance of the couple dating enjoy ♪ coast lit glow in blue water、 Over the mountain from the coast、To unleash the splendor neon signs, Inns and hotels、 Parting time forget。 Instead of "surprising and Atami.、"Atami good!" in there at the moment has changed。 Now、I come at this time Atami Onsen ryokan Atami Fufu. Atami port fishing facilities..

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