"Still Hamamatsu flower park" "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019" held in surrounded by flowers and greenery!

Seasonal flowers bloom、A lush garden park "still Hamamatsu flower park" to! Has been opened in 9/10/1970 here、300000 square meters (Tokyo Dome 6.4 minutes)、植栽は3,000種にも及ぶ巨大フラワーパークです! 現在「はままつフラワーパーク」では、3/21(Thursday)-6/30 (Sunday) spring and over the summer as "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019"、During the hold a variety of events, including special exhibition! The rainy season, although、This day exactly during the rainy season, was watching the dazzling sunshine、Numerous clouds and blue skies, pleasant wind shoot date! Flowers in full bloom at the moment would be mid-June's first Japanese iris garden "irises"、In the forest of "Lilium"、"Hydrangeas" their color "hydrangea tree-lined" you can enjoy! That would be approximately 20 years revisited、Recent、Under the guidance of her husband with her husband's hand-me-downs camera "Canon 1 d Mark III..."、Because you're camera shoots exercises、A beautiful contrast of stunning natural scenery and has a colorful flowers、It would be good practice place! Immediately、Tickets buy tickets! The flower will be adults 800 yen、And Hamamatsu Zoo next to the ticket can be purchased and 150 yen in additional 950 Yen、Percent of the exceptional feeling is recommended! For the flower garden and Zoo are connected by common gate、QRコード付のチケットで両園共に出入りが自由に可能です! 園内マップを見ながらガイドスタッフに両園を効率良く進む散策ルートを伺いましょう! 左回りで進めば下り坂となるため、There is less strain on the body! Increases the feeling of openness and slip through the front gate expansive welcome garden! To its destination、Is a spectacular hotel garden, me 1周 about 15 minutes.、For the fashion of the day welcomed a perfect blue、Memorial to shot! And a lame foot、Young children would have recommended ride! (* Fees:1Ride:100 yen for adults / children 50 yen) in the gardens surrounding a huge 'fountain pond"below、Mr./Ms. Harada Masaki with LD (learning disabilities) while also excellent color sense and sensibility in "triangle flower" will be watching! In the flower bed of various color triangle、Seedlings are approximately 5000 shares are used、Red and pink、黄色やオレンジなど色鮮やかな共演を遂げています! 5月中旬から6月上旬までが見頃となる「ローズガーデン」では約3,000㎡に170品種およそ1,000本の薔薇が楽しめるとのこと! 現時点では、Could enjoy several rose slightly、満開の時期はさぞ美しいことでしょう! シーズン中であれば、Rose tunnel is a sight to see! "Rose garden" further left to go.、Stairs under management have come! There can enjoy cherry blossoms and Tulips in the spring "cherry trees" and "Tulip flower.、V "mini Garden"! "Mini Garden" in full bloom in mid-June、Hydrangea blooming in the alley with severe color is brilliant! To its destination、For insta Sheen spot established a cinematography Panel、You can enjoy the pictures using the small standing Netherlands wind turbines and cute duck! The appearance of the spectacular red and green color scheme is matched to landscape flower No.! Cherry Blossom tree overtakes and, gradually sight is very picture! Pond waterfowl ancient lotuses and OGA Lotus is spread.、Arched bridge and across to the cool pond、鯉がパクパクと口を開けて餌を待つ可愛い姿も! 今が見頃となる「アジサイ並木」では長さ600mの並木道が続き約3000株の紫陽花を楽しめます! 前夜に雨露を含んだ紫陽花は色濃く鮮やかで、Shaken by the wind you can see also loved! Upon the arrival to the iris garden from early June until mid-June but will be at their best、Surrounded by green trees and、Expands the scenery like a paradise! The wide spread to 5000 m²、You can enjoy seeing than about 700 varieties of IRIS! Iris flowers、The short-lived flowers flower starting to bloom only ends in 3 days or so。As a result、This season's morning staff、Picking up dead floral print、Well as keeping its beauty! For the State is faced is in full bloom as early as in early June was published on the official website、Early-flowering varieties are already finished and、Also typically enjoy varieties of blooming after would be less! Return from "iris garden.、"White Wisteria" at the end of the pond (from late April early May is the best) to see the smile hotel! This is、And 150 m was produced by Yoshitani Keiko's Garden Designer representing Japan, English-style border gardens、Spread out on both sides of the small flowers can be enjoyed! Above all、There's a myriad of subtlety、Purple show looks cool in a distinctive look like sculpture "Eryngium pranam" is my favorite! And landed up to "grass"、Because the rest area with shops and stores、Will be taking a break! By walking slowly and enjoy shooting、Walking time is about 3 hours! Due to having a calm nature?、Not feel tired at all! Average easy Ranch in the hamakita had been opened for "gelato" 400 Yen to buy! Two choice price does not change for、Ordered in a double salt milk and green tea! Salt milk、By joining the salty milk、Taste a rich deep flavor、The green tea are buried beneath the cone、Enjoy your green tea fragrance、You can enjoy the milky taste! Exposed to the summer sun、To speed melting while we get delicious! And journeyed to see Vantage Hill]、You will see the sculpture of the plants 'mosaiculture'! In the "mosaiculturememorial Garden"、And the character of the mosaiculture World Expo mozai Kun、Worthy of Hamamatsu City instruments in the harmony of the smile、"City watch, Geneva.、Nazca "Nazca lines"、In a balloon "fly away into the future" suit、This is also recommended as insta shines! On the wooden deck stage large greenhouse before the weekend、Events are held on a regular basis, is busy! The day unfolds "The favor and Dragon Heart" wadaiko performer、Participants were also had enjoyed the experience! "Fountain" in time came to 15:30/h 00 pm and breath on a bench enjoying the cool water fountain show held every 30 minutes! Here you can admire the panorama spot is the best vantage point!.

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