Nagoya "Bistro Culture Western Restaurant" Old private house bistro lunch developed by a long-established Western restaurant

The long-established Western-style restaurant "Bunka Western-style restaurant" was founded in 1983.、In addition to the head office set up in Ike lower、A long-established Western-style restaurant that has many stores in Nagoya, such as the Midlands and Meitetsu Department Store、その内の一つとなる千種の「ビストロ文化洋食店」にてランチタイム! 千種駅から徒歩数分圏内の「ビストロ文化洋食店」は古民家を改装されており隠れ家のような落ち着いた雰囲気ながらに気軽に利用できる洋食店となります! 店内は玄関先で靴を脱ぎ、It becomes a style to go up to the floor of the small rise、In a tasteful atmosphere that has changed over time、歩めばきしむ木の床の昭和レトロな雰囲気がそそられる店内! 1階にテーブル席24席、216 seats on the 1st floor、4 terrace seats、A total of 44 seats and a number of seats are well prepared.、With a structure that feels spacious between tables、Hand disinfection and acrylic parting are installed, etc.、コロナ感染予防対策もされてます! こちらは、We are particular about ingredients such as organic vegetables from China and fresh fish purchased at the market.、Including "Kanikoro of culture" that brings out the rich taste of boiled crab over 8 hours every day、山形平田牧場の三元豚を使ったハンバーグやオリジナルのビーフカレーなどが人気です! 昔ながらの洋食店の雰囲気が大好きな私たち! それにプラスして落ち着いた雰囲気の古民家リノベということで興味をそそられ、I entered the store between jobs.、やはり人気店ということで活気のある様子が伺えます! 本日のランチメニューから文化洋食店伝統の「ビーフカレー」と「三種のチーズ焼きハンバーグ」をセレクト! 「ランチセットのサラダ」 ランチセットでは、Because you can choose salad or red dashi、私たちはサラダをチョイス! 優しい酸味のドレッシングで和えた粗微塵のキャベツがたっぷりと忍ばされており、Mizuna and lettuce、Purple Onion、In a salad with tomatoes, etc.、セットのサラダにしては食べ応え感があります! 「ビーフカレー」880円 2日間かけて仕込む昔ながらの製法のルーで作る文化洋食店伝統のカレー。The umami of softly stewed domestic beef is soaked in、You can enjoy the texture of torohororo、スパイスの奥深さとコクがありつつもまろやかな味わいのカレーライス! 「ピクルス」 ビーフカレーに付いてくる野菜や根菜の優しい味わいのピクルスは、Daikon radish、Carrot、Sweet potato、パプリカなどとカラフルで箸休めになります! 「三種のチーズ焼きハンバーグ」1,320円 モッツァレラ、Gordashred、Using plenty of three kinds of cheese of Edam cheese、The cheese-baked hamburger baked in the oven、more than a clenched fist、I feel destructive power from the look! Grilled vegetables、Crispy and fragrant potatoes、Hohokuho no Carrot、Broccoli that left a colorful and beautiful texture moderately、1/4カットで皮ごと焼き上げた甘い玉ねぎと野菜もボリューム満点! 三種で絡み合うチーズの濃厚な味わいと良い塩梅の塩味がハンバーグの肉の旨みを引き出し、It is a well-balanced finish with a rich tomato sauce that feels a sweetness that goes well with cheese、グリル野菜にも残ったソースをたっぷりと絡めて楽しめます! 「コーヒー」 色彩の魔術師と呼ばれ、19French painters active in the 20th century、彫刻家のアンリ・マティス(Henri Matisse)のアートが飾られた空間で癒されながらのランチタイムとなりました! ビストロ文化洋食店 住所愛知県名古屋市千種区内山3-21-5 TEL:052-733-4072 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(L.O.14:00)Reservations not accepted、Dinner 17:30-23:00(L.O.21:45)予約可 ※緊急事態宣言下での営業時間は店舗へ直接直接ご確認下さい。 Pets:テラス席のみ可 駐車場無(近隣にコインパーキング有)...

3D virtual shooting of a beauty salon reopened in Nagoya "BEAUTY LENNA"!

In the connection connected by the introduction from "Maserati Nagoya"、Motoharu Imai, who operates Jaloucr, which specializes in car coatings with special technologies in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, has reopened beauty salon BEAUTY LENA.、In commemoration, we asked for 3D virtual shooting and we have taken a picture! The beauty salon is located on the first floor of an apartment building in Takasha, Meito-ku, Nagoya City, near the Nagoya Interchange.、Here is the original、It is a beauty salon where Imai's parents were run! With aging、Mr. Imai himself has been redesigned for store design、古くからの顧客様のご利用もあることから店名は変えることなくそのまま運営されています! 店内は白を基調に統一された清潔感に溢れた空間となり、Equipment and wagons with Mr. Imai's strong will、Sticking not to leave any tools on the table! Not because it's just opened.、Great from saying that you are always in this state! last time、Even when I was disturbed by Imai's "Gerouk"、作業をする工場とは思えない程に真っ白な壁で覆われた綺麗な作業場だったことを思い出しました! セット面、Both shampoo stand is prepared three sets at a time、Spacious and spacious in the store。It can be called coronal disaster.、十二分な間隔を取られています!シャンプー台にシャンプー剤やトリートメント剤一つ出ていないことが不思議なぐらいです! コロナウイルス感染予防対策も万全を期し紫外線照射装置(エアロシールド)で空気環境の改善を目指しています! また、By lowering the roll screen for each set surface, measures to prevent droplet infection are also taken, etc.、The safety and comfort of our customers is our first place。 Of course, a roll screen is also set on the shampoo stand! Because the loin screen is stored in the state where the reservation does not overlap、視界を遮ることなく開放的な空間として利用することが可能です! 奥のウェイティングブースは壁面に石壁を用いてアクセントを利かせてあるもののこちらにも壁掛け時計とコーヒーテーブルにカウンターチェアがあるだけで余計な物は一切置かずシンプルに美しく仕上げられています! 美容院専売品であるサロンシャンプーの「Lebel IAU(ルベル イオシャンプー)」を採用! 頭皮のタイプに合わせて「イオクレンジングフレッシュメント」、"Io Cleansing Clearing"、Because three types of "Io Cleansing Relaxation" are prepared、It is available to people of various hair types.。配合されている成分からみても髪に優しいノンシリコン・アミノ酸シャンプーです! VRの撮影中オーナーの今井基晴(Motoharu Imai)さんにお話を伺いました! 今井さんは幼少期から車が大好きだったようで、From when did you start thinking about how to keep your car beautiful?、And what I started to want to do what I wanted to do was to get into the business.、When he was a student, he started working part-time at a gas station where he could interact with cars every day.。During such、Car cleaning and car coating、By learning the depths such as body repair、To improve our technical capabilities、Step into the world of more specialized cardi teeing。 There seemed to be a series of new discoveries there.、Natural knowledge and skills were honed, and at the same time, the importance of the construction environment was realized.。In order to pursue the "real beauty" of cars as a cardi teeler, it is tried and tested that an ideal construction environment is necessary、It seems that there is now Jerouk.。Such a Gerouk、not to mention sticking to technology and coating agents, etc.、We have designed the space to make the most of them.、Placement of water and lights to be used、It will be a place filled with Imai's strong commitment to each floor and wall material! So does the hairdresser here.、In order to pursue the beauty of our customers, we have designed a design packed with commitment、お客様が快適に過ごしやすい環境づくりを心掛けられています! セット面に座らせていただきながらこだわりの一部を紹介していただきます! 天井はフラットにスッキリと設置した埋め込み式のLEDダウンライトで空間を広く見せ開放感を演出。Light is also adjusted using indirect lighting, etc. to emphasize depth and height。In addition、The mirror that reflects the whole body、Wide ceding is applied to the entire side、For a beautiful finish with a sense of luxury。The chair where the guest stays for a long time is replaced with leather、It is specified on the sheet of milky color and fine green stitching is applied、柔らかな温かみのある中に爽やかな印象を与えています! 今井さんのこだわりの詰まった美容院「BEAUTY LENNA(ビューティー・レナ)」を360度で楽しめる3Dバーチャルの世界をお楽しみください! BEAUTY LENNA(ビューティー・レナ) 住所愛知県名古屋市名東区高社1-243 TEL:052-772-5748 Closed on Mondays:月曜日 ジェルーク(Jaloucr) 住所愛知県名古屋市守山区小幡千代田5-11 TEL:052-737-3990 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、第2・4日曜日 業務内容:Body coating construction work、Protection film construction for bodies、Interior repair business、Car wash business、Window film construction work、ルームクリーニング業務等

3D virtual shooting of Maserati Nagoya showroom and service center!

「マセラティジャパン(Maserati Japan)」全国16番目の販売・アフターセールス拠点となる「マセラティ名古屋(Maserati Nagoya)」のショールームとサービスセンターを3Dバーチャル撮影して参りました! 富山に本社を置く「株式会社光岡自動車」が運営する「マセラティ名古屋」は、Five vehicles can be exhibited at all times in a spacious store with a total floor area of about 413 square meters、Maserati's showroom will be the largest in Japan.、Is a large showroom for the largest worldwide。The location is close to the intersection of Sakura-thy and Fushimi-esa- does, which runs through the center of Nagoya City.、アクセスしやすい場所にあります! ショールーム内には、Equipped with a V8 Trofeo engine and a maximum speed of 326 km / h exceeding the maximum speed of 302 km / h、Maserati Ghibl Trofeo, maserati's fastest sedan in history, and Maserati Levante, a popular SUV, are available! ※ The exhibition car will be replaced regularly。 マーケティングマネージャーの西部友菜(Yuna Nishibu)さんとトップセールスマンである塗利樹(Toshiki Nuri)さんを交えてVRコンテンツの活用方についてもディスカッションして参りましたので今後の展開もお楽しみに! ショールーム内とサービスセンターを360度で回遊しながら同時に楽しめる3Dバーチャルの世界をお楽しみください! マセラティ名古屋 住所:Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku Jin 2-4-15 TEL:052-202-1133 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:火曜日 マセラティ名古屋山王サービスセンター 住所:Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Nakagawa-Ku, Sanno 4-5-36 TEL:052-332-1133 Hours of operation:9:30To 18:30 Closed on Mondays:火曜日...

"Ueno Residence Home Party" The best time to unfold in one room of the apartment on the upper floor

鎌倉の古民家ホテル「鎌倉古今」の運営会社代表で支配人でもある松宮大輔 (Daisuke Matsumiya)さんの御紹介で知り合えた上野国久さんと朋子さん御夫妻の御宅にお招きいただきホームパーティーを開催! 先日は我が家に足を運んでくださったのですがこうして互いの家を行き来させていただけるなんてとても素敵なご縁を頂戴しました! 高層階のマンションの一室でありながらも、There is an atmosphere like being invited to a resort hotel some place overseas.、Elegant time overlooking the panoramic cityscape from the large windows。 What greeted me in the living room was、3Dプリンターで作られたという御二人の3Dフィギア! こちらのクオリティが観れば観るほどに酷似していてリアリティさが素晴らしく、If you actually line up with your clothes and shoes,、より一層にクオリティの高さが伺えるとのこと! 上野さん御夫妻も旅行好きでグルメで車好きという共通の趣味が重なり会話に尽きることなく楽しいひとときが始まります! 予め冷やしておいてくださったイタリアのスプマンテやシャンパーニュで乾杯! 「アペリティフプレート」 アペリティフを楽しむために用意してくださったプレートは、Walnut Baguette、Italian olives、Pate de campagne、Prosciutto and cheese are "tomato and basil cheese"、"Truffle Cheese"、"Camembert Cheese"、"Tet de Moine", etc.。 "Tet de Mowanne" is a semi-hard cheese from Switzerland、With a light mouthfeen for thinly slicing、The taste is rich and rich and has umami、独特な複雑味が楽しめます! チーズ専用のジロールという削り器を用いてくるくる回すと花びらのように薄く綺麗なフリル状にスライス実は我が家も数年前に購入したのですがなかなかお披露目の場を見ることがなく倉庫に眠っています(笑) 「BANトマトといぶりがっことクリームチーズのサラダ」 豊橋の道の駅「食彩村」でも大人気という「ばん農園」の「高糖度Banトマト」が並び刻んだいぶりがっことクリームチーズに極上のエキストラバージンオリーブオイルをたっぷりとかけたカナッペ! 能登半島の陶芸家である藤井博文さんの器も素敵! 「高糖度トマトの食べ比べ」 Banトマトの弾けるような皮の張り濃厚な甘味と旨味があまりに美味しくて無類のトマト好きだとお伝えすると同じく「食彩村」の人気ブランドトマトを3種を食べ比べさせてくださいました! それぞれに特徴があり味わいの濃い旨味溢れるトマトたちは御馳走です! 「雲丹のフラン」 上野邸でファーストビジターに必ず提供されているスペシャリテの「雲丹のフラン」は雲丹の芳醇な香りと口中でとろける食感にフランの滑らかな舌触りと上品で深みのある極上の味わいが楽しめ贅沢の極み! こんな素晴らしい料理が最初に出てきてしまったら、The stomach is grabbed gutsy (laughs) "Handmade miso made with the handmade miso experience of Miso Studio Xita" Tomoko who is addicted to making miso of Kisitamiko of "Miso Studio Xita" in Hamamatsu。 こちらの味噌は一般的に市販されている味噌の5倍もの麹で作られており凝縮された旨味が楽しめ味噌が主役になる一品! まさか地元にこんなに美味しい味噌があったとは露知らずこのご縁を機にキシタさんとインスタで繋がらせていただいたので今度足を運んでみたいと思います! 「深川ワイナリー東京 山形デラウェア無ろ過」 山形のデラウェアですっきりとしており、You can enjoy the umami of unfiltered! "White mushroom and avocado salad" Flavorful aroma of thinly sliced white mushrooms、Richness of avocado、Seasonal vegetables with okra、The freshness of micro herbs goes well with homemade miso dressing! Of course, miso will be tomoko's home-made miso! "Syssyaki with cream cheese" Take the seeds of 6000、Kiriのクリームチーズを挟み冷蔵庫で寝かせてから香ばしく焼き上げ鰹節をたっぷりとかけて麺つゆ少々これがまた絶品! こういうおつまみ系がさらりと作れてしまいサッと出てくる奥様は本当に尊敬してしまいます! レシピも伺ったので我が家の晩酌レパートリーにも早速加えさせていただきますね♪ 「エガワコントラクター 喜多方アスパラガス」 福島県喜多方市で雄国山麓の木々に囲まれ阿賀野川支流がながれる環境で野菜を育てている農家「エガワコントラクター」さんの喜多方アスパラガスは大地の恵みを受けた本物の美味しさが味わえます! 「喜多方アスパラガスのバターソテー ホワイトトリュフ塩を添えて」 こちらは軽くバターソテーしたものをホワイトトリュフ塩を添えていただきます! シャキシャキの食感と大地の恵みを感じる瑞々しさに、Enjoy the original aroma and rich taste of asparagus、Add a little white truffle salt to it.、それはもう至高の香りが漂い天にも昇る勢いです! 「シノン レ・パンセ・ド・パリュ(ドメーヌ・ド・パリュ)/Chinon les Pensees de Pallus (Domaine de Pallus)」 お次はお好きなワインを開けてくださりエレガントで果実味豊かなシノン初夏という時期的にも少し冷やしてから飲むのが良いと準備してくださりカベルネ・フラン100%の品のある味わいを堪能! 赤ワインとホワイトリュフ塩をまとった喜多方アスパラとの相性も抜群です! 「鳥市精肉店 源氏和牛」 以前我が家にいらしてくださった際に差し入れいただいた豊橋の老舗の精肉店「鳥市精肉店」の「あいち鴨」も絶品でしたがこちらの精肉店でこだわる肉として忘れてはならない「源氏和牛」の登場です! 地元愛知県を代表するブランド「鳳来牛」を育てる名人集団「源氏肥育組合」が手塩をかけて育てた黒毛和牛「源氏和牛」。...

"Amioka Shintaro's Yutani house" under the sun of fresh green trees leaking、Tea ceremony held in mud dyeing tea room

Sandwiched between the Uren River and the JR Iida Line near Yutani Onsen in Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture、板敷川を見下ろす林の中にアーティスト味岡伸太郎の作品となる「泥染茶室」を設営し開催された「茶会」へ! 豊橋駅(愛知県)~辰野駅(長野県)まで195.7kmの間に94もの駅があり、JR East Iida Line with an average distance between stations of only 2.1km。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Cross the tracks past the Tanoshima Railroad Crossing。How to go to Yutani's house、There is no way but to cross this track.。 a small house with a red roof that can be seen over the tracks。This is artist Shintaro Amioka's villa "Yutani no Ie"。 A mud dyeing tea room is set up on the site.、Mr. Amioka devotes himself to preparation。 Because the tea ceremony is held after dinner、先ずは腹ごしらえと参りましょう! この日の茶会での炊き出しは「野草の会」でもお馴染みのゲーテ高橋さんの野草料理と豊橋のワインカフェ「夏目」の夏目晴夫さんが担当されています。 Haruo Natsumi is the owner of Natsumi Wine Cafe in Toyohashi.、Cook is.、And he has the title of Senior Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association、1We operate a restaurant that is limited to one group per day and is a complete reservation system.。 Mr. Amioka and Mr. Natsube have been ing together for a long time.、Natsume's restaurant itself is also created from the ground up with Mr. Amioka.。 この日は3升炊きの大きな羽釜を用いて庭にあるレンガのコンロに薪をくべて御飯を炊き上げてくれます! 羽釜の蓋がなかったため、Mr. Amioka said that he made the lid him owned to match the size of the hagama.。 本当に何でも手づくりされる器用な方です! およそ10年ほど前から味岡さん自らが手を加えリノベーションし続けている湯谷の家は、Not only the interior with the atmosphere like an art gallery、建物全てがアート作品です! 設置される自身のアート作品は定期的に入れ替えられており、Choose a flowerware and decorate the flowers of the wild mountains for each season to create the four seasons。 There's no such luxury。 A sense of balance in the cutting and pasting of Washi paper and fine work by hand even if it is one wallpaper。 It is a work of 2008 which wrote haiku poet Masahiko Hoshino's phrase "Kagome Kagomeko etc. and immediately empty"。 This is a Buddha who was got by Mr. Amioka's eyes at the antique market of Oyama Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture。 of an old age with a little gold leaf、The back of the light is painted with gold powder on an old hoe and shines.。 The pedestal is blacked out from the firewood and placed in a place according to the Buddha。 「花頌抄(はなしょうしょう)― 野の花を生ける ― 」 14ヶ月もの間、Mr. Amioka picks flowers blooming in the field、Vase、My daughter, Akisato Miyata, kept taking pictures.、It is a catalog that summarizes what the haiku poet wrote the phrase.。 "Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。That is a record of the year loved flowers。 It contains many familiar wild grasses and is also a picture book of wild flowers of the four seasons、折々花の変化も楽しめる超大作です! 見渡す限り緑の森と山々に囲まれ、Peaceful land of cool toilet。 Cover the hearth、The Japanese-style room with a single-board seat table is comfortable on your bare feet.。 The glare of fresh green from the open veranda and the 囀 birds make you feel extraordinary moments。 The seseragi of the Uren River becomes the background music of healing、Yutani's house where rich time flows。 Goethe Takahashi, a master of wild grass, picks wild grasses from wild mountains and makes wild grass dishes! This is one of the wild grasses planted by the Yonezawa domain, which had famine, to outsoever hunger.、The Yonezawa domain perused the book "The One" which put 140 kinds of rough plants as a popularization book of the plant which can be eaten.、It is said to have surpassed the predicament of famine.。There is a culture of food that eats wild plants, the blessings of mountain nature、That culture is still passed down.、We can also touch and eat wild grass.。 "Tempura of wild grass" Freshly picked tea leaves、Light bamboo、Kogomi、Seita Kawadachisou、Seri、snapdragon、Roses, etc.。 The tempura of freshly picked tea leaves has a good fragrance.、A tasteful taste where you can feel the blessings of the mountains and mountains。 Taking the time to participate in the "Wild Grass Association" held here several times before、I'm really a fan of wild grass dishes.。 「田口塩鶏」 奥三河で親しまれている味付け鶏もも肉で焼くだけの手間要らずの一品。 The meat is softened by salt koji.、だしは貝柱だしを使い旨みを濃縮した旨塩味となっています! 「羽釜炊きおにぎり」 羽釜で炊き上げ、Onigiri, which is gripped with the aroma of charred and flavorful white rice, is wrapped in nori seaweed with umeboshi on the ingredients.、It is held cutely and roundly in a small size that is easy to eat。 「手摘み茶」 茶葉を手で摘み煎ってから豪快に鍋で煮出す手摘み茶。 Aldning that it was not sunny on this day、20in a climate that is easy to spend around the、The swaying leafy sound of the trees and the wind are comfortable on the veranda。 We enjoyed our time with our guests.。 Visit once or twice a week、Mr. Amioka comes to care for plants and plants and manage the house, mainly mowing the grass。 It seems that a few pine trees have withered.、Instead, the new pine buds seem to be growing as they begin to appear, and I feel the power of the earth.。 Families with small children go down to the river、Wading。 The boy's shoes got wet.、Isn't this also a scenery with a taste unique to early summer?。 It can also be said that coronal disaster、This tea ceremony where each gathers at 3-5。 Guests waiting in front of the mud dyeing tea room for the order of the tea room。 この泥染茶室は2017年に開催された「愛知県陶磁美術館」でのワークショップ「土の色発見・楽焼作りと茶会体験 土・色・茶の湯」の際に子供たちと一緒に作成された茶室です。 Let elementary school children experience tea leaves by hand picking、I had the tea leaves finished in matcha in Nishio.、Make a teacup out of clay.、Draw a picture, make a matcha teacup, and bake a teacup in a rakuyaki kiln.、Mud dyeing experience that becomes part of the tea room、Matcha tea bowls picked by their own hands and handmade、And、At the grand event of ing a tea ceremony in this mud dyeing tea room、It took about four months to produce.。 A wonderful event where children can enjoy the joy of manual labor and the joy of manufacturing、味岡さんが当時の様子を大変ではあったがとても楽しかったと語ってくださいました!...

Nagoya French Open "Reminiscence" To the world of lingering and memory that put the cooking of each dish

In the east, Chef Shuzo Kishida of Quintessence Cantesans、西は「Hajime ハジメ」の米田肇シェフの下で、 Young chef Masaki Katsuhara trained at a top-class restaurant in East and West、The Nagoya located exactly halfway between Tokyo and Kansai、 自身の30歳の誕生日である2015年7月23日に満を持してフレンチレストラン「Reminiscence レミニセンス」をオープンされています。 Place、名古屋駅から地下鉄東山線で一駅の伏見駅で下車し、Hotel Nagoya's leading educational facilities (City Science Museum and the Municipal Museum of art)、 緑溢れる「白川公園」から程近い、Include comfort along the Sakae Bldg. 2f Higashi-Shirakawa Park Street。 1On the floor is、「日本のおいしい食パン10選」にも選ばれたことのある高級「生」食パン専門店の「乃が美」が入っています。 Open original、First floor of this building are empty stores、 もし「乃が美」が入居しなければ、Some shipping companies have moved as we had plans、 If you emphasize the landscape、1And businesses involved in the food and drink on the floor and on the second floor、I think that was a result of。 At the time、毎日行列の絶えない「乃が美」と、 Future、日本中の食通が通うであろう「Reminiscence レミニセンス」が 同ビル内というのは互いに注目を集め合い相乗効果も得られることでしょう♪ 1階には秘密の入口のように階段の昇り口が開口しているだけで、 People who do not know the decorated hideaway approach might be gone。 Any one、Pale white repaint the walls of the staircase、Railings with wood、You will be dining with the same marble stairs。 Little by little as we advocated ideal for shapes、その変化が楽しみなレストランでもあります♪ 「Reminiscence レミニセンス」のコンセプト紹介 生きること=豊かな人生を送ること。 And abundant life、Harmony of the warm finish and an unforgettable memory、 I think that the range of。 Finish with storage。 By making meals、As well as the people's body to create food nutrition、 But the time we spent in reminiscence customers remain customers finish with storage、 Wonderful life in the form of memories remain。 The richness of the food、And can enjoy the pleasure of food、We believe life become richer。 Up the stairs and quickly opened the view space。 The number of seats、4-Provides total 21 seats 15 seats 1 and table seating 6 persons room。 Surrounded by white walls、True was a new and full of clean table cloth、 On the road side to side glass、Take advantage of soft natural light、Marble were laid all over the dining room、 Ceiling height may、開放感溢れる暖かな雰囲気を感じます♪ ハンス・J・ウェグナー「THE CHAIR ザ・チェア」 ハンス・J・ウェグナーの名を世に知らしめた最高傑作「THE CHAIR ザ・チェア」。 1950At the exhibition took place in Copenhagen in、 Also published by Johannes Hansen at the time Wegener's work had many manufactures、 At that time、Which described him as "the ugly duckling" and too simple for、Also the Chair did not sell at all,。 However,、1But the Americans、Attention to this Chair wouldn't anyone、 At a later date、To order 300 more than the contract for。 At that time、This Chair was handmade by a craftsman 1tsu1tsu、 So by the large number of requests、In the circumstances I must decline the order。 10 years later、1960In the U.S. presidential election year、And John f. Kennedy、Legendary television debates with Richard Nixon、 This Chair is used、And dashing feet, perched on a Chair、Kennedy won the debate's victory、 To attract attention from all over the world including the United States、It is a very famous story。 At that time、I have been a named chairs、 「椅子の中の椅子」という敬意を込めて「THE CHAIR ザ・チェア」の愛称で呼ばれるようになり、...

Popular fall foliage spots! Make the Tomoe River Valley's "komakado kazaana cave.、4,000In the book also leaves this year is a stunning Red

In autumn spot ranking in the Tokai district, imposing of boasting first place、愛知県豊田市足助町にある矢作川支流巴川がつくる渓谷「香嵐渓 こうらんけい」。Each year 11-1-12/1, "incense storm-Maple Festival" and was、0/1950 has been held for、2013In the year celebrates its 58th!。It is lit up from sunset to 21:00 during the period.。Not to mention the prefecture.、Near prefecture、Or it is very popular as a tourist attraction limited to this time from overseas, and it mobilizes a lot of tourists both day and night.。 Here is、It is said that around 1634, the 11th chief priest of Kosukuji Wasae was planted cedar and maple son on the approach from Asahikawa to Kosukuji Temple.、From the end of the Taisho period to the early Showa period, a large maple plant was planted by volunteers of residents.。Incense of Kosukuji Temple in 1955、It is named Kaarashikei from the mountain air that is called Arashiki.、The number of maples is said to be about 4,000.、It is a very splendid valley that hits the corner of Aichi Kogen Quasi-National Park.。Even to this day、It is a weekend in the midst of the peak of the autumn leaves.、Not only the traffic jams along the road、The number of visitors in the country is immeasurable.。Well, it is a road by car to Kaarashikei、Tokai Ring Expressway from Toyota Huanpachi IC、I just ran Route 153 for about 15km towards Ashisuke.、Because the 153 is very crowded、Even though it's only 15km away、In some cases, it takes more than 1 hour to 2 hours.。そのため足助観光協会から、If you refer to the recommended detour map、It's a long way off in terms of distance.、Because it is possible to run smoothly with few car streets、A detour is recommended to reduce the time.。(香嵐渓迂回路マップ2013-PDF )そして、One more thing I would recommend.。It's a parking lot。The first parking lot of Nishimachi officially at the entrance of the autumn leaves spot of Korankei、Or Nishimachi 2nd parking lot is 1,000 yen per car、It's very crowded there.、We have to wait until the empty car comes out.。However,、If it's a little far away on foot、There are a lot of parking lots that are done by individuals.、that it's relatively empty、The amount is also 800 yen and it is recommended to be cheap.。Avoiding traffic jams、If you can secure a parking lot comfortably、きっと紅葉を楽しむ時間も延びることでしょう♪ 香嵐渓は、The scenery along the Kamogawa River and the vicinity of the Waiting Bridge are the best points.。 Crossing the Waiting Moon Bridge、The tunnel of maple is a masterpiece with a world of indescribable colors.。 You can also see the walking path on the local map.、Because it is a vast site, you can enjoy various routes.。Because it is possible to get down to the river bank of the autumn leaves、The angle from the bottom is also good.。My partner took a picture of a lot of autumn leaves.、そちらの模様は下記フォトアルバムのスライドショーをお楽しみください♪ 香嵐渓 こうらんけい 住所:Contact TEL, Ashisuke Town, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture:0565-62-1272(足助観光協会) 駐車場:Nishimachi 1st、第2駐車場有料(1,000円)※徒歩圏内に民家の空き地駐車場有(800円) 入場無料(香嵐渓もみじまつり期間中のライトアップは日没~21時まで)

Engaged in by hand in the hinterland of Zhujiang new town bike shop organic cafe

Under a perfectly fine, invigorating blue sky、Streamers were fluttering sandfish and swim on wind power。Shinjo Outback made hand high plateau at the foot、Nestled in an idyllic landscape、Bike shop was built with only wood and soil "the Salone del Monte's that have。And the Salone del Monte、In Italy, it means "the Salon of the mountain"、Healthy fun and delicious、And proposes a beautiful lifestyle Salon concept。 On the 1st floor of bike lovers flock to this bike our commitment is sort、Atrium is a big fireplace chimney towers、Exudes a warm wooden structure and presence。 And up the wooden stairs、During the bike accessory or product line、無農薬栽培のコーヒーが飲めるサイクルカフェとして「ル・カフェ」やアロマサロンの「ローザ・ナチュレル」があり、Occasionally、It is where you will find acting and his wife Rosa's home cooking。遠方から遥々足を運ぶバイク好きや仲間たちが集うコミュニティ広場としても活用されているようですよ♪ こちらの店主、When Kuroda Takeshi (aka Leon) Yi asked to interview、With his wife, Rosa who、To see original hamburger"! See in this picture without leprosy of the Nice、It is big in fact surpass the Palm Burger。Mr LEONG has been living in America for many years。And wanted to reproduce a hamburger was eating lunch in a restaurant in the United States、Days of the original、Panoply idea was completed that。Took half a year to close to the ideal for vans one is called。That you would be ahead of time to book his wife Rosa's is so and prepared、So like a "whim" menu only、Sorry about that (laughs) Rosa's love of food、We make when meeting France in the hands of young people、Fingers to the bone, it is treated with home cooking。Did not fit the mouth of France、And use locally grown vegetables、If Japan food、Natural food is mostly referred to as。By the way France's product manager at method、Japan tea taste.、かなりの日本贔屓だそうですよ♪おもむろに口中いっぱいにビックサイズのハンバーガーを頬張りながらの取材は4時間にも及びました!長時間ありがとうございました! 「コンソメスープ」地野菜の入った優しい味わい「有機栽培コーヒー」450円 有機栽培の豆を使用し、Spread the aroma of freshly ground coffee to BREW one cup at a time shop、While in the solid wood table、There are pleasant and peaceful。I got to interview、レオンバイクの記事はこちら→「一台のバイクに乗せた想いは、7年の歳月を経て”ETALON”として誕生した!」 サローネ・デル・モンテ/ル・カフェ 愛知県新城市作手黒瀬字下山37-30 TEL:0536-37-5000

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