"Home BBQ" BBQ with carefully selected ingredients in France's three earth chicken pulle noir and aichi duck

梅雨の合間をぬって開催する「おうちBBQ」! 今回のテーマは磐田市見付にある「フォレストファーム恵里」のフランス三大地鶏の「プーレノワール」や愛知県豊橋市の老舗精肉店「鳥市精肉店」の自社生産となる希少価値の高いブランド鴨「あいち鴨」とブランド鶏にフォーカスした厳選食材尽くしのBBQとなります! 「Dom Perignon ドン・ペリニヨン 2006 Moet & Chandon」 モエ社の巧みなプロモーションが成功し誰もが知る格式高いシャンパーニュとしての道を歩んだドン・ペリニヨンで豪勢に乾杯! 「彩り野菜の籠盛り」 野菜は浜松市篠原町でこだわり野菜を栽培されている「ヤママツ鈴木農園」の鈴木成典さんから甘味豊かな「オニオンヌーヴォ」や瑞々しさが抜群の「朝採れズッキーニの子」をはじめ、Comparison of carrots from Iwata and hime carrots from Hamamatsu、Colorful "Paprika" from Iwata, such as "sweet daughter" and "gold rush" corn eating comparison of the morning harvested in season right now, etc.、In a lot of baskets! [Production area, producer, vegetable name] Hamamatsu Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm Onion Nouveau Hamamatsu Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm Morning Harvest zucchini child Hamamatsu Toki afua Yume Hime carrot Iwata Suzuki Fujiko Berry Rich Carrot Iwata Noguchi Yuri Paprika Shizuoka Corn Sweet Daughter Shizuoka Corn Gold Rush "Toriichi Meat Shop Aichi Duck Thigh Low Temperature Cooked Stick Chicken Salad (Miso Studio Xita Rice Miso)、「レッドオニオンの甘酢漬け」 豊橋の「鳥市精肉店」が自社生産するブランド鴨「あいち鴨」のもも肉の低温調理を千切りした胡瓜をたっぷりと添えて棒棒鶏風にしてみました前回はロース肉の低温調理を楽しんだので今回はもも肉をセレクトし食感の違いを楽しみました! レッドオニオンはスライスして大好きな甘酢漬けに♪ 胡麻味噌ドレッシングは、I make it using rice miso of "Miso Studio Xita" made by Mikiko Kinoshita, a miso craftsman introduced by a wonderful couple who I recently met, Mr. and Mrs. Kunihisa Ueno and Ms. Tomoko! This sesame miso dressing is not to mention salads and vegetable sticks.、It is also recommended for meat and fish! [Miso sesame dressing using rice miso from Miso Kobo Xita ~ Recipe~] ・ 1 tablespoon miso , 2 tablespoons olive oil , 1 tablespoon mayonnaise , 1 tablespoon vinegar , 1 teaspoon kikimi sugar , 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 ・ 1 teaspoon pepper..

Angel sound melon appears in "Reminisense" Nagoya Michelin 2-star desale!

名古屋の緑溢れる白川公園から程近い白川公園東本町通り沿いのフレンチレストラン「Reminiscence – レミニセンス」のコース内一皿目のデセールに「影山メロン農園」が手掛ける静岡が誇るマスクメロンの新ブランド「天使音マスクメロン」が期間限定で登場しています!(※2021年4月~2021年6月末までを予定) こちらレストランは、Chef Shuzo Kishida of Quintessence Kantesans、Hajime Yoneda of Hajime Hajime (Hajime Yoneda)Young chef Masaki Kuzuhara, who trained at a top-notch restaurant in east and west under a chef, opened on July 23, 2015, his 30th birthday.、It quickly gained popularity and two stars in the Michelin Guide、A famous restaurant in Nagoya that has won 5 toks at Ngo et Miyo。   Enjoy the cut with frozen melon shaved like powder snow on a rounded melon ball.、Scented with edible flowers & mints、A refreshing taste with a cool tonic gire、The world of richness and sweetness with the texture of brown sugar cookies、A stylish combination that will make the sweetness of angel sound musk melon more enjoyable with a touch with lime cream with the sourness you like moderately。The smooth chocolate cream melon with the scent of matcha with a slightly tickle of the nose was lightly aligned and immersed me in the feeling of good mouth.。 There is an interesting device where different flavors overlap and infinite deliciousness spreads every time you eat a bite、A dish where you can fully enjoy the "remembrance" characteristics of the restaurant name of Remin sense。 I would like everyone to enjoy this dish that you can enjoy various faces while taking advantage of the original taste of angel sound muskmelon.。 レストラン レミニセンス Restaurant Reminiscence 住所愛知県名古屋市中区栄2-15-16コンフォート栄2F 御予約TEL:052-228-8337 Contact TEL:052-228-8275 Hours of operation:Lunch 12:30- (Lunch resumes from April 20, 2021 to the end of May)、Dinner 17:00~ L.O. 20:00 ※営業時間短縮要請に伴い営業時間にも変動があるため必ずレストランへお問い合わせください 完全予約制 定休日公式サイトのカレンダーをご覧ください http://www.reminiscence0723.com/ Kageyama Melon Farm (Representative):Masaya Kageyama) Hinon Agricultural Co., Ltd. Address:118 Oshimacho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-545-3473 https://e-shop.amane-style.jp/...

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