"Yamanaka kakuozan Frente shop ' Super gather Nagoya celebrity obsessions in the domestic production of organic and natural

Commitment to the domestic production of organic and natural、Seasonal, fresh, safe and stocked in the keywords、From the supermarket just a step forward and、Concept of delicious, healthy dinner with total support based on、Luxury Super information of celebrities "Yamanaka kakuozan Frante Frente", I。And Hrant Frante、France, Frais frame (latest and fresh) and、Is a portmanteau Enchante Keyaki no ki (nice to meet you)。"Co., Ltd. Yamanaka" operates、In the brand of food Pavilion、Current、8 things in Aichi Prefecture、Kakuozan、Fujimidai、White wall、Paradise、Kachigawa、Tajimi has deployed seven stores。This time the、Kakuozan Franta and I to ask let ♪ is fresh to start from fruits and vegetables、As far as possible in the "organic" has a commitment to、Not to mention the fruits and vegetables of the season、Hits don't usually invisible in normal super rare vegetables and fruits! this time、The main purpose of my、The pomegranate fruit is addicted to lately! Brand Mono citrus, apples and strawberries、Inside lined with mango、You're looking for the pomegranate is found delight。Here is、Was much not having too much、Food stuck carefully aligned and、Easy deployment and。And、In the most crowded in the evening hours are、Madame classy customer base of customers who have been coming to many、Silence settled on the entire Super is.、Very comfortable air is flowing。Corner fish and meat corner、Order and price range usually hard in the ass、Freshness is so good looking! Unique chicken likes Nagoya、Also an assortment of brands chicken、Our incomparable chickens like couple、With an assortment of exciting、I like watching too much fun Super ♪ continue shopping while the twinkling eyes in various corners and、We have been doing the happiest corner。Beer from around the world, and display! Japan is of course、Germany、Belgium、Italy、Australia、Surprise surprise America with far too many of。There is also a high-quality beer of Spain "indict"。Check each of the colorful labels and、Mexico beer、Strange beer was written that it was (dare I need to buy:Lol) wine corner also 2000-3000 yen-and from a reasonable assortment、In the cellar、Vintage sleeping class of tens of thousands of yen.。It may hold their own depending on the day。Excess of delicious food、Want good wine is a necessity。Beverages、Nothing is not limited to alcohol、Is the healthy mineral water, potable water and rich assortment! Celebrity Super pomegranate that I went to was、Been lured by the novelty and food good、I carelessly and splitscreen I (laughs)、Breakfast fried whole dried sardines in Hokkaido、Ishikawa Prefecture, mushroom into miso soup、Have in Mie Prefecture from lovely and tomato salad、How delicious is great too。You're looking for pomegranates、I like to eat in yogurt。The Frente's sale、Staff, such as major supermarkets to compete on price, not "sticking" to。If you think life every day is tough、Once in a、Might be fun to step into this super ♪ Yamanaka kakuozan Frente store, Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Chikusa-Ku Hill uemachi 1-39 hours:March-Saturday 10:00-23:00、Day 9:30-23:00 * Closed on each store please contact http://www.Super-Yamanaka.co.jp..

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