In the Oriental lounge chat while watching the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Metropolitan

"Oriental Lounge" located on the top 38f of the hotel in "ORIENTAL MANDARIN TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo"。 View of the large urban areas in the lounge、Imperial Palace started.、Shinjuku、Ueno in Tokyo streets。 Will merely detailed Interior concept space、Filled with a calm time。 In the lounge our guests spend、It offers an elegant time♪ in authentic afternoon tea loved by British ladies、 Sandwiches and scones、Maine desserts are included, predesert、 Drinks are、Popular Mandarin Oriental blend started.、About 20 species are provided。 The pastry chef carefully crafts each and every one of the warm, gentle finger food and fragrant teas to spend a relaxing time with a magnificent landscape♪ Noriko Konyama, Ceo of Sank Communications Co., Ltd. and Mr. Michitaka Ogura, Director,、We exchanged information about Risvel, which is operated by two representatives of Sank Communication Co., Ltd.。 The same hobbies like traveling, and、Time you have two shared values is very exciting、 Fun time will go so fast。 What is Risvel?、Delivering new news and events from around the world to help people who love to travel abroad、Is a site packed with deals overseas trip will be to。 This time、Nice suggestions for 2 people、In the future, lade plans to post a series of columns on Risvel's site.。 Please look♪ forward to seeing me there, Mr. Konyama, the representative of the company.、From Taipei and is spent in Kuala Lumpur、College started life in Japan。Animal protection and conservation interest is high at Hosei University sociology has lost。While attending from the registration agency sent to exhibitions of computer-related、Active as an MC and operator、After graduating from college、And joined the leading foreign-based PR company (now Weber Shandwick Worldwide)、Spokesperson of the IT-related companies。2003The independent years、You have experience acting as spokesman in the United States State of Hawaii Oahu Visitors Bureau (non-profit organization) Japan for 9 years、Also PRSJ certified PR Planner。 Let's raise it with public relations power! Attractions of local tourism https://Noriko Konyama, CEO, Sunk Communication co., Ltd.、After graduating from Tokai University、All Nippon Airways World co., Ltd.。Then to the Hawaii Visitors Bureau (non-profit organization) for 7 years、Promotion Manager、Worked as a PR Manager。After a major foreign PR company (now Weber Shandwick Worldwide) in 2 years the、Hawaii Tourism Board and reinstated as Director of marketing、After 5 years.、Will be working here。20Over the years, and worked in the travel industry、As a comprehensive travel business administrator、Based on your own experience、Personal opinion is to enrich lifestyle travel。Current、Information is being distributed on Twitter below.。 Lisver Twitter Mr. Michitaka Ogura, Director of Sanku Communications Co., Ltd. Original blend tea "Mandarin Oriental Blend" Add the scent of bergamot (citrus) to the finest oolong tea from Fujian Province, China, characterized by the aroma of faint flowers and sweetness that remains in the richness.、 It is a graceful tea with a refreshing aroma and a soft aftertaste and a gentle taste♪ We met With Rommy, who is in charge of PR at the hotel, Mr. Romy, Director of PR at mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Tokyo, we talked about the hotel.。 The other day、the secret story of the success of the "Norma in Copenhagen, Denmark" event, and the philosophy of Anthony Costa, general manager、 She told the restaurant make innovative reform awareness。 Luxury is not only、While maintaining a sense of luxury and quality、 Casual, easy to get to、Since Mr Anthony took office, various reforms have been underway, especially for restaurants.。 Romy himself is a big fan of the food served at various restaurants here.。 The spirit of loving our company is very important♪.、Journalist and travel writer、To bloggers, etc. ..

Breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo menu a variety of buffet style 'keski'

Breakfast at ORIENTAL MANDARIN TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo、 You can choose from two venues: Oriental Lounge and KSHIKi Keshiki.。 Oriental Lounge、But in the American breckfastcose、 This time the、After confirming the room number ♪ we decided to have as much as you like in a variety of buffet style ♪、Because it is not during peak hours、Staff to staff a good vantage point a window seat。 Ote from Windows、Marunouchi、Overlooking the Imperial Palace Gardens, you can、 A space bathed in warm sunshine、It's a luxury and creating an elegant time♪、The set on the table like in self。 And quality of vegetables、I feel the attention to the extensive dressing or olive oil。 4 kinds of bacon.、Warm sausages, as well as three is、Each meat type separately aligned。 Salmon、Smoked、Marinated、Dill sauce for three、Like five、In addition, there is also a dim sum of "SENSE"、It is a selection of。 Bread、Hard series、Muffins、Bagel、Danish、Is order the prosciutto Croissant, etc.、Is honey and jams。 The fruits are、10There's more than、Rich fresh juices are also a delicious selection♪ of fresh vegetables Grilled salmon and potatoes Sauteed asparagus and spinach, original dim sum Japanese cuisine, special seasonings, a wide variety of bacon chicken and pork sausages Popular menu quiche and tart colorful fruit Rich dairy mineral water & juice & vinegar staff has a brief explanation of how to cook egg dishes、 Fried egg、Scrambled eggs、Poached egg、Hard boiled eggs、Omelette、 You can choose from the crab body with eggs Benedict using the herb chicken eggs。 When I asked for egg Benedict which I had at the breakfast of "Mandarin Oriental Taipei", I used a big mill on the table and put black pepper on it ♪ "Egg Benedict with herb chicken eggs" When you put a knife in it, half-boiled eggs overflow.。 Grew up eating herbs and fresh herb chicken eggs、The color of the yolk thickens、Give off a strong orange color、Very thick。 Egg omelette filled with a rich source of、 Crab meat also appeared under that、The staff is also one push of luxury egg Benedict♪ .、 Good scents of Mandarin's original tea、I asked there because the flavor was like。 After a hearty breakfast、Introducing "Spa & Wellness" ♪ Click here for all articles on Staying at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo!...

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