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When saying goodbye with an elegant, traditional hotel "the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" Ryukyu Kingdom


And the tradition of the Ryukyu Kingdom celebrates the beauty of nature "The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "In the elegant and peaceful time!

Breakfast at terrace pleasant breeze、Drizzle starting to show in the sky、At the end of the Okinawa、Increases the reward-like clear blue sky!

Throughout the year、Okinawa surrounded by subtropical temperate climate!
12And temperature, temperature 20 ° C before and after very comfortable even、Great answer as the frigid winter travel!

Prepared to to the dazzling radiance of the basin central courtyard patio、Perched on the resort's unique garden chair、It is best to hog Nago Bay with great panoramic views!

And the feeling of openness, this moment is the best healing、I was able to refresh both mind and body!

As long as time permits、In order to enjoy your stay in the hotel、In the "library (Library)" was available on the 1st floor of the hotel building、Relaxing reading time!

If blessed with good weather、Also pleasant outdoor pool foredeck!

At the hotel's 3rd floor lobby next to the "boutique (Boutique)"、It is final or buy souvenirs!

Here you will、Okinawa traditional pottery (yachimunn) started.、And transparent feeling reminiscent of the sea in Okinawa Ryukyu glass、And bingata dyeing and its own lacquer ware、In addition、It sells products only in Okinawa!

My eyes have stopped、Okinawa is to cherish nature and culture、Brands hope their designs "Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts' students have been helmed shimanone (shimanone) packages!

A variety of designs, including red-tile、Kichijoji hibiscus、See sannguwaa.、"Uncle-the Loofah.、Kuba Kasa、See sisahumintamer.、"Banyan tree"、"Goya stripes.、"Island at dusk.、"Spread all over.、"Pineapple wave pattern.、And "hibiscus"、Which designs adorable、It is also lost and spoilt the fun time!

During the、Sanpin tea Okinawa tea and hibiscus tea、"Brown sugar" would be bite-sized snack, such as gracefully slipped into the screen that is!

In addition to、Select the hotel afternoon tea and breakfast, got hooked, Okinawan tangerines and 'bid' jams! Must not back home from us at breakfast time with fun!

Buy souvenirs、When you are finished packing luggage in the room、Check-in counter at check-out!

Staff Sun-like smile and thank you with good hospitality, be healed really enjoy! Take care now!

In the front lobby、Are equipped with the freedom to enjoy Detox water or coffee maker、To go in a paper Cup、For the return trip we had!

"The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "The really fashionable paper Cup holder has a logo!

According to the check-out time、Preparing cars in the driveway、Before packing luggage、Overwhelming until the last minute!

Ashizawa cocoon she was indebted to Taipei "Taipei West Hua Hotel The Sherwood Taipei" of coverage at this hotel and new job as Sales Manager、2I was able to meet for the first time in years!

By chef who was indebted to us go on farewell、Original Australian Deputy General Manager (Takeshi Hara) with staff around, along with a photo!

Hearts hospitality received、It remains regrettable that、Also hoping to revisit some time with good weather、Celebrate the time of saying goodbye!

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton,Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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Buffet breakfast at "the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" Nago Bay terrace Okinawa folk music played by Mamoru thanked buckwheat Okinawan shamisen and voice relaxed with at popular stores
Buffet breakfast at "the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" Nago Bay terrace
Okinawa folk music played by Mamoru thanked buckwheat Okinawan shamisen and voice relaxed with at popular stores


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