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Café serving delicious coffee ' copyybrick Kopi Ibrik "Turkey and Greece



The natural area is located 8 km away from Taipei City to the North American and Japanese school
Foreigners in many units of area is a quiet residential area.

To the heavenly mother in Taiwan people's foodie friend Guangyou Zhang (aka:And immortals and court musicians examination)
So this year that Open a Cafe 4/16 has come!

With World Coffee Meister、And chef and food critic,、
World folk music scene is also the King of Middle Eastern musical instruments stringed oud player
We Immortals Cafe names 'Kopi Ibrik(Copyybrick) "and say、
And World Music Cafe where you will find delicious Specialty Coffee in Turkey and Greece.

This time we are in lade [to travel with the second series] and then、
Be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
2 pairs of writers "Shimoo Design"The traveling along with the wood and Tin-made detectors"Syouryu"!

We immortals are familiar with food from around the world including Taiwan Taipei on the first day and present work、
We have collaboration!

150Times of Greece-Coffee in the sand heat up with instruments called Ibrik (IBLC) in、
In your Immortals arranged it the original way
Specialty Coffee (rare beans:Columbia Pink bourbon) fur!

Specialty Coffee also provide in the way of Turkey (rare beans:Tasha Ibrik Lomi) even there!
Idea and immortals from Specialty Coffee and Turkey Sweets "of Jin and caramel cake (Baklava).
Shimoo Design fuyou series of "Syouryu" "Tin is only" ride、Plate Set!

The famous sweets Baklava that Turkey、Looks like a mille-feuille、
Here is to be thin layered every piece a thickness of 40。
On the pistachio、While at almond and Walnut、Rosewater and composite fabrics、
160Baked in oven 50 minutes if finally turned, the syrup is finished!
From across the whipped cream between the layers will be!

Has Turkey's famous mackerel fish sanming Jig (mackerel-sandwiches) also made the Batt put in homemade bread、
Well with the Saffron Aioli and very helpful!

This is known as Hayashi 浥 St. (Yi sheng Lin) and Sen's friend.:That would be jointly-run Cafe and EASON、
We have introduced the Eason's good Friend!
EASON and I、11/9Birthday (Scorpio) in the same blood type B surprised who was rim! (Lol)

While beating the Tambourine with 3 people in the last photo!
The "step by step"/Kopi Ibrik.、People of modest but comfortable flow、
Recommended by Middle East owners are playing percussion and 絃楽器 live music where you can enjoy a nice Cafe.
























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Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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At the Sherwood Taipei seems to my home in Taipei's suite at check-in! "Sherwood Taipei" Gracefully breakfasts in the bright and airy "TOSCANA"
At the Sherwood Taipei seems to my home in Taipei's suite at check-in!
"Sherwood Taipei" Gracefully breakfasts in the bright and airy "TOSCANA"


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