"Sushi、Analysis、Sushi "of difference、Eating sushi


Japan food image to anyone and anything

Or did not often think of "sushi" to this question.。
I will first describe the unmatchable sushi anyway because I like that。
If it says accurately、Those crazy Sushi's partner、
Aru edomae-style sushi that day I ate on the boundary、I think that changed the concept of sushi。

The etymology of "sushi"、Woven into the Edo period "Japan interpretation" and "East ya'
From the sour taste that "reactive (sushi)" in theories and have been。
However,、See signs of sushi "sushi、Analysis、Sushi ", such as to
Ever wondered how to express different?。

Public is there sushi here you

This Edo period "Kotobuki Tsukasa models" and good luck, made phonetic equivalent in
All masu, and any、From the Meiji period and later became used widely。
Not only a Japanese is、So superstitious of the originally favored also would be widespread and well-liked factor。

Rare to see so much oysters

This fish was originally pickled in salt and alveolar and、Then we ferment the fish, making up points
FUNA-analysis、Water analysis、The Server Analysis、Salmon analysis、IKA applies to this area of analysis, etc.。

In the last "sushi"

This is like the character、Writing and delicious fish sushi。
They seemed to be heard only in the story a fresh fish。
I've found only in、Oops、There are out, is not the。
Good sushi, sushi chef、Indicates the analysis non-sushi
Sushi, Kanji confusion means salted fish with Chinese characters and the analysis was used。

In say the sushi with bite。
Craving for delicious sushi in、Next time I wake edomae-style sushi will be to talk shop。

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