Focale attract attention as a stylish and fashionable bike 44


As a stylish and fashionable bikes attract Focale 44 (focal 44)。Focale 44、But now has offices in France、One derives from the other day I introduced LEON fixie brand。MTB and BMX、They love to bike、Than when the image of bicycles fit in urban、The answer arrived said Focale 44。Focale 44 features、And the modern design of the more notable fashion magazines、Barcelona's Messenger group、a simple frame design has been developed with help of imensajeros。Also, such as integrated system handles a distinctive、Original parts found only in Focale 44。Such as paint color resin coating on the low finish bike painting、Releasing a product filled with originality and innovation。Current、I love cars as daily run feel、That city is very comfortable。And、High fashion is important、He is in love with simple yet stylish design。


The fixed gear produces Focale 44、By incorporating many unique original parts、Build a brand that is unique world。And show an extraordinary commitment to painting、Has become a major feature of the brand。


At the beginning of France's leading fashion magazine WAD、Focale each press in the spotlight 44。Both domestic and international、You are evaluating in high fashion。


Focale 44 bicycle-making behind the、バルセロナのメッセンジャー集団imensajeros。1日に80~120kmもの距離を走る彼らの声が同ブランドの商品開発をサポート


FOCALE44は究極にシンプルで自己主張しないさりげなく風景に溶け込むバイクそして文句なしの走破性能クロモリ好きにはたまらないロウ仕上げのフレームも魅力F少量生産のため年200台(World total)しか生産していないため日本には年に2回入荷各回30〜40台ほどの入荷状況ゆえにいつでも希望する色やサイズが見つかるとは限らない購入を検討しているならば予約することを勧める


クリアコートブルーが鮮やかなRevolted(リボルテッド)オリジナルパーツが随所に使われておりFocale 44の世界観を鮮明に反映させているストリートにそのまま乗り出せるカスタム車のようなクオリティ

ファッションにとどまらず、France continue and disseminate information such as photos and art magazines、WAD magazine (WAD = We Are Different)。Magazine fashion parties if everyone knows that。In that featured the WAD、Focale 44 beyond the cycling world wide cultural scene drew from the limelight。The Bond Street impressed either with fixed gear.、Focale 44 to fixie mode also strong links to the fashion of、Proved itself may have。Modern and minimalist、Got a relaxed and powerful form、And conceptual。No bike as a mere transportation concepts already in、Itself as a product comparable to architectural and industrial products、Now, the fixed gear。Focale 44 one part world、Try looking at from that point of view, why not?。

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