The importance of knowing the self responsibility


that went well as the image in life、Instead, it failed.、I think each person has their own。Of course, many people think that it is because of me that it went well.、Failure is easy to blame on people around them.。In such a case,、Why don't you think about things like this?。

All responsibility lies with you.

This is the most important way of thinking in making your own.。cause things go wrong like others or the environment、There is no self-growth in the person who is blaming it around other than myself.。What's important is、It's about knowing the fact that all the environments and situations i'm in now have created myself.。We are equally given 24 hours a day.。When you were born,、There's hardly any difference.、As time goes by, there are many differences.。Why is that? That is、because what you're thinking is different.。When you think differently, what you do naturally will change.。If、If all we're thinking about is the same、There must be only the same kind of people in the world.。But there are many different people in the world.。The difference is made by choices in various aspects of life.。

There are happy and unhappy people in the world.。

Are happy people just lucky?
Are unhappy people just unlucky?

I've had some luck.、I think that's not all.。A happy person chooses to be happy、An unhappy person has chosen somewhere to be unhappy.。The idea of self-responsibility is very important in order not to go out of your way to choose unhappiness.。

There is always someone who appears at the scene of a nasty incident in his life.。it's myself。That's what's causing the case.、The real culprit is himself.。For some reason, human beings are sweet only to themselves.、It's easy to forget your existence.。Why is it only for me to blame others for why this nasty thing happens to me?、The same kind of nasty incident happens over and over again、Nothing will change your life.。Try blaming yourself for everything you've ever blamed on people and others.。There are hints of self-growth hidden there.。What matters is not who is bad or what is bad.。It's important not to have the same nasty incident again.。Others and the environment around you can't change directly with your power.。You can change it directly.、It's just me.。

All responsibility lies with you.

It is my responsibility to decide the way forward.。I think it's very important to know your self-responsibility.。

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