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Maserati Japan co., Ltd. (President::Fabrizio cazzoli、Head Office:Minato-ku, Tokyo),、Brand spirit of craftsmanship and aesthetics of Italy tradition alive、Maserati's appeal to many people experience、To better connect with customers to、Maserati Festival 2013 Maserati by itself, and the holding of the second owner's event was held at the Fuji Speedway 5/12 (Sunday)。

Was because it was a very strong day before rain threatened weather events on this day、Managed to pick up the Maserati users concentrate in Fuji Speedway。Vehicles including cars loaded at all, anyone who enters the approximately 238 cars。Classico、Semiclassico、Made under the umbrella of Ferrari Maserati of good times Moderno and old from the stylish model change the current drive to the Gotham、Could not find feature vehicles such as the A6G CS owned by Mr. Sakai Masaaki appeared in the first event of this time, unfortunately。


The Maserati Festival 2013 started with Maserati Japan Fabrizio cazzoli CEO opening remarks、In the event of this announced partnership with Diners Club、Your Diners Club target as did to attend special events, Maserati others visitors were very。In addition、Premium card from Diners Club staff、Was guided in special Maserati users targeted by design folks say black card with no。Partnership at the Maserati dealership with a Diners Club credit card Maserati future purchase becomes possible looks。




Azzoli said、Has revealed plans to extend sales to 50000 units ITA Maserati will present eight times until 2015、Due to expansion of dealer network in Japan、2015To five times sales, and。And also focuses on the collaboration、And Fendi collabo car was announced last、We announced コラボモデル Maserati and Abarth 695 tributo Maserati Fiat Japan also participated、コラボモデル and Abarth regular exhibitions and ride was going at the venue。


Now、In this event the most noteworthy point is the unveiling of the new Quattroporte。Its predecessor is Quattroporte appeared in 2003.。Then about 10 years have passed、And large-sized and lightweight body、Sixth generation Quattroporte reborn, to pick up even more speed。Price is 16900000 Yen、Delivery commencement is scheduled June。The implementation of this model、Quattroporte GT S with custom designed Maserati 3.8-litre V8 direct-injection Twin-Turbo。What would be down from the predecessor's strongest Quattroporte sport GT S's 4.7-liter V8、By using Twin-Turbo supercharging、Maximum output of 530 ps from 440 ps、Maximum torque has improved dramatically to 710 Nm from 490 Nm。







Owner's Salon at the event venue、Festival area、Dining room、There was one test drive corner。Showroom of Bvlgari's owner's salon、Maserati toy corner、Had become a space, while observing the performance of the glass like you can talk and eat corners, etc.。Popular slot car corner kids to the festival area and the various shop booth。In a test drive corner could Maserati test ride、It seems not for a test drive of the new Quattroporte was expected only in Turismo time registration in the country。Lunch was provided by the famous Italian buffet。


Event participation Maserati owners vehicle at old Ghibli in the 1960s from many current Turismo。Maserati people are vehicle weight of current large most of the vehicles in the GranTurismo and Quattroporte、Want to join many little old, 222 Maserati is in it.。




Speaking before the age of the Maserati images broken "maniac" in、Is it symbolizes a generation especially 222。It's unbearable to man this car is is favorite era。222 in the used-car market has remarkably been taken in、Once engaging and possesses the fascination lingers in。I continued take the Maserati more than 10 years、The ride compared with various generations、Even semiclassico positioned in the 3200 GT, relatively new and still take the longest and I felt、And Turismo vehicles feel's predecessor Quattroporte tightening the majority to witness and generation of Maserati users changing is a。



In the Maserati user participation were held the last Concours elegance、The gear body Ghibli spider、222Zagato spider、Won three of the Grand sports spider。Winner's Ghibli spider。Was a beautiful individual, especially 222 Zagato spider has been renewed interior seems。This zagatospider is half of the SE face、I had previously owned the final model of the SR face time is.、How this car or that you know well。However I quite not elegant convertible is a very deep memories、Also one want to ride if you happen to be。

In the event run program in the circuit provides for Maserati owners、Free sports driving、Active family practice、Enjoy family practice、Circuit driving according to the driving school and needs。Few occasions it driving on the circuit for many participants was enjoying this program。Maserati also run the circuit really is running at a glance is enough to enjoy so many participants and visitors in the pit area while photography was like。





There are people who can ride along on the new Quattroporte programs we participate in the benefits of the Diners Club、You report the feedback so could I have picked the new Quattroporte special。This time in the operation by professional drivers had picked in the passenger seat is、Felt has quite a sense of stability。Like previous acceleration intonation、This means that Maserati's likeness remains of course、In very mild rise quickly that reaches a top speed between。Transmission ZF 8 reduces transmission time and adopt the speed AT "AT8-HP70" and select the sport mode、Open the bypass valve in the exhaust system and exhaust sound very sporty。At the front is double wishbone、The rear suspension consisting of 5 links multi-link、Equipped with damping characteristics of continuous auto new type variable damper、And electronically controlled by the latest version of Skyhook system、Could be around the corner at 150 km/h even steady grip。The driver did produce a brilliant drift around the final corner、People share together seems were surprised too much driving techniques。


Such new Quattroporte is now start booking at dealers across the country。Because I now no longer authorized dealer in Shizuoka、We are indebted in Yokohama in Yokohama-Tsuzuki Maserati。Asked Ozawa's sales event played as the camera's current availability and delivery time、The new Quattroporte is popular with body size is very large, being use in relation to parking lot。And because anyone is waiting for next scheduled sale new Ghibli。

New Ghibli width Quattroporte and same with this size is the wheelbase is a little short, because the extent of information coming in size use either way have become so neck。Seems a little late for delivery time and actually seen in the streets still take time。

Participants not in the event so to introduce the photo gallery of this event in the last hope in the mood to look at this gallery and participated in。今回のイベントに参加して強く感じだことはマセラティは以前のイメージを払拭してより多くの方に認知されメルセデス、BMW、アウディ等のドイツ車と並び選択肢の一つとして捉えてもらえるような新しいブランドを確立しつつあるということだ。There is also a little sad the Maserati will be popularized for users of older generation I、That pleased many people understand the goodness of the Maserati。6So in October, come test drive the new Quattroporte Maserati in Yokohama for at that time also report that I'd。

Maserati Festival 2013 / Maserati Festival 2013
Would you like to 5/12/2013 (Sunday) 9:00~ 16:00
Venue Fuji (Shizuoka Pref. suntou-gun Koyama-Cho in hyuga 694)
Organized by Maserati Japan co., Ltd.http://www.maserati.co.jp/

Maserati Yokohama
Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-shi Tsuzuki-Ku 富士見ga丘 17-18 TEL:045-507-6800
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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