Thoughts on the bike is、7After years of "ETALON”Was born with!


"Make you want to ride their bikes、Let's make a bike to really want to make.

I think Yes mate that is、Four professional men who loves bike。Stacking to make one of the best discussions of the concept and basic design、Without any compromises、Repeat until thoroughly satisfactory prototype and test、To develop 7 years spent、The BIKE new bike brand LEON played the highly anticipated launch of Franco-Japanese cooperation、The first model "ETALON”(Sire) and named.。At the moment this bike across、Excited I bicycle for the first time in my childhood when that wake up call、Was in adventure after school every day、View all shone brilliantly and that childhood memories、Those days of enjoyment、And believe in the power of infinite possibilities、"ETALON"。This way、In the named.。


Kuroda Takeshi Yi (aka:Leon) LEON BIKE ASSOCIATES co., Ltd.

Kuroda Wu Yi said, who made "ETALON" LEON BIKE ASSOCIATES co., Ltd.、Known as Leon。He has 20 years of living in the United States、Leon's nickname around。Return to Japan、Is now 18 years ago was putting location in Kamakura、Because it was a "slow life" live on the mountain dream、Was looking for where the Lair at the end of。Current、The hands of Aichi shinshiro ukifune Leon family、Mountain bike school request to、The city of Kamakura several times more brought down my legs。Mountains and rivers、Green feel the fresh air of the countryside filled with、Life here if you wish。And、Says she decided to emigrate without getting lost。

And not sink the same evening as one day、In the spend in the Kamakura period one day look back and front sea view luxury、Not make the thing、Doesn't not produce life will continue tell grandchildren。And enlightenment、With his whole family, moved by hand。So Leon "Salone del Monte"That opened a bicycle shop。In Italy, means "the Salon of the mountain"。Here、As well as choice real bike maintenance course、Tune UP are my specialty。2In the corner of the F、Leon's wife Rosa's organic Café "Le Cafe" in behaviour, organic coffee and cooking、And aromatherapy and esthetic "Rosa naturel" also known as。Leon、While engaged in the bike shop、Current、To the East Japan earthquake victims、Fruit and vegetables produced by hand by donating used or、And touring the disaster area、Talk about painful disaster itself take "tomorrow it might be me.、Activities to plant cherry trees 1000 years "Tomorrow is my cherry line."Have been。But consumers as opposed、Create a human side as the hand, and。The desire but now、Has become the driving force behind his。

At the Salone del Monte、Served with coaching for mountain bikes and road bikes、It's leadership, has been active in touring and event planning、Yu kamagari MTB champion experience with MISA (photo right).。Because of that experience as a former pro rider、In one of the personnel who can tell the maximum power of LEON。And balancing work and child-rearing、As long as there are fans who feel met MTB and changed my life thank you for a busy day away from the race、Be able to keep this work seems to pleasure her。


As the history of LEON BIKE is born、Sunn was called up to the world's strongest team (San) of Yu kamagari ran as a support rider who's active and、Support for Leon to support it and、There are major people who have built up the sunn brand presence。




They built a brand that France sunn、Among the companies are growing、Contrary to their will hit a brick wall.。Stockholders equity、I like is mass production wanted by the concept of commercial。To continue the ideal bike build、To select the way that they。After that、Max comments all Mr. President's development staff、Graphic designer、With HP designers moved to Andorra、Commencal brand launch。But Max went to management and、Bike promotion policy at here caused discrepancies、Has repeatedly persuaded Max Leon、Decided to go their separate ways but unfortunately。Commencal and mark、The man who lost the count to go、Repeated discussions until you are satisfied in the courtyard of a small village in southern France、One concluded that。And the launch of NEW brands into the swoop bike making their passion for。"Brand name is already determined。"And、Leon told us in their mouths。So、No name of Leon。It was their answer.。


Marc Etienne Dalge (MED)
Product Manager 、Quality management representative、Test rider


Philippe Garcia (Phil)
Product designer


Zoobab (zoobab)
Graphic designer

With the France national champion of the former BMX career、from the sunn days BMX product designer、Mohammed (pictured left)。Sharp honed his sensibility and experience、Genius product designer、Car Polish is applied (in the photo) Phil design bikes。And、With unique flair and style、Distinctive, pleasant new graphic designer 手懸keru motorcycle design of the logo and colors、RBB's (photo right)。His designs in total including the catalog and clothing。But his sense of designers calendar 20 years、She has been creating images of sunn or commencal、Exaggeration to say and is not。


Such passion is raising 4 men 引ssageta bikeLEON BIKE ETALONis、Released in Japan leading 100 cars limited。Never before this bike to be、10That does not change the basic design over the years、Using chrome-molybdenum steel frame、Wasted resources、Reduction of waste、A complete reuse、Strong orientation on recycling、Completion of the unmatched in other who can ride comfortable and strong driving performance bikes、As basic strategies and policies for "LEON BIKE The Classic from It's Birth"、President Leon himself showed.、That was the moment。And the weight of the years took the first models to leave、The only body color is also sprayed clear chrome-molybdenum steel、Traces of welding and hammering marks dare remain as traces。We、Just flashy color、Because I had eye color was painted as part of the fashion variety of bikes only?、Appeals to this simple, therefore making hands who not be appreciating the。And here is rather "simple beauty"、Is there no virtue spirit return to the beginner's Japanese made, represents the soul of the hand。


By chance、In the frame of the bike was completed and、In the measure as of Mississippi school、Tick stickers design seemed strangely。The graphic designer's RBB "this bike is going to。"And、Thought is was painted and lovingly。And、As a proof that the Franco-Japanese joint venture、Clutching her listed in the flag of Japan and France for that frame.、Leon told the history of the ETALON is hot。And the bike a new history starts here、They begin to make bikes、Could change your life。I can't stop thinking that way let。

Bike LEON BIKE ETALON has potential for much in the near future will have played the tournament、Which will be held in Aichi Prefecture Toyota city Mikawa plateau camp village No. 3 times single speed MTB Japan open。This competition is、Single speed World Championship Japan qualifying。Japan Championship (about 20 km) and enthrall race fans (approximately 10 km)、In addition to fat bike Championships (about 20 km) and the kids class was first held, and、In the mixed-gender、Minnie powerhouses have confidence in good Walker!! Even though it is the centerpiece of this Convention、That fancy dress race。Their single speed like gather.、As the audience can enjoy、Surely the US engaged in dead heat burn a crossdressing and flirting。

Times 3 single speed
MTB Japan open

> Date <
2013May 11, (Saturday)
Fat bike Championship
2013May 12, (Sunday)
Kids、Enthrall race fans、Japan Championship
Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture Mikawa plateau camp Mura

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Aichi shinshiro tsukude Kurose-shimoyama 37-30

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