Norma crowned world number one defeated Restaurant 'El Celler de can Roca"


The last、Of Copenhagen, Denmark "Noma / Norma"Mentioned in the article、That all over the world in the restaurant top 50 "The World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards"The published results in 2013。This regrettably is Norma、2And that place、The winner's glory、Hotels in Girona Spain "El Celler de Can Roca/El Celler de can Roca."A restaurant owned by the Roca brothers.。




That has earned 3 stars in the Michelin can Roca、8From entering the world's best 50 years ago is steadily leaving top achievement、2011、2012Have reached the No. 2 spot in the。3Brother brother Joan's served as head chef、Josep boasts a passionate service as a sommelier as conservative in nature、Youngest son Jordi prominence as the pastry chef's fantastic break the rules。3Brothers are active in their respective fields and、By linking the restaurant team and dishes and fine finish as a magic with passion、Buzz by far exceed the expectations of guests、This Crystal。From Japan、France restaurant in Tokyo's Minami-Aoyama "NARISAWA" was picked as the 20th percentile, and top in Asia、Also Japan restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo Dragons Gin was 22 and became a priority both for more than two。



2007And moved the restaurant to the current location in、Building a simple and modern。Set up automatic door in the kitchen doorway、Working chef for 30 people at a time to keep。Surprising because they exist to devise the cooking room。

100203_ Roca Celler de Can lenguado_W2I0312Alvaro Fernández Prieto

"Master chef genius chef battle! "" That appeared in the finals of the British show、In addition to publicity revving、Current、It is a book from all over the world。As a three-star restaurant、Lunch is about 155 euro pricing and Oh seems very reasonable。Also、The restaurant would like to visit one more、To enhance the enjoyment of life in。

El Celler de Can Roca
Can Sunyer 48,17007 Girona
+34 972 22 21 57

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