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Force of the floating island monastery、World Heritage site "Mont St Michel"



Approximately 80 meters jutting into the St. Malo Bay France West Coast、And towering on a diameter of approximately 200 m cone-shaped islet monastery Mont Saint Michel。In the ancient Celtic peoples of the、島に鎮座する巨大な建物とその歴史的価値から1979年世界遺産にも登録されたモンサンミッシェルは日本語に訳すと「聖ミカエルの山」という意味である島の頂上に立つ大聖堂の尖塔最上部には、1897年に彫刻家エマニュエル・フレミエによって製作(1987年に修復)された黄金色に輝く大天使ミカエルの姿がそこにある



西暦1000年以前には前ロマネスク様式の教会が建てられさらに1010年には地下納骨堂の上を覆うように岩山の頂上にロマネスク様式の大聖堂が建てられ北壁に貼りつくように最初の修道院が建てられたその後も修道院の拡張ゴシック様式部分の増築、14世紀のイギリス・フランス間で起きた百年戦争のための要塞化工事ロマネスク様式の内陣のゴシック・フランボワイアン様式への変更(聖堂内部の記事参照)など幾多の増改築が繰り返され内部は迷路のようになっている。18世紀末のフランス革命で修道院が廃止されると1863年まで国の監獄として使用されその間に荒廃が進んでしまった。1865 year、再び修道院として復活、1874年にフランス政府の歴史記念物局の管理下に置かれ現在に至るまで修復工事が続けられている






Also、橋の出没により様々な問題が発生し、Back to natural seawater flows in、2005Since、Parking along the embankments and sand barriers were to organize and、Is currently undergoing a major environment construction。But on to photographing represents a panoramic view of the approach to the monastery from afar can look a bit surreal worlds shame、The need for this work will be 否menaide。Most、No obstacle to the island's、2015Is scheduled for completion in the year。



Suddenly appeared on the islet-like impressions on the views of ".、Laputa Castle in the sky! "And who does not believe。Also rumored to "Castle in the sky" for the Studio Ghibli models、A beautiful, fantastic, Mont Saint-Michel、Visit many people who love the Archangel。According to the local tour guide、The share of tourism in Mont Saint-Michel Japanese stood out the top's。Clerks at future shop are a smattering、Come talk to me in Japan, is also acceptable。In the shops of the famous salt caramels "salt caramel、Cocho-Colle、Katie、Koch、Yaracuy (soft)、Souvenirs niduzo "and、In a stunning reception Buri。

Very famous as France sanctuary, power spot、Stone is many layers on the floor、In one room of the Abbey is built on the rocks of the island's interior room、Is the Rock Island in the bare Office.、Known as power stone。Our local tour guide "you guys happy?! "And suggested that。Look、But it is no ordinary rock、Sharpening the mind、Feel the power in the State of innocence, do not feel is up to you。



In my visit to pour rain、Have interfered in a tourism、By the time finish the rest leisurely at Cafe coffee to mouth、Archangel Michael's help because、He peeped in drizzle is in this。Accompanies the tour guide、You can walk the sandy beach in the Bay at low tide。Also、Toward the beginning Mont Saint-Michel and river from the riding club、See also people across the span on a horse on grass or sand。This is the beginner level riding experience is optional you can enjoy advanced。Can't we thank for you to frolic in the throat of a sheep either with clear air and specialty osamereta in the background。

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Maisaka port directly from table d'hote "Ofuna' lunch. Speaking of high CP kushiage comb one lunch
Maisaka port directly from table d'hote "Ofuna' lunch.
Speaking of high CP kushiage comb one lunch


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