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"One&Only Hayman Island"(Hayman island、Great Barilla leaf、Australia)

"Kentos Network Co., Ltd. Kentos Network"Mr. a、
Luxury hotels and resorts around the world、Cruise、Luxury trains
From PR to sales、Is a global company to follow-up on one-stop。

Previous、"One & Only Cape Town "The care and coverage:、But how have you been、
This time、Kentos NetworkOf the DirectorObara YukikoIs it in you take an appointment、
Interviewed about the recent luxury hotels!


"One&Only Royal Mirage"(Dubai、U.A.E.)

See also views、Meet with people of different cultures、Many of the dishes for the first time knowing、
Then away from everyday life、In all、Seeing the world and tour。
Among the stimulus、Encounter with my new weight?、Refresh function up and running、Get energy。
And worth the journey、Isn't it there?。


"Bel.ond HOTEL CIPRIANI"(Venice、Italy)

1Even many people take an interest in travel、Know the joys of traveling、
And finally、Would be bread for myself is just to stretch a little bit and spend luxury travel、
At the time, got its splendor、1People、In addition to the one、Its not able to tell if。
Its how they、Through a variety of media.、In the information delivery through professional people to arrange a trip to、
Aims to deliver the charm of a wonderful journey!


"BELMOND NORTHERN BELLE"(Mondo Northern Belle、United Kingdom)

Each person different values for travel、
Seeking a luxury of an extraordinary life、Perhaps even temporarily would achieve your desire of greed and improving the lives of "journey"。

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"Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai"(DARA Devi、Chiang Mai)

Pressed for one of the busiest day in、
One step、Embarking on the journey、Nature and surrender to、Best relaxing await you。
Kentos NetworkMr. a、As a specialist to provide non-workaday world experience、
Will you support the various luxury travel we want!

Kentos Network Co., Ltd. Partners list

Click the logo and links to each hotel's website


One&Only Resorts
One & only resorts

Their prominence as celebrity guests resort、Luxury resort brand。World 6、For the ultimate experience in only 7 Hotels vacation。visited Cape Town in lade。


Dorchester Collection
Dorchester collection

The Dorchester collection、Europe in 9th luxury hotels。1996Since being founded in、In addition to the collection to represent the city and country hotels、It offers outstanding hospitality。



And to represent the Venice-Simplon Orient Express luxury train、Expand the hotel adjacent to the world heritage site one of the best locations on all continents。(Earlier on the Orient Express)


The Siam
The Siam

Located in the historical district on the Chao Phraya River, has rooms with 39 suites and villas。Hotel design is worked on Bill bensley、Museum exhibits antique。2012Urban resort hotel opened in featured。


Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
Dhara Dhevi-Chiang Mai

In the old city of Chiangmai Thailand northern part is called the 'rose of the North"、60You have acres of grounds、An authentic rice on the grounds、Traditional Lanna style building、Luxury resort with a luxurious spa, such as。



Which means "relaxation retreat" in Thailand, chiva-SOM is、Searching for a health and beauty located on the beachfront in Hua Hin Thailand Royal family getaway in、The world's leading health & wellness resort


Aqua Expeditions
Aqua speaking

Over the unexplored Amazonian in luxury small ship、Luxury and adventure this takes experience。You can discover a new Peru。2014Since advancing to the Mekong River。


Salvatno Collection
Salviatino collection

In Italy in Florence and Verona、Operating a unique small & luxury hotels。Future、Deployment in Italy attention。


Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Tradition of Switzerland、Thorough hospitality、Dine at high quality restaurants and base、In the management of the resort where you can enjoy a good City Hotel convenient for the business traveller and the holiday is known by experienced。


"Kentos Network Co., Ltd. Kentos Network"DirectorObara YukikoSan

Through a variety of activities、1Even many people becomes a travel fan、
And already the travel fan、That passion for the travel you honed in addition
Kentos NetworkAnd it is hope。

The original、And the Mandarin Oriental、One and only、Orient-ExpressSuch as the
Demonstrate their experience at the hotel group had been active as a public relations、Assumed to work in the current agentObaraSan。
We provide a variety of information in、ladeAlso to be stimulated、Current、Are you considering a next trip!
Future、1Even as many people、I wish to convey the wonders of travel.

Kentos Network Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama 4-16-16 205 kalum Minami Aoyama

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama 4-16-16

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