Try to think about the point of view


"Perspective" and "stand to watch the things。Point of view。"But it is、Let's hope you play just a little bit before we talk on the theme "perspectives"。First of all, look on the picture。You're a moments glance、This looks a picture of what animal? Do you what it was in the picture? I looked first to the picture of a duck。But then、I was looking at and、Bill was changed to ear、Seen in the rabbit。I'm sure、Should have been also vice-versa。

Things that are interesting in different perspectives、Would look quite different。Answer change depending on what the person sees things from the viewpoint of how it is。For example suppose you had live a life in this perspective。

In the head immediately risk hedge to the voices around, there is nothing like calculus I always protagonist of the tragedy there is something wrong with all blame other people down with age or position, such as to always worry about Just don't want to do that soon lured people always in a hurry, fight would take away somewhere where you live now and the environment was given, not seeking information to always think everything they say perfect, all going to avert her eyes.

Look at people who travel to this interpretation, what do you think?

"I'm sure that losing a '

"Are these people around'

My life haven't"

I think there seems to be a、でも実際は自分にもそういう部分が多少あってそういう部分をごまかしているって方が多いはずです

If slightly different interpretation of the same facts, like 生kiretara?。

Always listen to the voice in my heart believe, step by step, always willing to pile up facts Smokey and works is thanks to someone emotionally, where only a little different role and who now live and the environment was given when I most enjoy now enough Unknown always moving yourself, find out what you want to do that just always think of questions covered with eyes open

People surely should lead a happy life。It is neither just differences in how you interpret it the same fact happening ago your eyes.。Just changing the way of interpretation is that anyone can seem very easily、To control yourself is the most difficult thing perhaps。

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