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Try to think about the point of view



「視点」とは「物事を観察する立場観点。"But it is、この「視点」というテーマで話を進めていく前にみなさんと少しだけ遊んでみることにしましょうまずは上の絵を見てみてくださいあなたはパッと見た瞬間これが何の動物の絵に見えるでしょうか?何の絵に見えましたか?私は最初アヒルの絵に見えましたしかしその後じっくりと見ていたらくちばしだった部分が耳に変わってウサギに見えてきました。I'm sure、逆の人もいたはずです


Head immediately risk hedge to calculus are voices around, there is nothing to yourself always protagonist of the tragedy there is something wrong with all who blame down as people age and job title to always worry about all thinking always only want to do that soon lured people always in a hurry, scrambling Teba just somewhere where you live now, given the environment, not to say going perfect, all to avert her eyes.

Look at people who travel to this interpretation, what do you think?

"I'm sure that losing a '

"Are these people around'

My life haven't"


Always hear the voice of the heart believe and step forward and positive in Smokey and stack facts works is thanks to someone to always think about moving where just a little different role and who now live and the environment was given when they most now enough fun, enjoy yourself and find out what you want to do that just always unknown of questions covered with eyes open



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Show runs through driving BMW-M6 charm Bang&By Olufsen music becomes part of the Interior
Show runs through driving BMW-M6 charm
Bang&By Olufsen music becomes part of the Interior


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