Thailand Bangkok city combines history with modern urban exotic


Southeast Asia's hubHas undergone rapid development andKingdom of ThailandOf the capitalBangkok旅行者がBangkokに惹かれる最大の魅力は、HistoricTempleの数々Wat Arun、Wat Pho、ワットプラケオOfPrecinctThe、Must-visit sightseeing spots among the temples in Bangkok。Bangkok decorate the city history and culture.、In recent years, expanding large-sized shopping mall and luxury resorts、Now Bangkok is Thailand's premier tourism city。今回の旅行ではバンコク屈指のリゾートホテルであるPeninsula BangkokAnd shopping mall was built recently in the CenterAsiaticAnd、Siamなどの都心部Wat Phoなどの王宮地区バックパッカーの聖地であるKhao San Roadなどをご紹介していきますSpecial page of Bangkok, ThailandIs available from the link below!

Thailand Bangkok travel special page

Bangkok travel of all articles is available here!

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