puNya Penna is a Sri Lankan Government official top-quality King coconut oil


Is said to be most effective in coconut oil、Also referred to as the King of coconut oilKing coconutFrom being made of 100% organic coconut oil "puNya Penna"The、Under the Sri Lanka Government official、Very rare oils, additive-free and。King coconut oil is a very good quality oil.、Heating、Oxygen、Is stable to light。For more vegetable oil of unsaturated fatty acids is thermally unstable, so not suitable for cooking purposes is limited.、King coconut oil contains more saturated fatty acids、Can be used in cooking。And、Contain many ingredients in breast milk that lauric acid and capric acid、They are responsible for to win the immunity of the fetus。Lauric acid and capric acid that contained a high concentration of、King coconut oil "puNya".。Coconut oil other than smooth and concentrated active ingredients。Because the brain is made up of oil、Draining the water soluble blood flow poison and dirt cannot。Stable high-quality oil that is very good because。The product namepuNya PennaAnd the、In Sanskrit, the word "Auspicious、Auspicious、Lucky、Beautiful、Pleasant、Pure、Clean、Sacred、Good、Virtue.Is the word that means!


Colorless transparent coconut oil in stylish bottles with brightly colored glass design。Kept for a long time concentrated active ingredients for、It has been adopted this glass bottle。I feel the first oil-grease、Melts at body temperature、Absorbed into the skin while massage、Is very good。The sweet scent of coconut、Fine incense slightly.。Oil is nature's bounty that travels well。King coconut oil is used in Ayurveda、The producing countries in Sri Lanka、Or even with sunscreen protection、Also effective for skin cancer prevention and。If you pack the hair、The sleek hair、Skin 纏ざba、By keeping the skin moisturized、Cooking with 食seba、Is said to be healthy from the inside of the body。Buzz effect、And the purveyors of international celebrities have been such excellent and expensive oil "One good Osteopathic hospital"The Director of the teacher inKanayama, k..The Foundation EndowmentFor because it was purchased"Aya-CHAN、The skin seems to be good ~ ♪ "And、All the way to deliver us up! (My joy) immediately、After washing your face at night、And have them Pack and massage with this oil while、Over your skin the next day、Makeup is mood is great! (Surprise) more、And give massage the feet of her husband in this valuable oil、And dry skin and moisturize、Tired legs like got easier! Precious oils are active in a variety of applications. Ken Chang、We used to! Thank you very much!

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