Yamauchi, Kiyoshi exhibition "at 324 Gallery, open Studio & exhibition held in!


Round eight real estate groupTamachi Center Street along to operate "Tamachi 324 Gallery"In the、Hamamatsu-born world-wide hand art creatorYamauchi, KiyoshiisOpen Studio & exhibitionBeing held!


This time "Passion fusion"The concept everYamauchi, KiyoshiThe process of evolution、Open Atelier、It is possible to feel closer to the arts in the new style can appreciate the scenery to make。In an innovative gallery style has produced one after the other continue to exhibit、Enjoy a conversation with the artist.


After finishing the Open Studio time、As an exhibition showcasing works produced by approximately one month、It is possible to purchase the work of artists working in foreign countries。On the first day of the exhibition2014/6/28(Sat.)The Gallery at the opening party in the、Other artists work and future development "『Real talk ' round 8 real estate group ChairmanHirano OsamuDialogue with Mr. do.、Events which combined with the visitors who are scheduled!


Open Atelier&Last day of the exhibition2014/7/6(Days)The、Viola, was opened in one of the largest "Porte Theater portetheater"In theYamauchi, Kiyoshi performance artWill enjoy party。Complete in insturmental music according to the portetheater atmosphere, selected to fit 2 m mega Panel to immersive live performance art is breathtaking! I look forward to your participation!






Yamauchi, Kiyoshi Seiji Yamauchi
Born in Hamamatsu。5From art exhibition of award-winning。1997 year、Journey from Australia.、During the trip、Inspired by the street performers from around the world saw in the main street of Adelaide in South Australia、And performance art's first started to paint in the streets together。Recently, especially organized artistic collaboration、Produced by。Hamamatsu City Museum of art and cooperate with local、And collaboration with students、As an accomplished。2013Australia's got talent auditions in challenging year、Was nominated for the TV recording finals appearances。

Seiji Yamauchi Exhibition
Yamauchi, Kiyoshi exhibition

Open Atelier at tamachi 324 Gallery&For the exhibition
Open Atelier:2014/6/8(Sunday)-6/27 (Friday) admission free
Hall, 324 324 -12 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City Gallery
Sponsored by Hamamatsu art music agency
Time 11:00To 18:00( * 7 / 6 (day) is 14.:00Until )
Contact fusionofpassions@gmail.com
In the open Atelier productions who also available free。
Note:6/13(Friday)、6/21(Saturday) is out of the Office。

Exhibition:2014/6/28(Saturday)-7/6 (Sunday) free admission / piece price 40000 Yen ~
Exhibition opening party:2014/6/28(Saturday) admission free-18:00~
Party details:Gallery mountain in the Qing Tsukasa x Hirano Osamu

Open Atelier&Exhibition launch party:2014/7/6(Days)
Yamauchi, Kiyoshi performance art
Venue Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, tamachi 223-21 Viola, 1 F Viola tamachi stereoscopic parking:
Sponsored by Hamamatsu art music agency
Doors open at 18:00~
Seat fee 2500 Yen、S seat ¥ +1000
* 1drink付 * food & drink 500 yen、S: JPY +1000、Portetheater membership preferred
TEL booking application:053-413-3908


Yamauchi, Kiyoshi works exhibit MAP

324 galleries, and sites、In addition toART-FORME mansion GalleryART-FORME, SalonBut has exhibited works。Please feel free to。In the neighborhood、Active artistsKAGIYA buildingCity Park Cafe and the concept ofPUBLIC CAFE BAR PARK/INGSan、6/10 in addition to the (Tuesday) the Grand openingPorte Bonheur portebonurAnd is full of spots showing the hustle and bustle of the city! While enjoying the art around town。It is recommended that enjoy!

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