「Seiji Yamauchi」情熱を燃やしアートの世界を駆け抜ける男


Sharpening sharp eyesight and sense of smell、Performance artist Seiji Yamauchi continue and express my art in the intently。He obtained permanent residency in Australia for the activities in Japan back in now、Try to interview。Draw what he or、But his accomplishments if or more than、Himself what feelings are alive now dakimakura。Passion for his art is knowing、This consists of his own people and decided to look up close。Even if he takes a rough soil had all canceled。As for me、Stuff I want to be rich soil。Dingell this story so to speak he。In around the world in the Museum of fine arts、I'm painter to paint outside the pompidu Centre in Paris better than me greatly to fine! But、Difference between the drawing and I's ambition and environmental differences、Different from what you want to express。I looking for your destination。The painter asked for stability、Life was peaceful at the foot and。But not me、Doing mountaineering while building the soil?。I cheer that will have me back、That's why I don't just run.。Such language might sound slightly rough、And decorating their new side、Orientation prior to always aim、Position yourself and your opponent inroads, such as wall as ever was。


While ran his art life、And now even nearing a turning point。Ordinary citizens appeared in the United Kingdom, competing for talent with various、Australia version of Susan Boyle and celebrities suddenly made the now ever popular audition program "Britain's got talent" audition and apply himself, and played。On the stage、So be allowed with each only 2 minutes between self promotion。Is not able to draw in the short time of only 2 minutes?。But his thinking is different。How to draw if you can't find!

So I thought he、2And edited his own music-original mix、Drawing the dance to the sound of the、Succeeded in reducing the time by drawing with both hands I usually draw with his right hand、Because they finished in mirror symmetry、In the splendor of the conversion of the conception and giving positive thinking chest became hot。Recoup venue performance expression method to use both hands, his body and soul are inherently good、Received high praise、And was nominated for four pairs of 100 groups participated in the auditions of foreign martial arts system。Waiting for announcement comes directly after this 5/17 results、The next stage in the dawn was named a top、Rather waiting for national broadcasting in Brisbane。

Requiem-Requiem - 180-x-180cm-2011

Sand art project-2012

The success of his、In addition to base Australia、Locals seen in Hamamatsu、There are achieved through collaboration with the sand dunes of around 230 students he produced events。2012In October 9,.、The concept of the event is "prayer、Taking revival to the wind.。Nakatajima sand dunes is a stage。Set of colorful vinyl tapes on the sand dunes of the horizontal vertical 30 mx 45 m、Completed the huge art filled with 21 km of sand dunes。Vinyl tape、Students see their dreams"and"disaster recovery"、"World peace" and write positive messages to each、A big project on the wind it goes up snow on the dunes, prayerful wishes mightily to reach heaven。Put the tape while you work、After finished upholstery、Excited by the wind the tape、Echoes the superb sound。Actually,、He wants us to experience with all five senses that sounds even seem had calculated。Unfortunately、Having public、Guardians of the local people also included a total of approximately 280 people to move、Whatever in the masterpiece production took about 2 hours we retire after that is done immediately。

But、Visual、Hearing、触覚の感覚を存分に味わうアートの世界を経験した生徒たちはその時間を強く記憶に留めることになった。Good news is that、後日生徒が記した感想文の中に「僕は美術の時間が正直言って嫌いでしたでも今回Seijiさんのおかげで好きになりました!」と感謝の気持ちを綴ったものがあったという。And、弾けんばかりの笑顔でこの一言こそが俺の役目だと語る





彼はアートの世界の枠に捕われていない自分を表現することも含め、How do I think or would do and think。Graphic to one solitary Atelier in the basket can draw weights、Cherish has also collaborated with music direction by artists。Love each piece to the、Said person people watching takes people for their work and feel good in。His own product, works。I want to be don't limit self-expression。His willingness and freedom is all his own。

I think not as through his upcoming activities、4 Ieyasu fun city in Hamamatsu ranks Castle spring team events (Sunday) to 4/27 (Saturday), 28, performance art。Still cannot reveal more information、He is a Samurai (armourer only) of informed performance in the。Because of the armed、And it now wears his beard、I felt him trivial obsessions are so far not thrown away.。He likes the Festival、To participate all excited to fun events and we sincerely express。Last words of takasugi shinsaku, wrapped up leaving kick also omoshiroki that the world is not necessarily fun, night of the mind。


PS:About the performance art stage in 4 Ieyasu fun city in Hamamatsu ranks Castle "Spring team.
Date and time:2013April 28, (Sunday) Hall:Hamamatsu Castle Park garden opening:9:00-16:00
Seiji Yamauchi performance art show:14:00From the scheduled 30 minutes
* If the wet weather is expected、27Day (Saturday) 14:00In the change calendar
Admission free Ieyasu Pavlova official BLOG http://tokugawaieyasu.hamazo.tv/

imageSeiji Yamauchi
Born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture。5Award in the number of paintings from the age of。1997 year、Journey from Australia.、During the trip、Inspired by the street performers from around the world saw in the main street of Adelaide in Australia、And performance art's first started to paint in the streets together.。About a year and a half、While taking trips to Australia profile、The Malay Peninsula profile。Once returned to Japan、Continuing to paint in Japan、Keep the live performance。2002 year、Over in Beijing, China、Up to London about 15000 km on sea road、While shooting the 8 countries achieved cross-。After that、Get permanent residence in Australia。Australia TAFE college diploma of Arts, Department of painting.、Sculpture、Modernism、Conceptial art、Environmental art、Learn 2 years figure drawing at the James Cook University。In the meantime photography exhibition、Painting exhibition、Expand the original performance art。Coral Spawning series also recently established。Dance performance、And appeared in the musical, such as、Efforts of self-expression。2006Over the five months from January 2, shooting trip to move India overland 10000 km。Maldives、After a stay in Paris.、And then shooting across China、Learn the various culture and art。After his return to Japan、2006In October, organized "art fusion" in Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Meat.。Opera singer active in Germany and made the performance art concerts to the music of the pianist。And moved later to、"The innocence of summer's day" in the YAMAHA sponsor "Soul Switch" Tokyo Marunouchi building performance art、2009Violin started in October、Piano calligraphy & cast 3-city concert tour of live art "Fusion of Passions.、Also produced by。With Hamamatsu City Museum of art、And collaboration with students、Was planning a variety of events, such as an。Current、Collaboration and Hamamatsu City Elementary and high school students do.、Doing your art project with large paintings。Actively expand "integration of ART" in the broad field。

Seiji Yamauchi Fusion of Passions

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