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Began to gather at the live venue lined with colorful stacking a colorful crowd、By chance、Ever noticed how many women,。No wonder、Tonight's guest player in the contemporary jazz scene in、You pick up the handsome player in two。I actually also、This is difficult in the pretext of covering just tension in front of two close range from。

Saxophonist OTA sword said two years ago.、In a DUO with pianist Makoto kuriya already, Salon new layer with some.。From now on more than 10 years ago guitarist Onuma as duo with the holding in jazz hafermidtdorphin and legs several times carry to、There seems familiar, Hamamatsu。This pianist、Haha Kim said of the duo、To tour five times last year, including the、Honey is the relationship to each other's different activities and、In a reunion of about months、Not fun to say it first in Hamamatsu。Now、Try to hear the hot words of two people rode the momentum to start tour starting tonight。

Opening the first "actually three days prior to've had a throat cold、I'm usually not like this Husky.。"And the sober voice Ota, who was、And voice to have smeared the stuff sucks without any disruptions.。Haha is it to listen in the quiet atmosphere was。


In concert soon made rehabilitation seems "rehearsal itself is not such as songs, was the only sound.。"And、I've heard from the staff decided to visit I wondered。OTA said as soon as having "I'm nothing to start with hirameki。"And say,、Haha he opens his mouth, "in the Repertoire know each other、I can start in one intro、Well、But I'm mostly I put it... "and、Spilling the smiling, friendly expression to show、Had eased the tension quickly thanks us hibayama station。

Apparently two people live、At the start of the form invites OTA said in the intro of Haka's "Oh、This song!。yes、So is this.? "And、1Tune each finished reading feeling each other's、Since improvised live invent while were talking loud, and it。Decided to do something beforehand, it's very fresh, not、I don't feel was born at that time.。The word of OTA to keep a neutral position too dressed as its natural goodness、Briefly shuddered。

Even "thinking from the day before tomorrow's eat Curry、In fact at that time not Curry belly!。"And、Added、Gave me easy to understand:。Then Haga said "what! Curry said it! So I checked。"And come with laughter。Even during such a trivial interaction、2Good communication will receive a conversation is very natural air flow to。Haha Mr "is precisely because it is also not suitable it proving each other relationship.。"And、Was a show proved to reverse relationship and understanding with each other。


My fascination for jazz to enjoy from the untrained eye、Haha Mr、Many people enjoy the jazz、In built space "live" sound in skin feels、It wants us to experience the free jazz。After OTA said、Continued awareness of jazz is different depending on the age、Also gorgeous historic、Come year after year makes the form of art is the art of time。And the art of its time、Now、Not only in this moment live in、Told us to shoot, involving the crowd if it want to sympathize and hot。




2What people are told through a live、It's about the importance of feeling。"Know much about jazz。"Many are thinking that way。So good。Wish there was something you feel in not。Feel like、Would be easier to posture I listen to jazz。


In the last two on the "linking" of our WEB Magazine lade、Asked about ties between their music。OTA said、Grow your music's、Grow up people、Music is specifically for all eternity we connected to each other and talk、Haha even more、For me music is what links the life。It's only music、But music、Life without music and did not、But power emanates from the music is invisible to the eye.、Music without borders、All edges are followed together still.。He concludes。

Even though in the short time before the live interview、Two people pleasantly undertook interviews、Until the last minute in nature was。Hosted by liveMr. HiranoIn the MC、Start Live to tell、Vortex springs from the audience cheers。Live began to give women audiences bittersweet ballad、1Create sound 1 songs does not exist only at the moment of the world、With the last big cheer birthday Encore、In composition by Sonny Rollins 'oleo' two plays improvisational art closed in。


Tamachi Salon
326 -28, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

OTA sword(SAX)
Haha Kim(piano)

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