Love Shizuoka Prefecture "charcoal restaurant sawayaka Hamamatsu harmony shop is" the Hamburger steak


In Shizuoka, the prefecture is not what other's say、What feelings are what floats? You thought the "Mt. Fuji"、I have quite a fright。Against the Yamanashi Prefecture is not (laughs) if the Shizuoka Prefecture、Is not in the first "fresh char-grilled restaurant"! B grade boom and Shizuoka Oden, "Fujinomiya Yakisoba" to measure outside、Picked up all over the place、Even frozen foods, such as exists in the store, are sold in the country。Among them、Only fresh char-grilled hamburgers、Not yet in Shizuoka and eating it is impossible。As the characteristics of the char-grilled hamburgers、Just before serving and cut in half in front of clerk、Raised in the iron plate of piping hot baked stuck with manual pressure、After a process that is the original source、The sound of the sizzle baked on a griddle in Gravy、Tantalizing Hamburger。The recommended doneness、Eating in is still kind of Red State medium。With the soft flesh、Heat up to "45-degree" about what the oil will just melt is PROFS。And the outside and burned in charcoal、On the other hand into the mouth and teeth reach bouncy giyugun and meat、Interesting textures such as Paw in。Spread meat with flavor so if you fancy、A sweet-and-sour onion sauce、Further enhances the flavor of the gravy。This taste and eat、Not changed since inception、If the Shizuoka Prefecture、Is no hamburger Patty love everyone?。In the store "is red much gravy = plenty of" and so high, and table displays the Panel written、People are afraid of red meat、It is best to order when you want better burn say one word。


This time the、Near Hamamatsu harmony shop in shop。Refreshing "burgers", had been previously been talking about here in the menu was。But 598 yen and lunch at lunch time、Order your prices so there!


Homemade hamburger lunch 598 Yen

Because it was always in the balls a lot、170Here g、If you outgrow me is pretty much just a size。Regular hamburger and hamburger lunch difference isn't round so、Earlier fire getting、Not lean over time。That is the、Volume and fleshy enough to enjoy。This in rice、With the soup, rather less than 600 Yen、By the way I'll never understand (laughs)、Unlike the usual an accompaniment to grilled vegetables、Enter "sprouts" instead of pumpkin, but lunch seems to be me?。But is interesting, it is delicious!


"I cheer comb Ranch" 714 circular

Hamburg alone have、As the name suggests greedy to recommended menu.。Chicken is plump and juicier。Enjoy the taste of change even with chili on a tabletop.




Set the "ranch shop.

Is the seasonal vegetable soup。The ingredients of this、Onion、Carrot、Bamboo shoots、Cabbage、Is seaweed。


Do not miss the fair during the founding price announced in the Board shop has an annual price。Is available only in Shizuoka Prefecture is the breezy、Unfortunately there will be outside the Prefecture now not。A major reason、Taste and quality commitment。Hamburger fresh and used、From the main factory in Fukuroi-shi、Every day will be shipped according to the order of the shop、Meat arrives on the day's principle is used up in the course of the day is。It is eaten only in Shizuoka、So from a distance can be sent directly from the factory is limited!。The reason is the、Boasting a popular as a safe and eat hamburgers?。And even away from home, going to Tokyo and Shizuoka Prefecture、During the homecoming be "eat fresh hamburger" and can be heard more、Hamburger restaurant loved by everybody I ♪ from tomorrow、1Our week journey traveling abroad.。The last lunch in Hamamatsu "refreshing" in there would be reason for! (Lol)

Sawayaka Hamamatsu harmony restaurant's charcoal restaurant.
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Wago-Cho 193-14 TEL:053-471-6711
Hours of operation:11:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Wago-Cho 193-14

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