"Grill investor Hotels' Toyama 1 cospa founded 1970 in long-established Western store

Toyama office workers started.、Toyama 1 cospa also said household side of high Western store "Grill Fuji hotels"What

This became the 1970 years old、Original owner and trail Masayuki Nakayama original Western-style store was opened in the city、Yoichi's second generation from the age of 10 to help beginning on son、And now has been transferred to the Nachi-fujikoshi Yue station, family-run shops.

To tell the truth here.、In place of my parents met for the first time、For your father-in-law, mother-in-law "old place" next will!

The restaurant is divided into counter overlooking the kitchen and seats in the balcony on the second floor、2Floor seating is a little rule that is。1Got a number on the floor from up stairs、And order number no.、It's how food is transported via the service elevators in self! No waste!

At this time on the second floor, not at the counter top of the popular "special lunch (fish、Shrimp、Hamburger steak、With deep fried) rice、Miso soup、With Pickles "710 yen and ordered oysters fried 730 yen for a limited time!

Yoichi's second generation FRY FRY in front of flyer to order up a quick sight to see! Freshly fried hot!

One plate's Western store、Napolitan is served with shredded cabbage! Western-style restaurant in the form of Visual、Special lunch dinner menu for children in variety was filled with smiles!

Fried shrimp is not in open type、Fluffy on the inside、I feel the stableness of the burning State!

In the bargain, that couples who come fishing in 1500、Bursting into belly so full of morning meal! Deep fried but only fried!

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