Speaking of the restaurant's tonkatsu h. pine branch lunch * transfer decision 11 / 10 (day) will be open


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Restaurant is located along the Sumiyoshi Kaido red bean rice cake "H. pine branch"Mr. a、To the right of the tenants quietly hung out goodwill shop。Been opened 35 years。Seasoned entrance sliding doors front offices and POW porcelain fishbowl、Is the pleasant smell of the Showa era nostalgic to remember Western shop。Mr. Kengo Suzuki's son over the traces of its predecessor and that、Another three years is likely to be。Shop、There are L-shaped kitchen with counter seating and tatami room。The familiar regulars、Always perched on the counter、Its predecessor, the landlady、Ken young heir is a meal while enjoying a conversation with s.。


Now was the successor to the stereoscopic field reversed、Predecessor work is entirely heir, and turning to Shingo's support、The Consortium also outdid、Silently、And have we done good.。Do you feel like "my dad a lot to talk about, teach in the back"。You feel like its predecessor to meet、Ken but also hands in the kitchen of Mr. Kengo wasted movement、Fast and accurate、Just watching the exciting。


This restaurant's main menu is Pork cutlet。Oil temperature one、Even if it takes one time、You'll will be proportional to the "taste"。Skill of stealing.、Experience every day, he has to be.。By the way Hiroshi Matsumoto, tonkatsu、Steamed after fried in a frying pan。But thanks to that extra oil will fall, to heartburn、So we made and are older people.。


"Pork cutlet rice (usually 140 g size) ' 1,350 yen

In that restaurant's tonkatsu、The freshly fried crispy pork cutlet is a Demi-Glace sauce and plenty of shops selling in。Is this Demi-Glace、10Take time and trouble to days, and trained carefully、Is the taste。Fried since Demi-Glace fresh pork cutlet is also、Wonder and cloth are crisp and savory。The thick Pork cutlet、The outside crispy、Inside is moist filling。The dressing is served with shredded cabbage on、Moderate acidity h. pine original went on sale over the counter, became a staple of popular items during the two years of onion dressing。Vegetables hate kids、Men are afraid of salad、I dislike the onion... and won fans the moment and overcome the difficulty in dressing。The Fried Pork cutlet、That is the way usually 140 g size 10-happy at the amount、Extra large size you would like、210in 1750 ¥ g。


Rice with Fried Pork cutlet rice set


Miso soup with Pork cutlet rice set in


Pork cutlet rice set in "Pickles"


"Omelet" 900 yen

Since it opened as the simmering rice omelet。In two and a half egg wraps clean pans whip whip chicken Ken rice。


And in the middle of the omelet called Demi-Glace with a spoon and crack、Chicken, moist and melt from seeing.。The surface of the egg is so beautiful with a nice fire、The thin exquisite melt so while nothing more than putting out the fire。Really it doesn't have arms and thus have。Also chicken seasoning with salt not too sweet and not too strong、Demisse between together well taste。This is omlet rice and、I would be willing to stomach。Open the volume and gusto made、The hospitality "of the、Up in arms? "And、Staff voice。yes、yes、And vertically down the neck several times, telling the landlady、Its predecessor is the landlady very happy face showed。Warm atmosphere、Is one of our delicious Western-style old fashioned if you want please visit your shop!

H. pine branch
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean cakes 3-4-1 TEL:053-473-9134
Closed on Mondays:Is Wednesday office hours 11:30-14:00 17:00-20:00
* Transfer decisions ) ( Italian Oggi La site at 11 / 10 / 2013 date ) opening

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean mochi 3-4-1

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