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Gutsy combination in the kitchen ya tree Midland store lunch menu (closed)



In the restaurant floor of Nagoya of Midland Square in 4F "Kitchen Masaki"Mr.。Of the ownerYu Yuan Guang Xin.1990On March 12To"The good old days of handmade Western"And"Hospitality"And don't forget to ask Western shop opened。2007/3The、5Shop 舖目Click here and be open、Nagoya municipal recreational area always crowded。Maserati car connectionsMatsunami, MasaakiAnd I'm also one of the fans here。MatsunamiMr. a、M. woodOwner ofYu YuanWith a close relationship with、I heard the sad story that unfortunately will be closed at the end of the year。Will end and a diet where you will find here、I want to enjoy Western-style restaurant in Nagoya I love lunch!


Outside of the stores already in the matrix is full of people and、Restaurant tables are bustling, thriving.


"Masaki of hamburger lunch (demi-glace sauce of hamburger steak & crab cream croquette and prawn fly)" 1,980 yen

Panko crusted surface, was fired and curricula、Demi-Glace sauce moist beef 100% since its inception been loved that steak is in the。But it had enough rice and miso soup、The popularity of m. wood's lunch menu、2Like the menu dishes are set in、In front of large dish 2-dish lined with tables of people。I want to eat nice menu!.


Of hamburger and crab cream croquette and fried prawns。Prawns FRY、Tartar sauce。The crab cream croquette、Comes with a tomato sauce。The crab cream croquette with Alaskan king crab and snow crab plenty during the good homemade bechamel sauce、In a crispy fried hot happy!


"Sashimi of Hirekatsu & tuna and fried oyster" 1,780 yen

Is using a soft Kagoshima pork katsu、Sweet rich tonkatsu sauce.


Katsu with tuna sashimi, oyster and potato salad。Comes with two Fried oysters are small。Let with lemon and tartar sauce。On the menu of the day、Had a bonito tataki、Cut the tuna sashimi was changed.


Rice & miso soup

Each set comes with rice and miso soup。Rice、Men's big bowl、Has been that women are put in a small teacups。Nagoya's kitchen so popular it has closed it's sad, isn't it?。Then I went to Midland during the、I'm sure another shop shop would have been!

Kitchen Midland m. wood
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Nakamura-Ku, meieki 4-7-1 Midland 4F TEL:052-527-8816
Hours of operation 11:00-15:30( L.O.14:45-、17:00-23:00( L.O.22:00-
Closed on Mondays:Equivalent to the Midland closed

4-7-1 meieki Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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