"BBQ House Yanagisawa" Shizuoka steudel, buy one and spiced meat offered at a reasonable price!


The Mizuho Bank alley of the Kaji-Cho, Hamamatsu CityOzawa vil ⅢOf3 floorTo be 'BBQ House Yanagisawa"Mr. a、
Commitment to providing meat、Attentive service by the delicate and refreshing and taste features prime beef."Shizuoka grows"Use only。
Buy one because you're、Usually at the beginning、Is a fine barbecue specialty stores also enjoyed the site a valuable and rare parts。
From Hamamatsu station 5 minutes on foot from close and far away there is good access.


On the specify farm in Shizuoka Prefecture、Attention to female cattle、Of the brings out the characteristics of the original feed and unified management、
Carefully and lovingly "Premium Wagyu Shizuoka where they"That is raised in a。
Here you will、In a designated farm raised, health care "Premium Wagyu Shizuoka where they"The only taste good cows selected、
More detailed、Sweet an soft, fleshy.、Mouth of the melt is characterized by refined good taste of。
Tasty sweet meat flavor and marbling of the balance for、MeatDare grade A4.And I'm used to。
In addition、In order to provide in good condition、Is Buri stick cut to order.


Shop、Unusually counter exists in barbecue restaurants、
Seats are 8 counter seats、Total 20 seats and has been small, with table seating and a semi private room seats 12。
Always crowdedYanagisawaMr. a、Bookings essentialIt is。
But even to this day in the book already had been packed、
Like many inquiries on the day、As the owner I refuse to voice a swath。
If、It is recommended that advance reservations.


Draft beer

Speaking of BBQ and beer?。First is a toast with beer!


"Pickled cabbage.

Entrees will be tossed with the dressing tasted like coleslaw cabbage。
Here you will、Don't have the BBQ store staple kimchi、Instead come here。
As the captain remained also the texture of the cabbage, it is very delicious!


BBQ sauce、Soy sauce and garlic soy sauce-based、Rock salt、Will fit the choice four types of horse-radish。



And Casillas、Site hits the cow's neck。
From the shopkeeper "I have some muscle"And that has provided me、Totally do not mind that 筋batta feeling.


First pull the fat in beef tallow was set on the table、
Satto light double-sided grilling Casillas the raising、First of all, will be in rock salt。
Incredibly soft, high-quality、And full of flavor、Flavor depth so you can enjoy!


"Best Tan in '

Reservation requiredBest Tan inIt is。
Thicker as the Suns in a beautiful pink color、Tan tann元 or which you do not、And the high-quality sites close to the tann元。
Also lightly cooked、Will be tightly squeezed lemon。
Frost pretending、Softness、Flavor is overflowing.、Best luxury Tan!
My favorite Tan.、Also surpassing Sendai beef tongue taste it is!


Potato shochu

Next in line for beer、We love sweet potato shochu。
Here you will、Sake grill to fit various types of available and is recommended.


"Upper meat"

Area near the Tenderloin in a part of the rose。
Very soft、Fat is also well contained and enjoy the flavor of the beef。
And because shell shape with this name.。
In the very rare pieces from one head of cattle not only 1 pair left and right blocks、For the finest BBQ is delicious!


Onions and peppers

Once、Short break in vegetables。
Enjoy the texture of the crispy sweet onions and bell peppers and bitter!



From the shopkeeper "Do you try it to eat?"And are offered、Veins for the first time you。
The big vein、Crunchy texture becomes a habit.



The muscles of the diaphragm。
Parts in contact with the lumbar spine"Sagar"Known and loved、
To categorize and apply to organs、Can be enjoyed near the meat texture and soft fat is rich, dark flavor.



The finish will make roast meat shop most popular Curry and vegetable Curry。
Taken from a beef bone broth in soup-like Ceylon Curry、
Without using any flour、Gelatinous, light and healthy。
22By blending different spices、Extra meat as it is breaking down。
Beef、The flavor of the beef that is fully rich flavor taste.


Vegetable Curry

Similar to curry、With soup-like taken from a beef bone broth in Ceylon Curry
Without using any flour、22Using the kinds of spices are plain Curry。
For the sweetness of the vegetables have been pulled than beef、The minute I feel mild!


"Spicy curry"

Baguette、Squid、Cucumber Achar (like a pickle)、In a spicy curry with raisins。
See good baguette or raisins、Squid is a first-time experience!
This is also、To be simply good curry accents、Finish with a very tasty combination of satisfied my will!


"Easy to drink vegetable juice.

Last offer、Very easy to drink vegetable juice。
Is like going on celery and spinach、Vegetable even feeling totally hagumi、
Air-conditioned and lemon、It is delicious and drinkable, refreshing。
Yet the 37-year-old and obvious hard tackle in a young shopkeeper and location description、
In a crowded busy staff who chino気 have a good service。
High-quality meat to taste little by little、Drink to smack。
May be for the first time was so happy at the barbecue store。
If you take,、High-quality meat in the body-making required is。
Never your high does not、Reasonably high-quality still meat little by little to best shops!
See how good is popular enough room。
Also、I always wanted to ask!

BBQ House Yanagisawa
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 331-13 Ozawa vil III. 3f, TEL:053-452-8229
Hours of operation:17:00-27:00Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 331-13

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