"Grilled quivering" is specially selected beef "Shizuoka where" of specializes in exquisite Wagyu beef is!


Located in Sumiyoshi along Highway 1 "Char-grilled yurari"Mr.。Meat is Shizuoka Wagyu beef "Shizuoka grows" in the commitment、Pork is the "enshū-dreams dreams pork"、Chicken meat is locally produced "chicken".、"Niigata Koshihikari" rice.、And fresh vegetables from local farmers、Eggs and、Have all ingredients product safety commitment、Are provided at affordable prices。The owner of this snow-CHANYukishima NaokiMr. a、"Round eight real estate group"The day-and thisHirano OsamuSometimes called the friends of the Chairman、Is have we got our couples。For parking in front of the shop is widely equipped up to 21、Staff meeting, etc.


Shop、Table seats 50 people、7 counter seats、And room seats 12 guests in each table、For the partition, which is like a semi private room、It is possible to settle down and enjoy a meal。And in-store background music and jazz flow、And while being a yakiniku restaurant、Somewhere is a adult atmosphere!


"Beer (Kirin Ichiban shibori)" 550 yen (tax excluded)

Put meat and raw! That is the、It is here with her husband recently trying to work、I remain in the non-alcoholic Kirin free driver! Agency fee every time so it is unworthy from! However, recent、Even non-alcoholic Kirin free surprisingly and unexpectedly、Sounds delicious and it is surprising that (laughs)


"Bean sprout namul' 380 Yen to 190 yen (trial price)

In the menu of the day、Finding a reasonably priced snacks trial price! Bean sprout namul is what190Circle!(Surprise) and a lot of carrots、Smell of crisp texture and sesame oil is dying, it is delicious! And many assorted、I got feeling and squeezing down pretty?!


Celery kimchi 380 Yen

Like celery and it has nice 1! Also smell、Better texture、As a nice spiciness is also delicious beer be good to each other.


"Beef tongue of the popular three-point Jazz" 1480

Mature Tan、Beef tongue、Suit Tan medium and fine where we have three kinds of price! It is great!


Immediately、3Let's bake varieties! Beef tongue is round in front of、右端の厚切りが熟成タン奥の細切れが中落ち部分です♪



炭火はさっと火が入るので焼き奉行はわたくしめが・・・大好物のタンを前に真ん丸い良い顔してます(笑)まずは普通の牛タンからいただきますレモンをギュッと絞ってタンは丸めて一口で!肉汁溢れ旨味抜群です!お次は、Naka-Ochi。Here is、厚みもあるため普通の牛タンより噛み応えがあり程好い脂を感じます。And、最後に熟成タン!これはかなりの厚切りです!熟成された分旨みが口中に広がり弾力もしっかりと味わえますそれぞれに旨みがあるので牛タン好きな方は是非この3点盛りをお勧めします♪


「赤身 塩」1,100円

低脂肪で旨味たっぷりの健やかな赤身の甘さが自慢の赤身をガーリックと塩味でしんたまやうちモモなどの部位にあたります見事な赤身で綺麗なサシもありさっと炙って塩か山葵醤油のどちらかお好みでいただきます! この赤身最高です!メチャメチャ柔らかくてくどさが全くなくさらりとペロリといただけてしまう旨さ!カルビとか脂身が苦手なわたし達には最高のお肉です!(激旨!)


BBQ sauce、3Type。手前はかなり甘め真ん中は胡麻奥は山葵醤油ですのでお好みでどうぞ。Personally,、焼肉は塩か山葵醤油が好みです♪



〆にはいつも石焼きビビンバが多いのですが今回はガーリックライスをお願いしました石焼きなので香ばしいガーリックの香りが漂いお焦げの部分が最高です!2人で1杯ずつ飲んで食べて5,000円程度お安いですね!やはり焼肉は美味しいものを少しだけ、Most stomach lean without knowing, seems to be what you want! Snow CHAN、I will come again! ~!

Char-grilled yurari
1-1-41 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-476-1252
Hours of operation:17:00-24:00(L.O.23:30) Closed on Mondays:Thursday

1-1-41 y., Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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