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Summer is still grilled meat! Serving Shizuoka bred Wagyu yakiniku Restaurant Beach season Bower



Beach season Bower mikatagahara Defense official on along the "Shizuoka raised" beef BBQ shop I will have。From the previous、Hamana Lake Royal Hotel Manager Dai-Chan has heard of coming in often、From my house about to be so close to fruition.。Characteristics of Shizuoka、And keeping a stable taste unite feed、Like taste and always delicious meat。The staffs are very polite and warm this time of year、To have the stamina、I suddenly want to eat meat.


Shop、Table 4 seats x 2、Tatami room seats 6 x 2, medium in size、The shopkeeper、Good control, he is running alone.。As you enter the store、Spread newspapers in a seat at the table owner。While slowly raising the hip "is not only 1 but I guess? "And asked、Replied "no problem is."。


When it comes to BBQ bottled beer 550 Yen beer that day luxury bottled beer order!


Appetizer beer "kimchi"。

This homemade cabbage kimchi、Not so much the sour taste of Korea、Is also very spicy.


Beef "getacarby" ¥ 950

Soft body in between the ribs and ribs bones meat fat as a logo, which is tasty juciy。Also、By trial and error that made the original on the sauce、10-bring out the flavor of the meat is light and refreshing finish。But seems to prefer to dry、Pain can be adjusted but the gochujang was set on the table。Getacarby dish、The onion half with me。The onion、Fire well into the eyes increases sweetness、Is tare you were talking about and most delicious ♪


The sound and smell of a barbecue grill when、Just whets the appetite。Do not burn、Would be good with whip and exquisite baked。


"Salt hormone" 550 Yen

My favorite is the hormone。My hormones are a bit poor。That is the、I can't not order if you look at the menu and selected salt hormone written。And this hormone had eaten my boyfriend is、A nice balance of salt、Texture、I think fresh and delicious。Best of all cheap!


"Tan salt" 1200 Yen

Tan centimeter in diameter with salt、But is the extreme thick look like Sendai beef tongue、I am happy the thickness of。Squeeze the lemon and gugut、Will be at Broil lightly.


"Cold noodle" 840 Yen

So there's no rice、We order the cold noodles。Kimchi、Cucumber、Apples and ingredients a simple cold noodles in soup was refreshing and also taste。The cold noodles、On starch Binder in buckwheat flour is characterised by the waist is strongly chew、The noodles here、I think that back until there is no。2Nice staff, with people drinking and eating barbecue restaurants not 5000 yen.。More cute is the grandfather of the owner very friendly and face and laughed。How please I also hand carry the plate movement is quite slow and unsteady Kazuko、I would be worried that、We thank you cherish your body、I say keep the shop is definitely reminiscent of those old good days!

Beach season Bower
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 109-10 TEL:053-436-8899
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 109-10

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Spices and herbs、And herb-laden cuisine Thailand Thailand * 2013-10-closed You can enjoy fresh fish every morning buy owner jcccnc at lunch
Spices and herbs、And herb-laden cuisine Thailand Thailand * 2013-10-closed
You can enjoy fresh fish every morning buy owner jcccnc at lunch


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