Enjoy the taste of the Octopus takoyaki with NARA "drumming was" soup


Nishi-Meihan Horyu-ji Temple interchange on the road, from NARA prefectural route 5 Highway SouthThen small Octopus ball shops standing alone "Drum was"。
It is a famous shop for nara residents.。
It's a simple takoyaki.、This road is a streak35Years or soThe MOM is20Minutesthey bake slowly、The takoyaki、
Without sauce, mayonnaise, green nori, etc.、Simple takoyaki with dashi and soy sauce umami。
Place、Ryo Ikebe station on Kintetsu LineMore East approximately400mat such a distance、It's about 10 minutes on foot.。
There is no parking lot.、1 space to be parked next to the store、2About 100000。
The regulars are、In order not to wait for baking
Some people make reservations by phone and ask for baking time before visiting。
Speaking of takoyaki, it's Osaka.、Takoyaki is famous in Nara、Let's have it right ♪


Shop、There is a counter next to the baking place.、You can see how mom bakes takoyaki。
Her mother'sYoshiko NishiuraMr. a、Complete this takoyaki in your own style、
"In Nara、I wonder if there is only our takoyaki like this~"And says。
35 yearKiktake who opened this shop about a while ago、
In the children's "Stay at home momIt is said that it is the beginning that was said。
Stay by the house.、Looking for something that can do business、What you can do while taking care of your children。
It is、It was this takoyaki shop.。
The back figure that a gentle mother works hard、I'm sure it's burned into your child's eyes.。
Takoyaki made by mother's kindness。
Is good shop!


This takoyaki、Only one type of orthodox、10Pieces with 500 yen 20 piece 1000 yenAnd will be。
Cheese and onion ponzu、Salt Mayo、While various ideas takoyaki is born that fried、
Mom has been around for 35 years.、I've been following my way in this style.。
Although it is also made and left、20It was said that if you wait 10 minutes, you can eat freshly baked food.、Of course I'll wait!
While baking、"NARA was for?!?Mother who hears。
"Came to this Octopus eat ~ ♪When I said、Opening mom's mouth pokhan (laughs)
Approximately 3 hours one way from Hamamatsu to Nara by car。
If you say there's something delicious out there、Let's get to the point where we can go♪


(1) the fabric better roots


(2) fabric poured into a steel plate


(3) soup a mushy dough filled in


(4) net shrimp will ride based on


(5) leek and carrot from above


(6) in addition to heaven sprinkle grounds


(3) where large Octopus


Mom、It seems to be the first time that it was taken so much while baking、
"An embarrassed! ~And a smile。
Because I'm only grilling octopus、I'm wondering.、
"Come on! And this was really takoyaki!"And stabs the Octopus to toothpicks
"And the ladies at?!"And gave me away (laughs)



Only simple takoyaki、Mother who does not go well easily if she does not care about the material。
Looking at the balance with cost、They're looking for a good octopus.。
Big octopuses are also elastic、Very juicy.、When you chew it, the umami of the broth spreads over your mouth♪


Because there is a lot of dashi、It's not going to take shape right now.。
Because if the fire is also made a high heat, it will burn、I'm slowly and thoroughly heating it.。
60 takoyaki grilled on half a teppanyaki plate、120 pieces for full use。
Mom says it's not easy to bake 120 pieces at a time by herself。
Mothers who know in the sense for many years that the temperature of the iron plate is slightly different from place to place、
I change the place little by little so that I can heat it evenly.。
Dexterly return takoyaki with 1,000 pieces、
The appearance that the fabric of that much becomes shape、It's a lot of fun to watch♪


With the aroma of brown and fragrant dashi、It has become a beautiful manmaru takoyaki!
To MOM "Why Taiko had called?"And he told us、
"What I've done? Remember listening to is good or anything...?"That was (laughs)
True it round the completion of great big Octopus!


"Tako-yaki(104pcs)"500 yen

Original、10It's a piece.、They offered me five pieces each because I wanted them to eat hot.。
What is the characteristic of mother's takoyaki?、I do not put any seasoning simply。
All without sources even mayonnaise bonito seaweed also extra decorations!
The surface is、Slightly browned、It does not break even if I pick it with chopsticks.。
But、Because the inside is a little hot, burn required attention。

The umami of shrimp spreads slightly in the japanese-style dashi soup based on soy sauce、Takoyaki with a very light taste!
It's light.、I feel a firm umami in the base。
This is the real pleasure of dashi.。
There is no extra taste.、It is strange because you can eat as many as you want easily.。
When I take it home、This plump roundness is lost、Because it becomes fluffy and becomes a completely different thing、
It is recommended that you baked on the spot!

When you're still busy、They're sure your child will help you, too.、
Because it is not a successor、This takoyaki shop is over for your mother.、
The regulars seem to be missed.。
Forever、I want my mother to stay well.、
Also、I would like your mother's best smile and delicious takoyaki♪

Drum was
2-5-17 Ikebe, Kawai-cho, Kitakagi-gun, Nara TEL:0745-56-6172
Hours of operation:11:00-17:00Closed on Mondays:Monday

Nara Prefecture, Kita katsuragi County Kawai town Ikebe 2-Chome 5 - 17

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