Bliss for lunch with techniques passed down was sushi sushi in finest sushi

Traditions of Edo-style sushi "How sushi"In the、To the very affordable sushi lunch!

Great sushi Mr. OHMAE Brocade known as sushi culture spreading the world during the Meiji era as a full-fledged edomae-style sushi shop opened in Tokyo Aoyama。MATSUDA Haruki is transfer great sushi in Mie Prefecture、Lore more than 100 years continues the history of the great sushi is! As a disciple of Matsuda、Gen. loaded 14 years training at the great sushi, Mie Prefecture、2011/September、Hamamatsu local at takatsuka-Cho opened what sushi!

From the "incumbent" of the General name "How sushi"And was named、Commitment to fresh ingredients from local to Central、To produce maximum originality make sushi are offered!

And white、The kindness of the tree is filled with、Counter 6 seats、Private room 4-6 seats、Japanese tatami room seating for 10 off relaxing in modern、The cozy space.

On this day、In the add a colorful display counter、Enjoy wearing your grasp of the General "nigiri lunch (grip volume 6、Scroll 1、Salad、Dipping) "enjoy the 2000 yen!

First, I started from "octopus salad.、Mesclun on sliced raw Octopus with white sesame seeds、Homemade sesame seeds will be in the sauce! A raw Octopus while appetite and texture and sweet taste、Enjoy with Sesame classy scent!

A handful from "turbot".。
Rhythmically gripping cleanly、With a brush, marinated 1 painted and offers!
Marinated、By Shari vinegar with an elegant finish、Nigiri Sushi with fresh ingredients taste to enjoy the taste!

Glad for lunch while the us consistently consistent!

Next in line is the Tasmanian salmon on a roll of fat

Good luster of bluefin tuna

Enjoy the sweet scallop

Continue out of miso soup with shrimp head and this"can't believe my shrimp broth between soft colors are nice!

"Sado Yellowtail" next is 10 the ripening schedule for、Flavor has been condensed and、In the mustard and we。

Less sweet "egg"

"Kappa Maki、Plum、Gourd "for guests to roll、Best of lunch!

After dinner hot "rise up" on top、Enjoy a conversation with General、Relaxed time!
"Here is the walking distance from my home" by virtue of the move、You could also find nice shops!

How sushi
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Minami-ku, takatsuka-Cho 2341-1
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00( L.O 13:30-
Dinner 17:30To 22:00( L.O 21:30-
Closed on Mondays:Monday

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