I wish in the "buckwheat noodle house oomori" toshikoshi-Soba lasting relationship and longevity


New year's Eve、Hamamatsu is Nakajima's "Sobaya Omori"Toshikoshi-Soba, in!

It is a shop Tempura in turning Omori Masato is the owner, is painstakingly made by hand and carefully fried buckwheat with wife Mieko, flaky texture and taste delicious!
Mr. Omori, seems worse back pain suffered from for many years、Dr... stop is unavoidably time-consuming long-term absences is broke、12And started operating at the beginning of the month、In the operating system, such as not to overdo it is come!

Today 28 always Seiro and the countryside once enjoyed "eat compared" and cooked with Yam、"Tempura" Whats different?

Opening regulars who created columns from 1 hour ago。After noon、Pretty and nice thick Soba、Sipping a Soba、While chatting with Mrs. Omori、Ho was able to enjoy a stiff!

A long, thin Soba、Sincerely and ever more than a lasting relationship、Also、Enjoying a rich and healthy long life hope、To round out this year's happy ♪ very smoothly this year.





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