Seiro stuck to the "buckwheat noodle house oomori" hand-ground and ground round compared to eating only 2 species


Nakajima offering Gen near chosen from around the country every week powder, beat pole buckwheat "Sobaya Omori"Mr.。
And built up buckwheat, made a workman is the owner, Omori Masato handsaw
Enjoy great taste and crunchy texture in carefully fried's wife Mieko Tempura shop。
If you order the Soba in Hamamatsu、Sure I will come to your store。
As usual the counter stools、Enjoy a conversation with Mrs. Omori、Let our delicious Soba.


Shop、10And the room's name and counter 腰掛kereru about 4 small shops。
High ceilings、The warmth of the wood flows at a leisurely space。
1The appearance of our regulars around the table plates are always、
Occasionally、Knowing rumors, outside groups from afar purposely go look at it of anybody here seen、
It is a very popular like the Soba shop!


' Eat compared with "1,200 yen

To eat is compared with the、Seiro and freshly ground whole countryside near two at a time to eat compared to can。
Seiro took the top skin is in Fukui Prefecture native species、Feel the sweetness in the pale green and is very delicious。
At the back is、Ground of the countryside near with near buckweat。
In the ground here, feels darker flavor of buckwheat。
Serves the taste with salt and different!


Seiro (Fukui Prefecture native species)

Gloss is fine in beating、Guests can enjoy a taste of the intense near a near a handsaw millstone's aroma and flavor。
Served the soup without first enjoying the aroma intact.


Freshly ground whole (Ibaraki, Hitachi fall near)

Shell each carefully hand-ground is a black near the throat with a good star。
Stronger scent than the Seiro Soba-、Rich in flavor、Growing with you。
You can feel the sweetness that much salt in our.


"With Yam (cold)" 1200 Yen

Our popular summer here!
With Yam yams、Use of Yamagata, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture mountain Yam。
Rub yams per order with grated、Is put on the Soba stir well in a mortar to include air from。
Yamagata, Iwate yams、Stand the sweetness、Sticky strongly Soba better intertwined、And zuluzzlec you better in your throat can。
I loveMrs. OmoriAnd our tea after a meal and enjoying the conversation is always flow。
Come enjoy the painstakingly crafted by husband and wife together, made from buckwheat.

Sobaya Omori
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Nakajima 1-31-1 TEL:053-463-2879
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、Tuesday (night reservation)

1-31 -1 Nakajima, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi

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