Soba buckwheat noodles House oomori's eat compared with at the same time taste the two species of buckwheat


Soba is in the residential area of Nakajima "Soba House counterweights"Mr.。Shopkeepers remained unchanged through the curtain, looks and Omori's smile。One was carrying a foot twice in the beginning of this year、It hit temporarily closed for bad timing、3Level 2 days of the week is the second online (lol)、Monday and Tuesday and closed、Many national Soba apprenticeship (lol) is the busy Mr. Omori, Soba meeting or meetings、On weekends、The day is often taken closed。People come from far away、Once confirmed the news from the home page、Or it is recommended to contact us by phone.


10Room's name and couples only 4 or so 腰掛kereru get along together warm while running a shop。Tend to be crowded with regulars even on weekdays.、The rotating of Soba shop early so、It is possible to enter the shop is not in a hurry some time spare us, and have to wait。On this day、Introduced Mr. Omori "Hamamatsu loves one noodle shop is" the invited guest from afar.


' Eat compared with the ' 1,000 yen

To eat is compared with the、Seiro and freshly ground whole can be compared two types of countryside near。The Seiro took the skin of the front、Using the native maruoka, Fukui Prefecture、Feel the sweetness in the color bright green, very tasty。The back ground of the countryside near with near buckweat。In the ground here, feels darker flavor of buckwheat。With salt and aroma of buckwheat and sweet in taste different also。Also took place as it was liked very! (I) who first visit、At the same time give you a taste of buckwheat because "eat compared with" is recommended。This year、Since Soba learn how Omori's husband、I want to forward to that aspect.

Sobaya Omori
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Nakajima 1-31-1 TEL:053-463-2879
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、Tuesday (night reservation)

1-31 -1 Nakajima, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi

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