Taste the assorted 100% buckwheat Soba House oomori's new menu


Nakajima's "Soba Omori"Is it in the new menu is provided by 11 late in、Shooting for the homepage, I got to sample after one foot。The new menu、Hit 10% of raw powder Seiro Soba、A pillory、Is a country "of 10 percent buckwheat assorted" 2500 Yen。Also only available at 1200 Yen、Deals 2500 yen and assorted little taste!

See gigantic bulgur Seiro (10%) "¥ 1,200

Can be no more grainy... and so challenged bulgur Omori's。To begin with, Seiro? Originally、Called out more than 28 Soba for 10 percent buckwheat flour using a "Binder"、During the Edo period now is not like boiled buckwheat、The steamed shandmacle、Soba-provided to customers was the mainstream and "buckwheat"、And its remnants are now。Color of buckwheat、Most balanced smell even beginner's here is what not!


Coarse is ground out in the texture。Buckwheat is very important in your throat、Buckwheat and try biting taste 10% spread to the mouth is very refreshing!


Sarashina Soba (10%) 1,200 yen

From coming out of the grind buckwheat and sawed from the Center、Come out to the first compared to powder coming out of the back has a classy scent, the white powder。Sarashina-Soba is the top flour with buckwheat。But in Tokyo and often eaten、I know too much in Hamamatsu。Enjoy the beauty of white buckwheat flavor rather than clear and your throat!


¥ 1,200 countryside near (10%)

Buckwheat husk remains elaborate ground together、It is manufactured by the dark buckwheat soba noodles。Very strong scent of buckwheat、Also become a habit like eating only the countryside near taste。Too much sauce to taste、Would be nice served with salt.

100% assorted 2,500 yen

You can enjoy a little above the 10 percent buckwheat。Soba noodles to taste, and then compared the same change in the 10 percent of ground and made three three。As Omori says eat AZ、Seiro、A pillory、It is best to enjoy the countryside in order!


Sobaya Omori
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Nakajima 1-31-1 TEL:053-463-2879
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、Tuesday (night reservation)
* New menu from 11-late start will be

1-31 -1 Nakajima, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi

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