Sanuki chicken ramen 'dried chicken"salt、Soy sauce ramen


Close to the pre-leaf walk Beach North to the 7/2011、Reopened and relocated with ball-Nishi-machi, "Adobe chicken"Mr. a、The workshop on chicken Ramen in the Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture spun the Cup with a sanuki Cochin kodawari material produced by store。Sticking to the chicken anyway、Without the use of any ramen now lead "pigs"、And have a commitment that filesharing is seasoned with natural salt from all over the shop。From being moved.、This call would be for the first time。

Chicken ramen workshop


The name 'dried chicken.、Sanuki-Cochin chicken dried that is coming from the。Shop、Expanded from the old shop、Counter 3 seats、Table 6 x 3 table、Tsuitate table seats 8 seats and the。Salt ramen is not included here due to our relatively easily?、See also our elderly people。Lunch menu is as follows.。

Salt ramen 680 Yen、Salt butter noodle 750 Yen、Large roscharshumen 1150 Yen、Miso noodle 750 Yen、Miso butter ramen ¥ 850
Lunch menu Saturday, Sunday and public holidays OK
Ramen + green onions spicy Changsha Bowl 890 Yen、Seared noodles + sanuki red chicken rice bowl with 890 Yen、Shredded pork bowl of ramen + sanuki Cochin 890 Yen


"Salt Ramen" 680 Yen * simmered in the email registration with egg or rose cartilage services、Order the boiled egg time。

Crystal-clear Qing soup using chicken of the Kagawa Prefecture "sanuki Cochin" a lot、Seems to have been kodawara, additive-free alkaline electric water and homemade taste and health。In a bunch straight homemade noodles used sanuki Cochin chicken egg noodles、Sanuki chicken eggs with the popular boiled egg。While this pork is characterized by big, soft、"Great roscharshumen" menu is used a whopping 180 g pork shoulder roast。I preferred salt system in the frame.、Noodle shop in Hamamatsu unfortunately impressed me I to still not pleased to meet you。


Boiled soy sauce ramen 680 Yen * in the email registration with egg or rose cartilage services、Order the boiled egg time。

My boyfriend says、And the smell of fish meal balanceDrink soup followed by a monotonous like the Ramen it is (sweat) somehow reminds me of "Suga Kiya" ramen soup taste and it is not。


Lunch set menu ' seared chicken Bowl with ' * salt or soy sauce ramen set 890 Yen

Putting out the fire only at the surface, while fully。So crunchy and the flavor of the chicken served。Well the flavor of the seaweed and sesame seeds.、I put also blue onion is still good。

Adobe chicken
Hamamatsu-Shi-Ku, hamakita Kobayashi 59-15 TEL:053-585-3910
Hours of operation 11:30-14:30 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、Chapter 2、4On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi-Ku, hamakita Kobayashi 59-15

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