Counter popular ramen only 9 seats "Hama Tayama


2013Ramen just in February from enshū-sukenobu station was OPEN in just a few minutes walk from hamadayama I of 聞ki付kete rumors、We have been doing begged my boyfriend loves ramen。Storefront's small restaurant like the white wall in a small wood plate fluttering curtain is。


Ticket machine is located on the right-hand side of the store entrance。Counter L with only 9 seats and the shop is、So the waiting space is available、Often people wait in the shop。Waiting room, "mountain book the bread Baker" of the shop card together along with Hamada-Yama shop card。But I was wondering、The later search on the net。Owner with each other like brothers。Now、Turn so sit down to wait for。9% of men who、1% of women in、A person of too many men。


This is the owner.。Manly hot water to noodle、Watch as we prepare in fast motion, very good、The kitchen is also always used rubbing alcohol and、Are kept clean and。On the way、Just lift the poured in with ramen once in the slow motion of the like is also good would be hard to find.。


I see salt Ramen"700 yen + toppings taste ball 100 yen
As far as the soup、In transparent and grease on the surface of my super favorite is simply to expect so difficult。First bite feels relatively easily and、Two bites、I carry in a mellow body spreads。Drink all that cannot be。Has been using two types of Leek and blue onion leek、Is good。I like the onion?。Personally、Taste of China bamboo (menma) this nice texture preference is。The vetted taste ball is my favorite。I hugged poached condition is good but color is very bland.... and I thought。The pork fat lot、Moist and soft and thick。


Nice thick curly noodles。Kosi was a little weak but、Thick noodles because even getting dust can enjoy the feeling of。In this restaurant noodles was so popular。


My boyfriend's "seafood pork bone flavor jade Ramen" 800 yen
From the clerks ' garlic do? "And will be asked。My boyfriend ordered was put。Noodles、Seafood-pork bone and salt、Attached to the third type, like different noodle。The seafood ramen、And use the straight thick noodles、Rich fish soup is better 絡mimasu。On the fixture is with salt。Ramen is still divided in preference。In Hamamatsu、This thick rich soup shop might be popular with discount。

Hamada mountains
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku takabayashi 1-8-1 Matsumoto mansion 1F TEL:053-523-8393
Hours of operation 11:00-15:00The day only sales closed.:Monday

1-8-1 takabayashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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