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On the east side angle of Hamamatsu Station Rotary south exit"In Gitogito ramen I was already tired!"And、Chinese staff, unfurled a huge banner I of noodle shop "Komen"Mr.。Regardless of the station near location、In the shop next to the big red sign under two parking is equipped、I feel easy admission to popular Chinese restaurant.


Shop、6 counter seats、Table 4 × 2 seats and small shops。Town taxis frequently in the kitchen。For thick rigid systems like we married couples、Signs literally "Gitogito"But when it comes to ramen soup clear salt system once want to relish what's。This day is required-eki Minami, is his first visit! Good noodle lunch menu、Noodles and rice set's a five at affordable price、Bake the dumplings lunch、Set with 8 individual dumplings are also520CircleAnd、And surprisingly reasonable.


Fried rice lunch "chicken buckwheat" 720 yen

Miniature Han with ramen noodles and salad ¥ 720。Ramen、Soy sauce or salt or chicken buckwheatOf you can choose from three types。Table signs its larger specialty chicken Soba and there are only、Seems to be a popular menu of。Soup chicken soup is salt in light of、Relatively salt and I just eyes。Noodles、Very common medium straight noodles in hot water will be soft eyes and is a little。The ingredients、Split chicken breast instead of pork healthy and、Menma、Potherb mustard、Green onions。


"Mini fried rice"

Golden fried and finished、Rather smaller than standard size。Morning is the sense of size is favored by men like to eat。


Crab ball bowl lunch "salt" 720 yen

Fried rice for lunch and also here、Tianjin mini bowls with ramen noodles and salad ¥ 720。Ramen、And beams.Soy sauce or salt or chicken buckwheatOf you can choose from three types。The broth and noodles、And possibly chicken and salt are also on the same basis. all eyes。The difference is in the ingredients、Barbecued pork、Menma、Seaweed、Green onions。


Crab ball bowl lunch "mini Tianjin bowl"

As well as the miniature ham、Mini and without much sense of volume。The bean、Is a type of sweet 利kasenai too much vinegar。Crab eggs、Fluffy was as soft and delicious、While rice is white rice。Ramen noodles are usually for 1 in size、So there were a lot more thought than the volume sets rice、I heard you can go。Then shopkeeper who carefully Pack to replace me.、Further on it or from the、Also in Service Pack's takeaway to jam a large service Buri (lol)、Very very clean!



Will come with either lunch salad。Shredded cabbage and carrot、Potherb mustard、Corn and colorful、Will be in the Japanese-style dressing。So Japan word spoken fluent Chinese staff、No trouble in customer service。店主とアルバイトの男の子2人で話す時の会話は中国語でしたが駅近でサクッとガッツリいただきたい時には便利なお店かと思われます♪

浜松市中区砂山町327-11 TEL:053-454-5553
Hours of operation:11:00~2:00Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-cho 327-11 in the area Sand Hill City

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